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How to Get Teenagers to Stop Doing the “Christian” Life

Our culture values doing over being. Business cards reveal what we do, not who we are. College applications ask what students have accomplished, not who they’ve become. Even churches and youth groups sometimes unwittingly encourage right actions before faithful hearts.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, for sure. Here are a few ways to recognize the differences…

DO asks: Have you read your Bible today?

BE asks: When you read your Bible, what trait of Jesus do you resonate with most?

DO asks: When is the last time you raised your hands in worship?

BE asks: When was a time you were so captivated by worship that you felt lost in lyrics and emotion? What was that environment like, and how did it influence your response? What was happening inside you at the time, and why?

DO asks: How many service hours have you logged?

BE asks: Who are “the least of these” in your sphere of influence? When you notice them, what do you do, or wish you would do? Is prayer an action or a copout in these situations?

DO says: You know how to behave. Don’t step outside the lines and do something bad.

BE says: Your heart is the wellspring of life and action. When you mess up or fall short, what do you say to yourself? What does Jesus say to you? What would you want him to say?

DO says: Everyone needs a regular quiet time.

>>Students who are attached to Jesus starts with an authentic youth ministry. Join Rick Lawrence and the Beckynator this week as they talk about how to build an authentic youth ministry that values participation not performance. 

BE says: [tweet_dis]When you pay ridiculous attention to Jesus, every moment becomes your quiet time.[/tweet_dis] He speaks in a myriad of ways, including special, set-aside times for him and everyday, run-of-the-mill times for you. Are you looking for Jesus in all your moments, not just the quiet ones?

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Jesus is more intent about who we’re becoming than what we’re doing for him or even how we’re behaving.[/tweet_box] Behaviors and actions are dictated and measured by the unseen forces on the inside. Those compel us to notice Jesus and allow him the space to transform us. If we help teenagers get their actions right before we help them engage their hearts, we create shells—whitewashed tombs—capable of regurgitating “water” from an unclean well, laced with toxins that don’t allow for a very long shelf life.

But if we help kids embrace the BE of the Jesus-centered life before they embrace the DO? That builds a pure well whose water is life to those who drink it.

This week we released a new devotions for teens graduating from High School and it’s all about identity. It’s called Destination: Life, Navigating your future with Jesus. It covers “Who does Jesus Say I Am?” Packed with relevant devotions that bring the heart of the issue back to Jesus paired with fun “how to be an adult” tips. Check out the sample devotionals below:

6 thoughts on “How to Get Teenagers to Stop Doing the “Christian” Life

  1. Elizabeth Etter

    Darren, that is so wonderful! Thank you for this!!

  2. Helen Alford

    I love this! I will be sharing this with my volunteers and coming up with different ways to communicate with the youth. We want them to BE…Not do! Thanks!

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How to Get Teenagers to Stop Doing th...

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
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