This day-long training is an experiential and interactive plunge into a simple, but profound, shift in the “how” and “why” of ministry. Thousands of youth leaders have already taken this journey—this is your time.

Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry

Is it possible that our well-meaning ministry strategies have subtly erased “the real Jesus” from our menu?

Our hearts say no, but the evidence says yes. And, even more eye-opening, the embedded “formula” that almost every church uses to encourage spiritual growth is fatally flawed. What are your conventional ministry practices subtly communicating to students? How are your strategies forming their view of God and themselves?

Explore what a youth ministry looks like when all your everyday practices and activities orbit around Jesus. Jesus wants teenagers to discover, early on, who he really is, and who they really are. So much in their life is telling them a lie about His identity and their own identity. But we can help them discover the truth about Jesus, and the truth about their identity in Him.

When that happens, everything changes—fruit begins to show up in all the barren places of their life. Your ministry now has a practical focal point that filters into everything you do.

Presented by Rick Lawrence

September 19, 2015 Des Moines, IA
 . . . .
September 26, 2015 Pittsburgh, PA
 . . . .
October 3, 2015 Lake Forest, CA
 . . . .
October 10, 2015 Atlanta, GA
 . . . .
November 7, 2015 St. Charles, IL
 . . . .
8:00am Registration Opens
8:30am Morning Session
NOON Lunch
1:00pm Afternoon Session
4:00pm Finish Up and Head for Home

Morning Sessions


The surprising disappearance of Jesus from the church


Living in the Stockdale Paradox—embracing our brutal
realities while persevering in hope


The surprising reason why so many young people are leaving
the church, and how to stem that tide


Exploring and understanding the forces that are molding
teenagers in their cultural environment


An alternative definition of discipleship, and a new way of helping
kids mature in their faith


Experiencing the difference between a conventional “application”
strategy in ministry and a transformative “attachment” strategy


Building a ministry environment of attachment

Afternoon Sessions


The Beeline Practices—a broad menu of new ideas, habits, and
practices that will put Jesus at the “orbital center” of your ministry


Helping your students (and yourself) discover their true
identity, and their “true name”

$39.99  Individual
$34.99  2-5 people
$29.99* 6+ people

*Call Matty at 615.349.7111 to receive this special group rate.


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