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Fact: This article is made up of short sentences.

Fact: Volunteers are the key to this whole thing.
Fact: Time management probably isn’t your strong suit, is it?
Fact: Success in youth ministry is way, way more than increased attendance.
Fact: It will never all be “done” when you go to sleep at night.
Fact: Email is dead. Consider texting . . . for now.
Fact: Your capacity increases when you delegate the important things to your volunteer team.
Fact: Your video game console misses you.
Fact: So does your spouse.
Fact: You have very little to do with your youth ministry’s success.
Fact: Relying on the power of God is the most important.
Fact: You will always want a larger youth ministry budget.
Fact: The church you envy down the road is full of challenges, too.
Fact: You are a minister to adult volunteers as much as you are a minister to students.
Fact: You always pad your numbers when talking about your group to other youth pastors.
Fact: Humility always wins.
Fact: That 1 conversation of hers might be worth 10 of yours.
Fact: You can only carry so much.
Fact: Your volunteers will stick if you give them something concrete to do.
Fact: Youth ministry is a lot like cat herding.
Fact: Anyone can attract a crowd.
Fact: It doesn’t matter how many parents showed up. Keep trying.
Fact: You are in this for life. Forget your exit strategy.
Fact: You will never get paid what you deserve. Be okay with that.
Fact: People at all levels in your church are watching you.
Fact: Your heart speaks louder than your website.
Fact: Taking a day off is non-negotiable. It’s actually God’s idea-from what I hear.
Fact: You will never lose when you support the home.
Fact: Students see right through the show.
Fact: Intentional acts of kindness are better than random ones.
Fact: Reading a non-ministry book can be good for you from time to time.
Fact: Your kids need you.
Fact: Your kids at home need you, too.
Fact: You will be trusted with more when you are worthy of it.
Fact: You are leaving a legacy with each talk you give, each word you say, each truth you live out.
Fact: Eye contact says you are important.
Fact: Your students are capable of more; they’re just waiting for the challenge.
Fact: Vision seeps out like water in a colander.
Fact: Thank you cards are like gold.
Fact: Being honest about your spiritual journey and failures opens doors.
Fact: Give ownership away, and then be sure to step away, too.
Fact: You won’t get thanked enough for what you do.

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Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
Got it! Would you also like offers and promos from Group?
Thanks, you're all set!