You’ll need the cued The Iron Giant video and a Bible. Also prepare slips of paper with different things kids can brag about such as “My mom is smarter than your mom “I can do more tricks on my skateboard than you or “My grades are the highest in my school.”

Say: We all know someone who likes to brag or show off. Let’s have some fun by having a contest to see who’s the best at bragging and showing off! Form pairs. Have each pair draw a slip of paper and brag about what’s on its slip. Encourage kids to ham it up. After each pair has had a turn applaud for everyone without declaring anyone a winner.

Say: There’s a funny scene from the movie The Iron Giant that involves a little bragging and showing off.

Show the video clip.

Ask: What were the consequences of Hogarth’s bragging and showing off? Have you ever had an experience where bragging or showing off had bad consequences? If so what happened? How do you feel when someone else is showing off or bragging? Explain. Is bragging and showing off wrong? Why or why not? What’s good or bad about it?

Read Proverbs 27:2 then ask: What does this verse say about bragging and showing off? How can this verse help us the next time we feel like bragging about ourselves?

Say: Let’s practice praising one another just as Proverbs 27:2 says. Close by having partners affirm each other with a sincere word of praise.



You’ll need the song “Get Down” from Audio Adrenaline’s Underdog (ForeFront Records), a CD player and a Bible.

Form pairs and have partners sit together on the floor. Say: Think of something that makes you feel down or depressed. It could be something small or something big but it should be something that really has happened. Tell your partner about this thing.

After a few minutes read 1 Thessalonians 5:11. Say: The Bible says we should encourage each other. When you’re feeling down others might try to “lift your spirits” to make you feel better. Think about what your partner shared then think of one thing you could do or say to encourage your partner.

Play “Get Down.” Then ask: What are some of the words or phrases used to describe feeling down in this song? Do these words describe how you felt in the situation you shared with your partner? Why or why not? Who does the lifting up in this song?

Read Psalm 3:1-3. Ask: Have you ever felt like the person who wrote this—that God wasn’t going to help you and everyone was against you? Explain. Have you ever known anyone who felt this way? What happened to you or this other person?

Ask: How does having a listening powerful God as your protector encourage you when you’re feeling down? How have you experienced God lifting you up in the past? How do our prayers lift others up to God?

Have partners pray for each other. After they say “amen” have them hold hands to lift each other to a standing position.

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