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How to Study the Bible Youth Edition

The Basics of Inductive Bible Study

Remember Jesus calls us first to make disciples!

There is perhaps nothing more important in Real Effective and Effectual Youth Ministry than teaching Youth how to study the Bible.

If you want your youth to grow in the faith and remain committed Christians past college and beyond, this is a must! Here is a simple lesson developed from over 30 years of research and practice to do as we have been called.

This is the “Overview”: The Method of Getting into God’s Word

The primary purpose of this lesson is to teach youth and youth leaders how to study His Word with 4 C’s: in a way that is :

  • Clear
  • Consistent
  • Coherent
  • Concise

This is called “Inductive Bible Study,” it is a method for learning how to dig out great stuff from the Bible. This is also called “exegete,” as we seek His Word for all its worth by our best efforts. We do this through learning the tools and skills to help us observe the text of the Bible, so we can dig out the meaning, and then apply it to our lives.

Talk Idea:

Some people view the Bible as an un-climbable mountain, a dark cave into which we fear to trespass. Be encouraged, and be comforted; you can indeed do it. Through the Inductive Method, you can climb that mountain and venture into the cave with confidence. In fact, you will be able to extract the truths as an expert exegete does just by posing some simple questions! The Bible is as a diamond mine, filled with precious nuggets that can be applied to your life to transform and renew it! As with any mine, you do have to start digging; we will show you how to do this. The Inductive Method has been proven to be the best way to find those diamonds, and the more you dig, the more you will find!

Also a lot of people get lost at first as they dig out the family Bible with its beautiful leather cover and thin parchment pages, then find it difficult to understand and finally give up because the type is too hard to read, the font is too small for the eyes to track, and/or the translation is too difficult to follow. So, make sure you have a good, readable translation. There are numerous resources out there; take advantage of them, including Bibles with large, easy-to-read type.

How Does One Start?

So, is there an easier, clear way we can get to know God’s most precious Word the Bible? Yes by learning to get yourself lined up with God First:

Start with the proper approach—that of prayer and reverence. If we do not have the right attitude and mindset, we will not get much out of God’s Word, because our will gets in the way of His!

Prayer! “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law” (Psalm 119:18). This is the essential, first step to always, always starting anything—especially the studying of the Bible and communication with God!

Attitude! Have a good attitude based on seeking Christ rather than seeking self. Our minds must be clear and childlike before Him, because, when you read His Word, you are standing before the face of God—the Holy God! So, adjust to a good attitude and reverence for God and His Word.

Now you are ready for effective Bible Study!

Select the verse, book, and passage you wish to study. Either start with Genesis or Matthew; some Bible teachers suggest John. If this is too much, then begin with 1 Thessalonians, as it is easy to understand. The point is to do it. Do not jump into tough books like Revelation or Romans first. Get to know the Gospels first! Discover what our Lord has to say to you! Do not be overwhelmed! Yes, the Bible looks ominous and un-climbable, but you have to just start. Just as when eating an elephant, you do it one bite at a time, and then one day it will be done! This is why we have so many Bible reading plans on our website.

REMEMBER: It is simply not enough to know what you want to do—you have to know the right way to do it. It is like following a recipe in cooking or using the manual when working on your car.


· Ask God into your study as your Teacher. Ask Him to free your mind from distractions and help you concentrate. You are entering a learning partnership with Christ!

· You have to make a commitment and stick to it. Sticking to it will allow you to become more motivated and constant; thus, the more you do, the easier it becomes!

· A good plan is essential to any undertaking.

Now Ask some Questions

Here is an easier, clear way we can get to know God’s most precious Word the Bible! The key is by learning to ask some simple questions to the text:

There are Three Basic Essential Inductive Bible Study Questions:

What does this passage say?

What does this passage mean?

How does this apply to me?

Over the years, we have developed more questions to assist you to more deeply dig out and learn His message. You can use these questions to any passage anywhere in the Bible! As you progress you can add more questions to your arsenal of Bible Study:

More Inductive Bible Study Questions:

How am I encouraged and strengthened?

Is there sin in my life for which confession and repentance is needed?

How can I be changed, so I can learn and grow?

What is in the way of these precepts affecting me? What is in the way of my listening to God?

How does this apply to me? What will I do about it?

What can I model and teach?

What does God want me to share with someone?

These are the basics of how to study God’s Word. It is called the science of exegesis or exegetical method, but there is no need for big words here. These are the basic procedures a good pastor or experienced teacher of the Word learns in Bible School and Seminary so they can prepare sermons and commentaries, but, here it is boiled down in a clearer and simpler way for you to understand and apply so you can then teach it to others! You will be able to mine more nuggets of precious precepts than others who may be in a hurry, who do not know how to go about it, or who have developed bad habits, causing them to miss some important stuff. Remember, these “Inductive Bible Study” methods are not for professional Christians only; they are the tools for all disciples of the Lord to use, including you!

In addition, our Inductive Bible Study Channel has more in-depth questions and techniques to assist seasoned Bible expositors, pastors, and Bible study leaders.

Remember, there is no “best way;” it is important only that we do it. This study is about placing the “burr” under the saddle to get the horse moving, or plugging in the computer so we can use it!

Remember, to be in a state of prayer and humbleness before the Father!

For an on going youth lesson, select a book of the Bible and use these questions, also you can give copies of our “Cheat Sheet” to everyone with all of the questions and also you can use the “Chart” too.

“My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you, turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, and if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.” (Proverbs 2:1-5)

(c) 1978, 1981, 2000, 2006 R.J. Krejcir

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How to Study the Bible Youth Edition

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
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