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When Your Son Starts Junior High…

In our house, we’re working with the change that’s taking place as our oldest son, Aeden, is entering into junior high this fall. As parents, who’ve worked in youth ministry for 21 years, we feel completely inept and unprepared for this new season of life.

In the world of youth ministry, reaching junior-highers is a huge priority for many of us. Online payday loans same day. And we want to teach in a way that shows them how the Bible is real and relevant for their lives.LIVE-JrHigh-Daily

This is exactly why our new release of LIVE Junior High is such a big deal. I’m completely excited for not only the change of the material, but how it will reach my son in this season of his life.

LIVE Junior High provides a three-tiered approach to reaching today’s junior high students. In everything we do the Bible has to be paramount; it has to be first priority.With a completely new 2-year lesson plan (Year One: Knowing, Year Two: Growing and Going), LIVE Junior High intentionally guides students on strong biblical truths.

Secondly, the newest feature of LIVE Junior High, is the LIVE Daily app. Included with the new LIVE Junior High, it sends daily lesson reminders as notifications to your students. LIVE Daily has two purposes: to add layers to what you’ve already taught and to reach students who respond to different approaches of learning. LIVE Daily reinforces, over the next 6 days, what you prayerfully and intentionally taught your junior high kids. Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about:

Last but not least, we have the opportunity to intentionally partner with parents. I know there are a lot of parents, like me, who are a little nervous about this new season. New conversations will take place that where a little unprepared for, but we don’t have to be alone in the process. With the parent email template that comes with each LIVE Junior High lesson, you can intentionally inform the parents on what is being taught, as well as equip them with practical questions they can use to build relationships with their junior higher.

Thanks so much for loving students like my Aeden, for standing in the gap where I slip, and for tag-teaming with parents like us as we do our best to reach our Junior Higher. We’ve been honored to partner with you through LIVE, and we pray LIVE Junior High will be a blessing to your ministry.

Let’s do this together!


5 thoughts on “When Your Son Starts Junior High…

  1. This is good, but what about the kids who don’t have smart phones? My daughters, as well as most of their friends are just getting basic cell phones at this age (if anything) and it seems all who are not wealthy enough, or whose families have different priorities for smartphonrs would be excluded.

    • I agree about the smart phones, my daughter is a college graduate and does not have a smart phone and many in our church don’t have them. So most of the curriculum here has to be modified.

  2. Hey Diana,

    Thanks so much for your feedback concerning LIVE Daily concerning the students that won’t have a smartphone in your ministry. I totally get it. My wife and I are avoiding the “phone plunge” as long as possible and don’t plan on buying Aeden a phone until he goes off to college! 🙂

    Even though LIVE Daily is available for iPods as well, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the reminders so each lesson will have a PDF print-out of each of The Daily notifications for a youth leader to distribute as they see fit.

    Keep pushing forward and thanks for all you do!

  3. As a middle school youth director, I love the live curriculum for Jr. High. My question is, I have last years Jr. High curriculum, therefore I still have a year of lessons for this next year and it’s not in our budget to buy this new curriculum. Would we be able to use the Live Daily with those lessons? I think this is a very good tool and would love to implement this in our group.
    Thank you, Brenda

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When Your Son Starts Junior High…

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
Got it! Would you also like offers and promos from Group?
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