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This week’s poll asks a simple question: which type of phone do you have? Thanks to Jerry Varner for the poll idea – be sure to vote in the poll and then leave a comment on why you have that phone and if you’re happy with it or not!


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  • iPhones are the best hands down. They are powerful, easy to use, and have more apps. Plus they make you look trendy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brian Seidel says:

    I got an iPhone mainly because I already had everything in iTunes and didn’t want to change it when I went to a smart phone. I LOVE my iPhone, by far the best phone I have ever had.

  • TJ says:

    I have an Android because when I made the leap to a smartphone, the one I got was on sale for 98ยข.

  • Dan Cooper says:

    I’m an Android user. I’ve been with the same provider (US Cellular) for a *l-o-n-g* time, and didn’t want to switch (loyalty has it’s advantages), plus I’ve traveled with phones from them to at least a dozen states and always had service. I have so far had no issues with finding apps to do whatever I want or need to do, and even apps that are iPhone-only usually make their way to Android before long (or someone comes up with a comparable app). I was previously a Blackberry user, but after going through three phones in as many years, I knew it was time for a change.

  • Byron Spear says:

    Personally, I went with the iPhone. The main reason for that was how easily the Calendar app syncs so easily with iCal, especially with the new iCloud. If I schedule any events or meetings on one, it goes straight to the other. It’s a great way for a super unorganized person like me to stay semi-organized. Plus, as Brandon said, it looks sweet.

  • I have an iphone and I love it. Probably the biggest reason I prefer the iphone is because I also have a mac and enjoy the syncing capabilities. I love how easy the calendar and contacts are to use and the facetime is an awesome addition to quick personal contact with some students.

  • Josh says:

    The only reason I have an android is because after being without a position for over three years and then finally finding one I had not credit. Verizon wanted a huge deposit for an iphone where the company I went with Alltel wanted no deposit. I ended up getting the best android they had and have made it work.

  • Kyle says:

    I went iPhone, because everything the church uses is Apple. We all have macbooks, our network and storage is on timecapsule and I do all my scheduling on iCal. It only made sense that I would have an iPhone for ease of syncing and getting things done. I know there are other ways, but why not go the most simple route.

  • Scott Tinman says:

    Started with Android…was Verizon customer and just made the switch a couple months ago to iPhone…I am a Mac user so the sync-ability and all my devices working together was the deal-breaker for me…plus I wanted what my students had so I could have street-cred…being older in ym weneed to do all we can to stay hip ya know ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It is the iPhone for me. Apple just knows what they are doing. When it comes to an mp3 player, a potable video player, gaming device and phone apple did it right. The iCloud syncs my calendar, mail, todo list, contacts and my pics immediately and without any effort. There are so many apps too that I use for student ministry everyday. And it doesn’t feel like I am carrying a brick in my pocket (until I put my otter box on when going on outings with students). To top it all off I can face time or Skype my wife and daughter whenever I am away with students. I LOVE MY IPHONE.

  • Jerry Varner says:

    I’m starting to feel out of place. I’m an Android dude. Before you throw stuff at me, know that I’ve been conditioned by being on staff at my church. PCs are everywhere. The only mac in sight is used by our graphic designer/communication director; you know–the people who need quality. I just had the option to go iPhone and went Android after reading the comparisons. And as far as apps, can’t find one that’s worth having and not offered on both. The only down side I see is that I’m waaaay less coolishly hip than iPhone users.

  • JP says:

    Android, there is nothing else. Apple is a splash in the cell phone world (a large splash I admit) compared to the depth I can customize and use my Android. I admit, I miss not having all the pretty cases and screen protectors that Apple has for their devices. The main reasons I am an Android user include, much larger screen, better battery life, and fully customized UI, add the countless apps and the need for all app developers to support cross platform now that Android has a larger install base for iOS. Nothing I use anymore is apple, even my G4 sits gathering dust. Well I do have an OSX on my PC’s Virtual Machine …. I don’t remember what for right now though…

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