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Well, we made the change from calling them small groups to calling them life groups – it only took me a year since I first blogged about the idea – ha! It is a bit of a semantic thing, but I’m a big fan of the switch. Rather then focus on their size (which remains important) the name focuses on what happens (sharing life, which is more important). Here’s some of the frequently asked questions we answer as people register:

What are High School Ministry Life Groups?
Life Groups are small groups for high school students. These groups are made up of 10 – 12 students (same grade and gender) that meet weekly with a caring adult leader.

Life Groups are a perfect place for you to form great friendships with other students your age, build relationships with adult leaders and learn more about God and grow closer to Him. Your group will be encouraged to establish accountability with each other, have consistent personal quiet times, get involved in ministry, and participate in service projects.

When and where do they meet?
Life Groups meet in host homes on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 9:00pm. Meeting in homes creates a warm, friendly atmosphere for sharing life together.

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What does a typical night look like?
Each Life Group will look different, but a typical night will look something like this: welcome / snacks / hang out / Bible study / discussion / prayer.

Being involved in a Life Group will be an awesome time to grow closer to God; what better way to do that than by reading and studying the Bible? Every Life Group will choose their study topic from the provided LIVE Curriculum. Studies include: prayer, following Jesus, making good decisions, purity, having healthy relationships, studying the Bible, dealing with temptation, living in godly community and more.

What about my leader?
HSM has incredible, screened, and trained adult volunteers who are ready to serve and teach high school students. Our HSM leaders are there to encourage, teach, guide, and help strengthen your walk with Christ. It may turn out to be the most significant relationship of your high school years.

What is the Life Group Commitment?
Being part of a Life Group is a privilege. We expect each Life Group member to commit to the following:

  1. Come to group prepared, equipped with a Bible, a pen, a notebook and a good attitude.
  2. Respect your Life Group leader. They are giving you their time because they WANT to minister to you.
  3. Respect and be kind to others in your group.
  4. Respect your Host Home. Help clean-up your host home at the end of every night.


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  • donatta wolf says:

    Hey I was reading this book by John Vansloten called The Day Metallica came to church and it talks about how God reaches the youth thru various hard music and I wanted to share this with you..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXaiCOFb3XE

  • dave says:

    Been thinking along these lines too. Our church uses the vocabulary of life groups. When it comes to youth we tend to use the terms of small groups to distinguish between adult life groups. One thing I’ve been pondering is that when I think of life i’m thinking several years together. With our HS crew we’re looking at 4 if they come in as a freshman. The counter side of my thinking is not to talk about length of time but quality of time together. As it’s obvious i’m still working through a lot of these issues.

  • Chris Wesley says:

    Thanks for laying out the thought process that goes behind making a switch like that. We haven’t thought about switching the name small groups but making them life groups definitely pushes the point that they are their to share life.

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