Ah, the Monday letdown. This was definitely the loneliest, most depressing time of the whole week. No wonder pastors used to take Mondays off. In fact, many Mondays, I didn’t want to get out of bed. It’s like I had been forever indoctrinated with a “Thou shall have a case of the Mondays” mentality. Here is a rundown of a typical Monday for me.

Like most days, the alarm goes off, and I stumble into the shower. “Oh no, I’m out of coffee filters. Blast. I guess I’ll have to make some at the office.” I get to the office. “Oh no, I left the laptop in the youth building. Blast.” So I go and get the laptop. About that time, my senior pastor comes in and starts talking to me about something from yesterday. Trying to avoid a lengthy discussion, I am short spoken. “Yep. Uh-huh. I thought it went well, too.”

Just about the time I get to my email, my head is flooded with deep questions. “When did Jesus give way to this programming stuff? Those kids weren’t listening to me at all during Sunday school, were they? I hope Mr. so-and-so wasn’t offended by what I said. I wonder how the parents and leaders will react to this abstinence program?” Yikes. That’s way too much thinking for a Monday morning around 8:30am. It’s at this point I’m thinking about taking a “mental health day”. But, what I really should be doing is taking a “spiritual health day”.
“That’s it! I’ll take the day of the week I hate the most, and turn it into an entire day with God! That’s a fantastic idea. It is a day for the youth pastor to work on his soul instead of his lessons. And it’s only Monday, so I have the rest of the week to work on my lessons and activities. Not only that, but I’ll be better off spiritually to do that work. Why didn’t I think of that before?”

So many times in Jesus’ ministry, He went off by Himself to be with His Father. If our goal is to be like Jesus, then shouldn’t we make the time to be with the Father as well? A day spent not only studying youth ministry, but spending time with God and His Word improving the condition of our souls? Pick up a book or two (I know this site has some good recommendations) but don’t forget about the Book that those other books accompany.

In order to lead teens, volunteers, and parents; our souls should be in tip-top shape. We can’t be great leaders if we never spend time with God. Speaking from my experience (limited as it is), if my soul is dry and shallow, then my ministry will also be dry and shallow. Consider making Monday your “spiritual health day” and put an end to the Monday letdown. Right now, Monday is my favorite day of the week. Why? Because I get to spend it close to my Heavenly Father. I read spiritual books, pray, and study scripture. And to cap off my day, I attend a men’s small group where support and encouragement flow like water. Yeah, Monday is great. Thank God.

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