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15 Tips for Young Student Ministers (Uncensored)

I want to begin by giving a disclaimer. I don’t really know how to begin this blog, nor do I claim to be an expert in student ministry. My church is currently in the final stages of our biggest student event of the year and by planning it, it got my mind thinking of what advice I would give to young youth ministers like myself. I took over my first youth minister position when I was 19. These are things I’ve learned by self-reflecting, seen in others, or have been advised by mentors. I pray in some way this will help. Keep in mind these are not in order of any importance.

1. Be Organized

Young youth ministers (and seasoned ones) are notorious for being unorganized and turning in late registrations. In order for you to be on the top of your “game” you need to be as organized as possible. This will give you confidence in your work and will also allow others to be confident in you.

2. Prepare

In college, I had a youth ministry professor that once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” The more prepared you are, the more flexible you can be later.

3. Over Communicate

Communication is key in almost anything you do. The same is true for youth ministry. The more you communicate with your team, the better the chances are that things will get done properly and everyone is on the same page. Defiantly use this with your pastor. Speaking of which, read number 4.

4. Submit to Authority

Wither you like it or not, your pastor is your boss. I once had a classmate that said something along these lines, “I don’t answer to the pastor.” He wont last long in youth ministry with that attitude. Scripture teaches us to submit to those over us. Work alongside of each other and take in their wisdom.

5. Don’t Neglect the Girls

One of the biggest mistakes guy youth ministers make is neglecting the girls. Some have even delegated a leader to take care of the girls. The thought process behind this probably has to do with not wanting to be put in a bad situation. But here’s the raw truth: Girls are just as much vital to your youth ministry as the guys are. They need to be loved by you as well. Know your boundaries but don’t neglect something God has placed as valuable.

6. Have a Vision

Youth ministry isn’t just ordering pizza and playing ninja. You need to have a vision for your ministry God entrusted you. Gain that vision and properly communicate it with your pastor, volunteers, church, and students. Without vision, you accomplish nothing.

7. Don’t be a Sissy

When your pastor or others offer you godly criticism to make you better, don’t throw yourself a pity party in your office. If they are doing it out of your best interest then they are trying to make you better. Accept it, learn from it, and strengthen yourself.

8. Respect Your Pastor’s Time

Your pastor is a busy person. Of course it’s important for you to build a relationship with them and be on the same page. It is also important that you don’t suffocate them. Many are concerned when the pastor isn’t at the youth service every meeting, or constantly in your business. Take that as a compliment! It means your pastor trust you! They don’t have to constantly watch over you. If your pastor is involved but not constantly over your shoulder, that’s probably a good thing.

9. Don’t Get Caught in Theory

There will always be another book on: how to speak to students, how to maximize your youth ministry, how to be a better minister, etc. etc. I’m not opposed to learning, in fact I encourage it. But don’t get caught up in theory that you forget or miss what God wants you to do in your situation. Be who God made you to be, no one else.

10. Get Rid of Arrogance 

Youth ministry doesn’t need you. It’s only by the grace of God that you are able to be involved in something this big. Remember, humility goes along way. Be willing to learn and remember what scripture says about the humbled.

11. Longevity 

Stay in it for the long run! There will be times you want to throw in the towel. Don’t do it. Stick it out and see what God may be doing. There  will be times you are called to leave, but make sure it’s God and not just because things got tough or didn’t work out the way you thought. Remember, don’t try to save the world in one week. It normally takes a year or two just to get your foundation established.

12. Connect

Connect with other youth leaders. Exchange ideas, borrow ideas, or steal them! There’s nothing new under the sun! Don’t feel bad for getting an idea from some one else. That’s all teaching is…learning from someone and then teaching it to someone else in a way that fits who you are. Networking can keep you fresh, fueled, and ready to go! Don’t forget to connect with other adults in your church. Yes, you’re in charge of students, but the adults would like to get to know you as well! They often make fine resources later down the road too!

