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Nothing will take me down faster than when my family goes down. My 3 year old got a concussion from falling off a swing, I had a “teacher meeting” at school for my oldest son, my daughter broke her nose falling down a slide, and my husband had the flu! Holy smokes its been quite a week.

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I shouldn’t be surprised, its almost Easter. It seems that a lot of time during the week of preparing for something important something always goes wrong. Something breaks, someone gets sick, we fight, the kids cry a lot more than usual, our nerves seem a little more raw, we feel a little more on edge, a little more exposed. Something happens the week before…camp, retreats, new ministry launches, crucial weekend messages, Christmas, Easter… before life changing events. I know it is not coincidental. I know it is very intentional. And I know the only defense I have is my ability to wash my hands 🙂 and pray. I know that all of us will experience these kinds of challenges in these kinds of circumstances because of “the job”.

I don’t want to sound like a bible thumping, on my soap box, “the devil’s gonna get you” writer. I only want to say that when you feel like all that could go wrong is going wrong andunder attack, you probably are. You are not alone. And my only advice would be to lean into it. Face it without fear. Pray your guts out… God is bigger. People’s lives will be changed, your life and heart will change! Stuff gets fixed, people can heal, make up, and survive. Because you gave your family to the creator and you prayed your husband through a battle.

You are very powerful :). Stronger than you thought, right?

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  • shannon says:

    Awesome post, Amanda!! True and encouraging! Perfect reminder. We have goofiness at our house this week too. I’ve had the same thoughts more than once this week! 🙂 Hang in there. As Tony Campolo said, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s a’comin!!!” 🙂

  • Joye says:

    I am cracking up at this, only because it is SO TRUE!! My husband and I can name huge setbacks that have happened in our lives all during Holy week! One year our son was hospitalized the whole week of Holy week. This year we had a setback in the selling of our home, a less than fun “teacher meeting” for one of our sons, and our hampster died. I am in the middle of a blog post on my blog about the very same thing 🙂
    So good to have you back online. I have missed you!

  • Darah says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I always can gauge how awesome one of our youth events is going to be based on how much stress, how little sleep, and how little patience we have. My husband gets so down before these important events. I try to cheer him up, and know that when we keep moving forward that we are getting closer to the work that God is going to unveil. It so so tough when things go wrong to have hope that anything will turn out right. I often feel the way that you do about the devil trying to mess up our plans. As difficult as it is, we just have to keep moving forward. After the event, my husband and I usually go grab a bite to eat and talk about all of the great things that happened. We’ve seen so many lives changed by these goofy and fun events, that we have the faith to keep going forward and keep reaching out to kids who need Jesus. That is the calling, and God equips us with the tools and people we need to get through the darkness to see the light that He had waiting for us all along. A hard walk through the dark can make the light so much sweeter.

  • Angela says:

    Thank you for that post! So true! My husband is in full time youth ministry, and I also work at the church full time as the Communications Director. Every Easter, Christmas or big event, the road does seem to have a lot more bumps than usual! Thank you for the encouragement; I think even recognizing the attack and putting life in perspective always helps. Satan doesn’t want people to know the Lord in a personal way, and when we’re doubling our efforts, putting everything into a big week, he takes those “tiny” things and blows them up. Thanks for your post – great to hear I’m not alone in the “tough stuff!”

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