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A Summer Event That Outlasts the “Spiritual High”

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Have you ever really taken stock of where your students are at spiritually months after your big summer event (camp or a short-term missions trip)?

• Are they still excited about exploring God’s Word on their own?

• Are they living authentic, Jesus-honoring lives when they’re at church and at school?

• Are they actively modeling and sharing the good news of Jesus, and praying for their lost friends?

We all want our teenagers to passionately and consistently live out their faith without going through cycles of “spiritual highs” that eventually fade. So how can our summer events truly fuel our students’ lasting spiritual growth?

If you want your students to grow in their faith and become disciples who make disciples for the rest of their lives, the Lead THE Cause (LTC) summer event needs to be on your radar.

Lead THE Cause is a weeklong evangelism bootcamp created by Dare 2 Share and Sonlife that trains teenagers to live out the Great Commission—or THE Cause—in they’re everyday life. They learn to pray for the lost, navigate gospel conversations, and share their faith in the real world.

Last summer, a youth pastor named Steven was looking for an event to jumpstart his tiny youth group after nine seniors graduated. He took a chance and brought two students to LTC Denver all the way from Amarillo, TX, starting a journey that would change his youth group forever.

At LTC, Steven’s students—Stormie and Mateo—learned to pray for, care for, and share the gospel with unbelievers. Then they put their gospel-sharing skills to the test on the streets of Denver.

Stormie and Mateo experienced rejection and discouragement that first day, but Steven said, “The next day, they were scared to go out again, but out of a step of faith and trust in what God was going to do, they had 13 gospel conversations and saw three salvations at the end of the day.”

It was a successful week at LTC for Steven and his students, but the real impact happened when they got back home. Stormie and Mateo came home energized to share the gospel, and that passion has only grown with time.

“LTC really zoned them in,” Steven said with excitement. “It showed them that this is something that’s possible, that kids can go out and actually reach their friends with the gospel.”

Now, their once small youth group is bigger and stronger than ever. Steven said the spark from LTC has spread to other kids in the youth group, and they’re all reaching their friends with the gospel. In September, Steven said, “We’ve doubled the attendance of our youth group since July and have seen 10 salvations since Lead THE Cause. For our small youth group, that’s incredible.”

And as a young pastor with years of ministry to look forward to, Steven says, “Lead THE Cause has given me a tangible, real way to teach myself, students, and leaders how to disciple and actually multiply.”


A week at LTC can transform hearts, minds, and ministries, aligning them with Jesus’s call to make and multiply disciples. Steven can testify that the reward was worth the risk. “We weren’t sure if Lead THE Cause was going to be good for us, but we decided to go. It was the best thing for my students and our ministry,” he said.

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A Summer Event That Outlasts the “Spi...

Get free weekly resources from us!
Get free weekly resources from us!
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