13. Don’t Compare

Comparison will lead to two things: Pride or Guilt. Pride meaning “Oh yeah, my ministry is doing better than the one down the street!” or guilt meaning, “Oh man, they’re doing way better than me.” Nothing good comes from it. Remember, we are in the same cause.

14. Love the One’s You Have

The numbers game get’s played too many times in youth ministry. Sure, you want to see numbers increase to indicate growth (evangelism). But think of this, while you’re busy thinking of how much more youth you would like to have (that’s not there), you’re neglecting the ones that are actually there needing you’re love and time. Be trustworthy and responsible for the students God gives you and let him do the rest….Seems like Jesus may have said something like that one time…Hm?

15. Speak the Gospel

Give students the full Gospel. Give them the Bible. What they crave most is God, even if they don’t know it yet. Don’t fall into the trap of not teaching students the Bible. After all, that’s a main way God speaks and grows us right? Give it to them!

Feel free to take this or leave it. These are things I’ve learned/learning and have implicated into my (God’s) ministry. Hope it helps! Thank you for investing in teenagers. May you never grow weary of serving students.

– Ryan

5 thoughts on “15 Tips for Young Student Ministers (Uncensored)

  1. I found this to be very enlightening. I have recently become appointed as a youth leader and sometimes when your too close to a given task its hard to employ objectivity. I find networking very good as I believe that God positions people In your life to fulfill his purpose (among other things). Ultimately, when we ourselves develop a strong relationship with God, we become more God conscious and we allow ourselves to be vessels that the holy spirit works through. Yes, we may start in the flesh (hence needing some kind of guidelines) but as we begin to adopt the word of God its inevitable that the holy spirit will influence our every decision. As he doesn’t cause confusion and his ways are above ours … We could never fully fathom his works or how he chooses to go about them. Its impossible to please everyone and with a bigger group comes bigger issues. I found that in getting the order right by pleasing God above all, he starts to perfect every other relationship and circumstance. Ultimately, over and above the nitty gritty of being that flawless leader we need to realize that Satan also plant tares among the wheat , God forbid one of us should fall we should be able to come back quickly to where he has called us to be. One day we will be having to give an account of all we’ve done …. That should be something to consider n furthermore keep us God conscious at all times and sensitive to his work and not our own.

    This message was typed to show appreciation for your work as well as to encourage … We all need a bit of upliftment as well as reinforcing from time to time

    • Ryan Campos

      Shlvanl Thank you for the words! I’m glad that you appreciated the article. Also, I want to wish you a congratulations on your youth leader position! I totally agree with you we should be aiming to please him and do his work and not our own selfish ambitions!

    • Glorious Victory

      Its great coming across this tips, its really a great blessing I must confess..

      I have been thinking of recent when I felt God leading me into teenage ministry as a young lady of 25years old…
      I have passion for teenagers, mostly those wrong exposed to the world at that very age. Due to my own past personal experience as a teenager that almost destroy me but Mercy say No. Ever since, I have a great burden in my heart on how to make Jesus and the ways of God known to them but to know avail, all my thought was this is just a passion and not a calling… Until of recent when I had the leading to further up education and God divinely made it known to me that my major assignment for now its teenage ministry, at that point, I never knew if there was anything like teenage ministry… All I knew was youth adults and Children ministry but not just a ministry focusing on teenage…
      That led me to Google search and all I have seen is amazing…

      Though I don’t know how to begin, how to get teenagers and how to pour out all God have install in me but at this point I’m trusting God for insight…

      God bless u brother.

  2. David & Kylie Knight


    I think these are a great encouragement to youth leaders as the year starts back up. Do you mind if we share them with our mailing list?

    David & Kylie Knight

    • Ryan Campos

      Thanks David & Kylle for your kind words. Yeah, you can share it, no problem! Hope it can encourage others as well.

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Get free weekly resources from us!
Got it! Would you also like offers and promos from Group?
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