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Go-To Games
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Go-To Games for Last-Minute Time Fillers

We recently asked our Youth Ministry Text Alert subscribers about their go-to games. Check out these awesome ideas from your fellow youth workers!

What is your go-to game/activity when you need a last-minute time filler at a youth event?

  • Question of the day: pick a “would you rather” type question that everyone gets to answer and explain why.
  • Word Association Game: Pick a random student and ask them to say the first thing that comes to mind. The person next to them then says the first thing that comes to mind based off of what the first student said. I learn a whole bunch about what is going on in their minds!
  • Baby, Bronco, Backpack! Instructions here.
  • Life Question: I ask, “Does anyone have a question that they’ve been wondering but haven’t figured out yet? It can be biblical or about anything in life.” I then turn the question to the group and let them answer it. I’ve never been asked an inappropriate question in my 10 years of youth ministry.
  • Body parts game: Partner up. 2 circles total. 1 inner, 1 outer circle. 1 partner in each circle. 1 circle goes clockwise, other circle goes counter clockwise. Yell out 2 different body parts (i.e. elbow to ear) and then partners have to find each other and put those parts together. Last pair together is eliminated. Great fun to watch. My favorite is finger to nose!!
  • Samurai: We use pool noodles as swords. Two people face off and can hit anywhere but the head. Once they are hit that person is out. The winner stays in the game until they lose. You have a champion and a new challenger each round. The game continues this way until you call time.
  • Trash Can Game: Put a big trash can in the middle of the room. Students join hands and form a circle around the trash can (you can also do multiple circles). They then try to pull one another to make other people hit the trash can. Students get out by touching the trash can OR by losing their grip in the circle. Once a student goes out – the circle gets smaller and smaller until their are 2 people left and they have an epic battle. Usually wise to do guys/girls separately.
  • We use finger rockets or play Protect the President (dodgeball variation).
  • Mingle Game
  • Dodgeball

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2 thoughts on “Go-To Games for Last-Minute Time Fillers

  1. Gerald McCloud

    Would enjoy more things like this. Need more info.

  2. Families is our favorite fill-in game. I keep some small strips of paper in my Bible, and no other prep is needed. Sometimes I do a theme (write down a color, food, etc) and sometimes I just let them write what they want.

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Go-To Games for Last-Minute Time Fillers

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
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