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Tony Myles is a youth ministry veteran, conference speaker, author, volunteer youth worker and lead pastor of Connection Church in Medina, Ohio... and he really likes smoothies.

Twitter is full of parody accounts, including some that only those who serve in a church may fully appreciate.

For example, here’s “The Deacon.”

Committee meetings all weekend... wish I was the pastor. Then I could just preach and go home. #ifonlypeopleunderstood #hardwork

Or if you like your deacons a little more “surly,” try the “Surly Deacon.”

Invite teenagers into an epic adventure with Jesus. Check out Pierced: The New Testament today!

Don't start any trouble at my church. I'll be all over you like a worship pastor at a skinny jeans sale.

There are those who represent the grumbling we hear from the congregation, such as the “Church Curmudgeon.”

When we've been there ten thousand years, we may just get to sing Amazing Grace the normal way again.

Then again, it’s worth noting hard pastors can have it via “Unappreciated Pastor.”

Moses' staff split the Red Sea. Mine split the church.

The “Bad Church Secretary” fesses up a bit, too.

I reminded the youth pastor he's preaching tomorrow. He'll be to embarrassed to ask around and find out he isn't.

How about a “Mad Worship Leader?”

Sure we're taking requests for this Sunday morning service.... just a sec and let me put the Holy Spirit's leading on hold... we aim to please!

How about an “Uncensored Pastor“?

Thanks for telling me how unhappy you are at our church. I was just sitting here wondering if we were making you happy or not.

Another strong one is “Stuff Christians Say.”

Changed the Wifi network at church to 'Jesus is watching you'   Bet those teens think twice about where they go online now


Lots of fun, right?


how about those directed at the Youth Ministry nation?

There’s the “Mistreated Youth Guy

Met a lady today who says she goes to the church I work at but was surprised to hear I've been the Youth Minister there for a couple years.

Or the things a “Youth Pastor Says.”

You really need to cut a larger check for the youth designated fund...I looked

A “Hipster Youth Pastor” chimes in.

I lose followers when I make fun of church camp

As well as a “Bitter Youth Pastor.”

Hey Young Life! Heard your game last night involved twerking and eating Oreos out of each others' mouths. I'm sure Jesus was glorified!

There’s even a “Ghetto Youth Pastor.”

I HATE YOUTH - Every youth pastor immediately following all major events

Not to mention a “Smug Youth Pastor.”

Still looking for the ultimate.....full time pay w/part time effort.

How does this make you feel?

A few weeks ago, I shared a post about Christian Hipsters that had its share of support and criticism. I wonder if when we read about a niche group in the church we enjoy the laughter but feel even just a tad bit defensive when we’re the ones under the spotlight?

Got a thought on this? Know of another parody account worth taking a look at?

Chime in.

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  • Baptist Fixer says:

    That’d be right, the humble @baptistfixer goes unnoticed…..again.

    At least my vacuum appreciates me.

  • Jolson says:

    @Fired_Youth_Guy is pretty good

  • Anonymous says:

    First I think that it’s utterly ironic that there are no comments! This seems to me to be telling, when the whole ministry anon/parody world has an underlying buzz about this article.

    I find these accounts very useful now, but when I ran across the first one (Worship Sound Guy, @WorshipSoundGuy) I was intermittently offended and slightly confused. But, thought it was very funny and clever and as a life-long sound guy, could relate to lots of it. It took me a while to realize that the things that this “sound guy” was saying are very often true… and that I often feel that way, but could never express. And really, in a church setting, never should express.

    I think these accounts are cathartic and for many in ministry I’m guessing that twitter anon accounts are the only place that many can really vent. Ministry can be lonely.

    I also think there is a LOT to learn from some of these posts. I really have a hard time reading the posts of @LloydLegalist, but I’ve found some the things posted make me re-evaluate many of the ways that I have just “always done” church and ministry. Lots of the posts from this category of the web make me evaluate patterns that I’ve always considered a given.

    After Lloyd, I ran across @AnonChurchSec Church Secretary and I think she has one of the best Twitter lists of ministry anons and parody accounts out there:

    Here are a few more:

    By-The-Way, if you are in Youth Ministry… be prepared to have the Anonymous Twitter world beat you up a little…. but, I think that you’ll find there are some things to learn from the harsh treatment.

  • KW says:

    This is hilarious. Funniest things I have seen…. bitter…. but funny all the same. 🙂

  • Snooty Seminarian says:

    See, the problem with most of these accounts is they just don’t know how to do church right. If you really want to know, follow me: @sseminarian. I’ve been to seminary for like a whole year, so I’m pretty much an expert on church and theology.

  • Finn Douglas says:

    How is @BackRowBaptist not on this list? This list is not complete.

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