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You’ve may have heard a little bit about twitter lately. In fact, we here at Simply Youth Ministry are big fans, and we would love for you to join us in using this new communication tool. But what is it? Well in short, it’s sending a text message (140 characters) to all your friends at the same time. The cool part is your friends can decide how they want to receive it. Maybe they will only read it on the computer, maybe it will come in their IM client, or maybe they’ll have it come to their phone like a traditional text message. It’s an easy way to share with your friends what you are up to as you are doing it. This video might help explain it better:

How do you get started?

  1. Go to Twitter.com and click “Get Started – Join!”
  2. Then create your account on the account page.
  3. Then find people to follow? To follow someone go to their page and click the follow button under their picture.

Here are a few suggestions of people we think you will find interesting:

  • Doug Fields – find out what on his mind
  • SimplyInsider – a great way to get the inside scoop of what we are to here at Simply Youth Ministry
  • Josh Griffin – Mr. MoreThanDodgeBall.com and our good buddy
  • Andy Brazelton – The man who keeps everything here at SYM moving forward, also know as OutsideAllDay
  • Chris Davis – Our web guy here at SYM and loves to let you know what happening on our websites and all the geeky things he comes across
  • YouthMinistry – Get the latest updates of articles and freebies from YouthMinistry.com
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  • What?!? I’m not interesting enough to make the list? That’s cold!

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  • john dobbs says:

    I loved this video…can’t get it to work this morning though … I hope that’s temporary.


  • Chris says:

    I wonder if youtube was having a little hiccup? It seems fine now. You can also find the video on the twitter homepage in their tour.

    I just love twitter.

  • Paula Curry says:

    I was totally taken with the video…i could watch it over and over and over and over…

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  • Pastor Dave Furst says:


  • Benji says:

    Its so sad my friends don’t know about twitter! not to mention my youth pastor.

  • Chris says:

    Benji, How will they know if you don’t tell them?

  • Tweet is going to more useful as the word gets out. I tweeted yesterday that i am wondering if one could use tweets at the same time as bullet points go up on the screen for a sermon

  • Tweet is going to more useful as the word gets out. I tweeted yesterday that i am wondering if one could use tweets at the same time as bullet points go up on the screen for a sermon

    Tweet Out


  • Benji says:

    @Chris he has a facebook and doesnt have anything there, its FACEBOOK! haha, well its ok though he has an iphone :p so that gives him some points.

    What was the bet though?

  • mat says:

    what is this all about? why should I want to do this? just because you are doing this? sorry, not the right motive for me. I follow no man but Jesus. not anti tech, jes anti-fad.

  • Ummm, I think Elmer Fudd used to do this. I remember him saying, “Twick or tweet.”

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  • Melissa says:

    I absolutely love twitter. I have formed a group with my friends and family that live in Florida and NYC. I love hearing what my little brother is thinking or that me best friend is having a great day. The video is right when they say that twitter helps you stay more connected with the people.

    Check us out …

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  • […] John after seems to have become annoyed with the profile update system on Facebook and, after being told by Simply Youth Ministry that he could get a Twitter account that will send text messages to his friends about what he was doing he pretty much made an account […]

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