A Crazy Game for Thanksgiving.

Preparation and Supplies:

  • Area Required: Large, either a gym-sized room, or a coned off area outside.
  • Activity Level: High
  • Number of Players: Two teams, or create a rotation of teams  if there are many players.
  • Supplies: Two frozen turkeys (the heavier, the better – and keep them frozen SOLID!), two stools, soft playground ball. Optional: Plastic sheeting to put around the stools if playing indoors – just in case.



A team scores points by knocking a frozen turkey off the opponents stool with a playground ball



In your play space, set up two goal areas. In each, place a stool a few feet from the back line or wall. Cover the top of each stool with a towel (for traction). Place a frozen turkey on the top of each towel. Needless to say, the heavier the turkey and/or the lighter-weight the ball, the more difficult this game will be.


Using tape or additional cones, create a safety zone around each stool. Balls cannot be thrown from inside this circle. Make it large enough to accommodate the athleticism of your group.


Divide students into two teams. If you have lots of kids (more than you can comfortably break into two teams), create multiple teams and a rotate them into play.



Advancing the ball. Teams advance the ball down the field by throwing it to each other. Use the following two rules to keep the game moving, fun, and fair:

-Two Step Rule: Once a player has the ball, they may only take two steps before they MUST throw it to another person.

-No Contact Rule: When a person has the ball, they cannot be touched, pushed, or otherwise contacted by an opposing player. So – an opposing player can wave their hands around to try to block the throw, but they can’t touch the person with the ball.


Interceptions and fumbles. When the ball is thrown, it can be batted, swatted, or whatever to keep the pass from being completed. When that happens, or when a player drops a ball, it’s a free ball. Whoever picks it up first now has possession.


Safety Zone. No play may occur in the safety zone. Defensive players may enter it only if the ball ies in that area. Most of the time, the ball will bounce around and come back into play. Optional: Each time can designate up to two people to exclusively defend the safety zone. Like a goalie, they stay in the safety zone to defend the turkey by blocking and swatting balls away. If you play with defenders, you should make your safety zone a little larger.


Scoring. One point for each turkey knock-off. Play to 10 points, or whatever works bestyou’re your group. Want to make it more interesting? Create a two point line somewhere between the turkey and mid-field. This will encourage kids to throw the ball.

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