Feed your soul with these engaging, relatable podcasts from your friends at Group! You’ll hear real stories and discuss what matters most in ministry and in life. Enjoy interesting guests and surprising questions that take you on a journey with lots of laughs along the way. Listen while you sit back in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee, go for a run, drive to pick up the kids, or work on your computer. Our goal is simple: to connect with you and point you closer to Jesus in a fresh way. Go ahead! Pick an episode…

Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus

Rick Lawrence, author of Jesus-Centered Life and Becky Hodges unpack what it means to live a life that pays ridiculous attention to Jesus. Each episode zooms in on a story of Jesus and looks at it to answer two very basic questions. Who do I say Jesus is? Who does Jesus say I am?

They Say Podcast

Christian bloggers Kami Gilmour, Stephanie Hillberry and Becky Hodges deliver hope, humor, and relief from guilt as they debunk the latest expert advice (what “They” say) about parenting, marriage, faith, healthy living, and more. Featuring real stories with real ideas and inspiration for real (imperfect) people like you.

Holy Soup Podcast

Join host Thom Schultz (author, innovator, filmmaker and founder of Group Publishing) as he offers innovative approaches to ministry and challenges the status quo of today’s church.