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Jenga Anyone?

Sure, it’s no Play Station 3.

And no, you can’t get your cardio in like you would with a Nintendo Wii game system. But by far, few games are more entertaining than Jenga.

Yes, I said Jenga.

May seem a little old school, but after reading this, I guarantee you’ll be cleaning out that youth ministry storage closet looking for it.

(A little review) Jenga is a game that consist of 54 wooden blocks that are stacked on top of one another.

(First Goal) Remove one block at a time all the while keeping the block-stacked tower from falling.

(Second Goal) Place removed block on top of block-stacked tower all the while still keeping the tower from falling.

Those who know Jenga, know it’s not exactly a easy task.

There’s nothing worse than the tower falling because of the block you removed, and later, being replaced. But to win the game, that’s what you have to do.

Remove. And Replace.

Have you taken a look at your youth ministry listing lately? Is it stacked with some ministry blocks that need a little removing and replacing?

Are there any blocks that if removed, would not cause your (youth ministry) tower to fall? If so, you may want to take a closer look at them.

They may actually be activities, not ministries.

Now don’t get me wrong, activities are great. But nothing can keep a youth ministry unfocused and drained of resources than activities that look like ministry.

Or worse, youth activity leaders that look like youth ministry leaders.
But that’s another story. The difference becomes (painfully) crystal clear over time.

Refusing to remove and replace blocks from time to time can create a tower that no one wants to build. A monument. No movement. No change.

Sure, the tower may fall from time to time, but at least you made a choice.
The game of Jenga does not end just because of one fall.

By the way…Jenga is a Swahili word.
You’ll never guess what it means…To Build.

The process of removing and replacing is the process of building a great youth ministry. So don’t fear making changes. Embrace it.

It really is a great game.

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Jenga Anyone?

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
Got it! Would you also like offers and promos from Group?
Thanks, you're all set!