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Mike Hammer

If you’ve been in youth ministry (or church) for even a short length of time, you’ve probably heard someone say something like, “Our youth are the future of the church,” and/or “Our youth are the church today.” The truth is that both are accurate. Yes, teens are part of the church today, but they will also be those who help lead the church in the future. They will also be the teachers, police officers, construction workers, politicians, and doctors of the future. I’ve shared all of that to ask you this: What are the consequences that our future will face if the young guys of today do not grow up to be MEN? What kind of fathers will they be? What kind of leaders will they be? Simply, what kind of people will they be?
New Book for Students: Becoming a Real Man

Guys need to know what it means to be a man.  Sadly, there seems to be a smaller number of examples for them to look up to. Whether it’s the lack of Christian men in the church, or a non-Christian father, or simply no father at home—guys are coming to their own conclusions based on what they are seeing, hearing, and experiencing.  At almost any moment you could turn on the television and conclude that you are a man if you’re with enough women, look right, have fame, success, money and live by your own rules. It’s vital that we help guys today to know that being a man is more than that!  
I’ve heard guys say that Christians seem like weak, wimpy cowards and hypocrites who don’t seem to have any fun. If this were true, then OF COURSE guys don’t want to be part of that. But it’s not true; they just haven’t seen the truth yet. We’ve got to help them discover the truth—that’s our roles as Christians and leaders. That’s why Jeffery Wallace, Matty McCage, and I got together and created a book called 99 Things Every Guy Should Know, and our goal is to help young guys know what it looks like to be a REAL MAN. It’s designed to be an easy, engaging read that is applicable and relevant to their lives. This is a great resource to help equip guys to become the men God has called them to be. The future depends on it!

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