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Neely McQueen

Neely McQueen has been working with teen girls for over 15 years. She works at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, WA. She is also married to a pastor and the mom of 3 cute kids.

So, I love pop culture…and yet I may have been the last person in the world to see Never Say Never when I went last night. (Well, me and the other 5 people in the movie theatre.)

I am not sure I am joining the millions (thousands) of fans who think the Biebs is an amazing moral role model but I do think he’s a talented little guy. (I am not ready to jump the bandwagon because I think we’ve seen plenty of talented young people make some serious mistakes shortly after parents/youth workers approved of them. Plenty of purity rings removed, tattoos added and bongs smoked…)

But I will tell you my highlight from Never Say Never…The thousands of screaming and crying Justin Bieber fans (girls both young and old). One of the best moments in the beginning was when a young girl (maybe 6th or 7th) tells the camera that she spends 99% of her LIFE thinking about him.
This movie reminded me how fun, loyal, emotional and crazy girls can be…and how much fun they are to be around. I think it’s a shame how society and a lot of times the church have written these young girls off as “silly little girls.”
Just think about how amazing those qualities can be in the kingdom of God:
Fun– Following Jesus should be filled with Joy and Laughter…and fun. We take ourselves too serious sometimes. Fun can be a really good thing…and so attractive to the world.

Loyal– If we provided girls an avenue to be as loyal and devoted to Jesus as they are to the Biebs…the gospel of Jesus would be proclaimed everywhere!
Emotional/Crazy– These girls don’t hesitate to make a fool of themselves for a famous teenage boy. We tend to think negatively about girl’s emotions but really it’s about passion and feeling. And I think all of those things are important when following Jesus. Especially when you partner it with true loyalty.

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I love working with teenage girls. I think they are fun, loyal, emotional and crazy…and I really wouldn’t change a thing about them! What about you…what do you love about working with teenage girls?

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  • Amanda Birnie says:

    Hey Neely!

    It was SO great meeting you at the SYMC last weekend. I was so so so blessed by your workshops and the fellowship we all shared there. I hope we can keep in touch!!

    I love your take on the Biebs movie… and the qualities he brings out in girls. I never thought of it that way! Girls are so much fun to be around. I would say the highlight of my week is seeing my youth girls every Wednesday night. I think what I love the most is girls’ capacities to LOVE each other. Yes, there is gossip and cattyness for sure that goes on…but at the end of the day girls just want to be loved and we’re pretty good at giving away love when we really try. Girls are especially good at encouraging one another. I love the laughter and fun that comes with working with girls- they are easily excitable and enthusiastic about life! They are optimistic about life too, most of the time. They genuinely see the good in others. Thanks for reminding us of how privileged we are to work with teenage girls!

    I might have to give in and see the Biebs movie myself.. 😉

  • Rachel says:

    I love how real they are.. My most treasured moments are after being consistent and pouring into them, the moment they begin to trust is so evident.

    I love how when we’re real as leaders in return, they accept our imperfections as well. I’ve made many a mistake leading girls but every time I’ve unintentionally hurt one of the girls I love and apologize, they are so forgiving!

  • Neely McQueen Neely says:

    Amanda- It was really great to finally meet you…I hope we connect when you come down to Seattle in April! See the movie…it will make you laugh…take your husband:)!

    Rachel- I love your comment about their willingness to forgive…and to forgive us as their leaders. So good.

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