If you’ve been keeping up, you know that this coming Sunday is SUPER Sunday…as in the SUPER Bowl. Yes, billions of people watching kazillion dollar commercials, neat-o halftime shows, amazing interviews, and…what am I forgetting? Oh yes, there will also be a FOOTBALL game.

At least I think it will be a game. There’s a little team called the Patriots who are poised to run the table of perfection and enter the sports history books as the only other undefeated pro football team.

Some say they cheated, others believe that they are simply flat out lucky, and still many more feel that the Patriots are the best team to ever step on the gridiron.

I say that no matter how you feel about the Patriots, the real question is this:

With the amount of cash that Coach Belichick is raking in, why does he continue to dress like a homeless guy?

But there’s a bigger picture here that I believe ties into a very important concept in the Christian life. The Patriots are trying for something that many folks have given up on. The word is perfection. As in perfect, faultless, and spotless. For the Pats, perfection is an undefeated season…19 wins, and 0 losses. Very few believed it could happen at the beginning of the year, now most are convinced that it’s going to happen.

Did you know that Jesus demands perfection from His followers? Yep, it’s true, and it’s one of those commands that get swept into the “really? I didn’t know that was in the Bible!” category.

Here’s what He said:

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Matthew 5:48)

But wait a minute Jesus…haven’t you ever heard the phrase “nobody’s perfect?

Actually, since He’s God, I imagine He has heard that before. In fact, He knew He was giving the command to be perfect to very imperfect people. So how does He expect people to achieve the impossible? Maybe this will help:

For by that one offering he forever made perfect those who are being made holy. (Hebrews 10:14)

Did you pick up on the concept here? It goes something like this-

Jesus died on the Cross for our sins – that’s the ‘one offering’ part.

When we trust Him as Savior, we are ‘forever made perfect.’ How? Because at the moment of salvation, God no longer sees you as sinful and imperfect. He sees you through the ‘filter’ of forgiveness – in other words spotless and blameless. He also sees you, not as you are, but what you will be when you enter heaven – which is perfect.

But wait – the last part of the verse also applies to us- because it says that even though we’ve been made perfect, we are still ‘being made holy.’

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