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I was just thinking, we know each other, but do we really know each other? I thought it would be refreshing to purge a little of my soul…to confess to one another. So then you can get to know the real me. I have some deep dark secrets…
I drink straight out of the Hershey’s Syrup bottle.
I use to hide, standing inside the fridge with both doors open so that my husband couldn’t see me. But he knew what I was doing. I can’t hide my addiction any longer. So I just sit right out in the open and drink it down. My son calls it “mommy’s bottle”. (it’s a little sick, I know).
Just think twice if you’re at my house and want to use the Hershey’s Syrup.
Thought you might want to know.

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  • Chad says:

    I do the same thing with milk. My wife caught me a few weeks ago. Cat’s out of the bag! 🙂

  • Monica says:

    Ok, I do the same with chocolate chips. You know, the ones that are to be used in baking?? I can polish off a bag in a night if I’m home alone and no one is watching me…

  • Melissa says:

    This does not have to do with food but my confession is that I color coordinate my closet. All the Reds together, all the blues together and so on.. But the really sick part is that I then put them in rainbow order. My closet is the prettiest thing ever. I can get dressed in the dark b/c I know what sweaters feel like what in what color section and I can go from there… S-I-C-K!! Whats even worse is my husband won’t even let me hang his clothes up for him b/c I do this to his closet too.

  • Amanda Maguire says:

    Melissa, You are my dream! Please come to my house and do this to my closets..do you organize kitchens as well??

  • Hosanna says:

    melissa: me too! and then i organize by sleeve length within each color section. hello, loony.

    amanda, when i was younger, i used to beg my mom to let me do that with our hershey’s bottles and she’d always say no then would ask if i knew anyone who did that. i never could say that i did… until today! you have given me ammo! thank you!

  • Diana Piefer says:

    For me, peanut butter is my downfall…and recently the chocolate syrup with some peanut butter. Not good–guess I’ll have to just chew gum more often:)

  • Ok, I told you this in an e-mail, Amanda, but since no one else has brought it up…..I can’t keep spray whipped cream in the can (Redi Whip) in my fridge for that very reason, Spraying it on the finger or directly into the mouth (not touching the tip with my mouth of course so I won’t feel guilty when someone else uses it) makes it taste that much better!!

    OH, and when we were growing up, my sister and I got in trouble for eating the grated parmesan cheese by the spoonfuls out of the can. I know that one’s weird!:-)

  • tzigane says:

    i do the same thing but don’t actually touch the bottle to my moouth. my family doesn’t know. i also do it with whip cream in the can.

    if my family knew i would never live it down because i am a big germ person. i rarely ever drink from my husband or kids cups, cans or bottle. and never after anyone else. and i typically won’t eat off of anyone else’s utensils, even my husbands.

  • Teresa says:

    I eat Parmasan cheese out of the can by the spoonful everyday. I eat only the 4C Imported brand because it is all natural with no additives or preservitives. I know it is weird, but I actually crave it.

  • I also like to eat grated parmesan cheese by the spponful! It’s delicious. But I’ve often wondered about the preservative (potassium sorbate) in Kirk Signature grated parmesan cheese.
    I will try to find the 4C brand.

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