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Youth Ministry Moms

[Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form am I aiming to disrespect moms of our youth ministry kids with this post. But for real, I’m just say’n.]

There’s these moms…

Sorry I’m late! No, no, I don’t think you are. You’re always waiting for this mom. Right? You constantly remind yourself to have grace. The truth is, if you didn’t have to wait an hour for “sorry I’m late” mom, you’d be home early enough to completely finish watching Arrested Development a third time. But nope, she’s late again. You’ll have to watch it another night.

I just have a few questions. Really? A few questions? She has a million questions. A million DOY questions! Trip DOY questions: Will you guys be stopping to eat at some point? Will an adult be supervising in the cabins at night? Will my child ever be alone? What if we just answered every question with, “I’m sorry I really don’t answer DOY questions”? Yes, I will feed your freak’n child (doy), yes an adult will supervise in the cabin (doy)…sorta, and NO, we won’t leave your child out in the forest alone (that we know of), doy!

Do you have a minute? Ugh, why do we always say yes? We are way to nice. NO, NO, we don’t have a minute. Not for “let me make a big deal out of something that’s not a big deal” mom. I know, of course we have a minute for this mom. So you explain, well the kids were playing dodgeball and your son didn’t dodge so he got hit. I know he’s upset but I think it might be because his team kept losing. Because he’s the worst dodgeball player EVER!!!! You explain, sometimes with a lot of teenagers around a bad word slips out into the open once in a while. We do monitor it. Yep, I’m sorry your son did hear a student cuss. Yes, sometimes students cuss (OMG I just said that).


And there’s also these moms…

What do you need? Before a trip, before an event, before youth group, she always asks, “What do you need?” And she means it. You feel guilty because she’s always the one pulling through and you wish some of the other moms/parents would step up. But she’s faithful, thoughtful, and wonderful. You don’t want to take advantage of her but you take advantage of her.

Can I get here early? Hmmmmmm, you want to get to the church early before youth ministry so you can help set up and be prepared when the kids get here? YES, you can get here early. Hmmmmm, you want to get here early because you pray for our kids by name on weekly basis before youth group? Yes, Yes, you can get here early. Hmmmm, you want to get here early because you’re meeting with a student to mentor her? Yes, Yes, Yes, get here early.

Do you have a minute? Ohhhhhh, this is why we say yes, because this… “Sorry I just need a minute if you have it. The other day you challenged the kids to be an influence in their home. I don’t know exactly what you said, but you really had an impact on my kid. We are blown away by the example he’s setting in our home.” And to that you say, Thank you Jesus.

We need all of these youth ministry moms. Not every moment with youth ministry moms will be moment we want to remember or celebrate, but every moment is a moment God has given us with a parent he has placed in our life. This Mother’s Day lets pray for all of these youth ministry moms. Lets remember the single mother who is doing her very best for herself and her child. Lets remember the mother of four who puts hour after hour into motherhood each day. Lets remember the full-time working mom who is taking care of her family financially and still getting her kid to youth group. Lets remember the mom who looks perfectly happy and blessed who is broken and hurt inside.

Give grace.

Give compliments.

Give encouragement.

Moms are not a ride to youth group. They are beautiful, wonderful, hurting, tired, gracious, generous people with busy and complicated schedules whom God has placed in our lives.

3 thoughts on “Youth Ministry Moms

  1. LOVE THIS POST!!! Not sure if any truer words have been spoken this year! Plus especially those final words at the bottom… YES!!! Great job, keep the articles coming!

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Youth Ministry Moms

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Get free weekly resources from us!
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