We’ve all been there.

Maybe it was that relationship…the one that cut us deep. The one, because it hurt us so much, we swore that we would never be in another relationship.

Or maybe it was that ‘dream job’ that you wanted. You felt so good about it; you had that ‘gut’ instinct that it was going to work out.  And then, you get that dreaded phone call.  That one where the hopeful future employer said, “Thanks.. but no thanks.”

Or perhaps it was that loan. You felt that you had your ducks in a row, and that you were going to be able to be approved for a new loan (home, car, student.. whichever.)  But then.. you weren’t approved. It felt like a slap in the face…

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Maybe it was that time that you shared a belief or an opinion with a close friend; or maybe even a family member.  You believed it in so much, you had such passion, and you were sure of it.. absolutely positive that they would agree with you… and they didn’t.


It hits us all.
And sometimes we don’t expect it.

Other times we have a gut feeling that it will happen but we still hope for the best.

Regardless, it happens.  And so the question comes up. “Now what?”
“How do I respond to this… How CAN I respond to this..?”

We can respond full of bitterness and anger, or full of love, forgiveness and understanding.

We can respond looking to ‘get them back..’ for what they did (whomever, whatever..) or we can choose to respond by.. maybe not responding at all??
Regardless of how you’ve been rejected and from what (job, relationship, opinion, etc..) I think there are some key things that we can learn here..

1. Live/Serve/Continue on where you are successfully.
I understand that in every context, this is different.. but the main point is this.  You’ve been rejected.  So, continue on in life as if you weren’t.
If it’s financially, start to (and continue to) make wise budget choices.
If it’s in a relationship.. live the best life you know how to (.. and choose to fill that need for someone with God..)
If it’s a job – continue to be where you are.. and LOVE it.(Especially if you’re in a full time ministry position.  You are CALLED there for this time.  Own it, Love it.)

2. Don’t Give Up.
Continue to live and serve where you are (in every sense of the word) – but look forward.  The minute we stop looking forward is the second that we find ourselves in a rut.  So, plan for the future.
Many of ‘us’ in Youth Ministry are in a transition period.  There are friends all over the globe that are either in between jobs, or looking for a new one.  To you, I encourage you with this: Continue to search.  But don’t search for a ‘new place.’ Search for God’s leading.
Continue to serve faithfully, and plan ahead… Don’t Give Up.  Both on your dream (and God’s call) .. but also where you are.

3. Talk About It.
We were created for community.  We were created to share life with others.  And so, when you have been rejected, and you have that feeling that the whole world is against you… the last thing you should be doing is secluding yourself and building walls around you.  Reach out. Talk. Communicate. Share with trusted friends what is going on.  And ask for help.  Never, EVER, be too prideful that you can’t ask for help.

Rejection will come.. and go.

Rejection is something that can either make us or break us.

It’s how you respond that will determine that..

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