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Date Ideas for You and Your Spouse

Everyone in our family wore black last weekend, because in south Louisiana, school is back in session. We still have all the summer heat, but no more of the summer fun. Summer in our house flies by, because we pack a bunch of stuff into it. We’re guessing your summer has been pretty busy too. Before you get caught up in the Friday Night Lights of fall, take some time to shift your focus from your students to your spouse.

Below are 40 date ideas for you and your spouse:

  1. Host a couples’ game night. Only invite fun couples that you really like.
  2. Go to a concert. Many communities offer free outdoor concerts as the weather starts to cool.
  3. Watch a sunrise (or a sunset if you’re not morning people).
  4. Toilet paper your pastor’s house and blame it on your students. Or your deacons.
  5. Play in the rain. We strongly recommend jumping in mud puddles.
  6. Take a road trip. Anywhere. If you’ve got a friend with a convertible, borrow it.
  7. Go geocaching. Tasha is actually not a big fan, but she’ll play along as long as I buy her a McDonald’s Diet Coke and a Twix.
  8. Hold hands and take a stroll down the streets of your town. If you don’t live near a town, find a country road.
  9. Plan a date night scavenger hunt. This can be extra fun if you invite some couple friends.
  10. Play video games. If you can’t find an arcade, borrow the old N64 out of the youth ministry closet.
  11. Do yard work or finish some unfinished projects around your house. Tasha likes this one more than Tim, but Tim knows the benefits of keeping Tasha happy. (Get it?)
  12. Send the kids to grandma’s house and enjoy a romantic evening alone at home. Tim is not a huge fan of chick flicks, but he’ll recommend something from Nicholas Sparks if the kids are sleeping somewhere else.
  13. Go to a book store and browse. Don’t try to pull a George Costanza.
  14. Go to an auto race. The closest Nascar track is in Talladega, AL, but there’s a super-small race strip about 50 miles away.
  15. Go on a picnic at night. Be smart, and be prepared … you never know what might happen.
  16. Ride bikes together. We prefer really flat stretches of road with lots of shade trees.
  17. Go to a baseball game and eat peanuts and Cracker Jacks. We don’t care if we never get back.
  18. Go fishing. Tim is a really good fisherman, and he’s usually not romantic while he’s fishing. But he can be distracted.
  19. Do a community service project. We’re huge fans of the work Habitat for Humanity has done in New Orleans.
  20. Go skinny-dipping. We absolve ourselves from responsibility for any laws that you break.
  21. Do anything that requires a helmet. Bonus points if there’s a carabiner involved.
  22. Workout together. It’s good for your health on many levels. (Get it?)
  23. Go to the zoo. If you wait until right after lunch, you miss most of the preschool crowd. We love preschoolers, but not on dates 🙂
  24. Get a couple’s massage. Tim is resistant to this one, but if he finally agrees, he’ll love it.
  25. Go paint balling. If you’re comfortable with it, let the owner of the place know you’re a youth leader and she/he may let you go for a discounted rate.
  26. Go dancing. In New Orleans, good music is everywhere. It’s not uncommon to see couples of all ages dancing wherever the urge strikes them.
  27. Go roller-skating. Tasha is really good – she can even skate backwards. Tim is terrible. But he doesn’t mind watching Tasha.
  28. Shoot fireworks. Please make sure it’s legal in your area.
  29. Make your own fireworks. (Get it?)
  30. Cook together. Tim loves the process of finding new recipes, buying groceries, and modifying the directions as he goes. Tasha loves the process of eating.
  31. Go to an auction. The auction closest to us has a concession stand, so we eat cheap hot dogs and still have $20 to buy something fun.
  32. Make a couples “bucket list.” We made our list on a date night, and periodically we revisit the list to check things off and add new things.
  33. Go “junkin’.” You may call this “thrifting” or “antiquing.”
  34. Play touch football. Football is optional. (Get it?)
  35. Watch meteors and shooting stars. This activity usually involves dark, secluded places… You’re welcome.
  36. Go see a movie. Hold hands. Make out. You can always rent the movie later.
  37. Do something uber touristy in your town. Every town has something interesting to do. Use the internet and be creative!
  38. Go to a marriage conference. If there’s not one near you, Tasha and I love to lead them. Give us a call!
  39. Go through a carwash and make out. Tim is a big fan of this particular activity.
  40. Go on a hike, and if you find a secluded place, go for it.

What are your favorite date ideas for you and your spouse? Please share your brilliance in the comments below.

And if your date idea brings you to New Orleans, ring us up. We’d love to help you pass a good time!

5 thoughts on “Date Ideas for You and Your Spouse

  1. Wow, thank you both for publishing this. Me and my wife have been married for almost two years now and my weakness is creativity in the area of dates. I have google searched many times fun things or nice things to say to your wife and some of the stuff is helpful but overall not a big success. I also have tendencies to be a big workaholic so these ideas, all of them great, and all about really having fun with your spouse. This is a huge blessing. To help with my personality I think I just had a great idea I think I might print off this list and make it a check list for myself. Kinda like a game in a good way, but not tell her about it, and work through the list one weekend at a time. I am so excited right now. Again thanks what a blessing this is.

    • Tim and Tasha

      Thanks for your comment Ben. I LOVE the idea of making a game out of it. What a cool way to show your wife that she’s your top priority!


  2. Corey Jones

    My wife and I spent our anniversary in New Orleans this year. You guys should go to and get the Boudin Balls. Theirs are VERY unique! It could be your first stop on a progressive dinner.

  3. Erik w/a "k"

    Tim & Tasha,

    As a guy who loves to date his wife and loves to be creative (but doesn’t always make the time for it) I want to say thank you! These are great ideas. Why do you keep saying “Get it?” What am I missing? 😉

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Date Ideas for You and Your Spouse

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
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