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Top 5 Tips To Choosing A Youth Group Name

top_5A few days ago I wrote a post on the pros and cons of having a youth group name. Check it out here. If you are thinking about giving your youth group a name, here are a few things I would think through before naming my group:

  1. Think about the purpose or mission of your youth group. – While I don’t think your name has to be something super serious, I do think it needs purpose. If asked, you want to be able to tell the elders, pastors, parents and students why you chose that name and its purpose.
  2. Have conversations. – This could be a great opportunity to define some things within the ministry. So talk with your team, volunteer leaders, parents and even some of your core students and get some outside insight, especially if you are new to the ministry. The last thing you want to do is change things too quickly. Even if you get the ok from the boss to do whatever you want. You must remember that you don’t work with him on the day to day stuff. So be wise.
  3. Think Branding. – Think about the fact that the name you choose is not just a name you will use to identify the group, but it’s also the name you will use to market the ministry to others. So do some research on branding, it will save you some time down the road. I know a lot of people don’t like the words brand or marketable because those terms are used by salesmen. Like it or not, any time you print a flyer you are marketing the ministry. You may not be marketing for sales, but you are marketing for their presence.
  4. Make It Easy To Understand. – Remember, your members are students. And they need to be able to explain the name to a non-believing friend they want to invite. So if you name the group “UpHolding The BloodStain Banner For The World To See Youth Group” or “The Gates Of Hell Will Not Prevail Youth Group” or “Salvation Isn’t Free, But It Is Youth Group” it might be a great conversation starter, but more than likely it could be just confusing.  Think about a name that will only take a few words to explain.
  5. Think about the alternative. – Ask yourself the question “do you even need a name?”.

Hope it helps,


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips To Choosing A Youth Group Name

  1. Good insights.

    Along with #4, I think it’s good to keep in mind that families new to the church or visiting will also have to figure out what you’re talking about. If you’re in the church for the first time, and they announce that, for instance, “Soulvation will be having a movie night on Friday,” there probably will be some confusion.

    Personally, I think I’d rather have a clear name, even if it’s bland and uncool, rather than a clever but less descriptive one. (Besides, at least in my limited experience, you’ll be called the XYZ church youth group much of the time regardless of any official name!)

    • Thanks Drew,
      I feel the same way about having a name that is more clear and understandable. I was in New York not to long ago and visited a church. During the announcements the person said so many different names that I totally felt like an outsider. It made me feel like I came on a day they weren’t expecting visitors. So yeah…make it understandable for the win!!!

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Top 5 Tips To Choosing A Youth Group ...

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Get free weekly resources from us!
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