Every-other Sunday I teach the toddler class at my church. Even though I am technically the teacher, I always learn something new when preparing my lesson. (Now, I know you are thinking, “A lesson for toddlers?” Yes! A few animal crackers and I have a captive audience! But I digress.)

Upon studying for the lesson of Moses parting the Red Sea, I remember thinking, “Ok, easy one, I know this story backwards and forwards (or split right down the middle in this case).” So there I am, reading away in Exodus 14, being my egotistical “I-am-just-going-through-the-motions” self when WHAMO! something new caught my eye.

Although I had read the story several times in my life, it never occurred to me that the ground the Israelites crossed over on was dry. Not damp, muddy and muck filled, but dry. Not only did God provide the miracle of a way through for the Israelites, but he provided one that went beyond that. DRY GROUND.

When we think about the parting of the Red Sea, there are a lot of things to contend with. Such as the moving of fish, awareness of the tides, a path wide enough for the masses, enough light to be able to see where you are going—those kind of things.

But Moses did not ask the Israelites, “Ok, who has a tide table and does anybody know what time the sun’s supposed to set?” or “We need to move, people, who among us has a dinghy?” And God did not respond to Moses’ request for help by saying, “Grab your hip waders, there’s thousands of years of muck on the bottom of this sea you’ll need to get through.” or “Hurry up, I can only hold back so many fish for so long, you know!”

Instead, Moses waited for God’s prompting and then told the Israelites “Do you see those Egyptians chasing us? You will never see them again. God will fight for you. Just be still.” In the stillness God replied, “Tell the people of Israel to move on. Hold out your staff and part the water. Then the people can go through the sea on dry ground”

I know if there were angry slave drivers chasing me and the Lord gave me an escape across the Red Sea, I wouldn’t think twice about wading through the muck to get through to the other side. I’d just be grateful to have a way across. However, what held true then holds true for us today: In His great love, He is always providing the very BEST. (Which is usually much better than we could even hope for!)

As we go through this world, we rely on God to help us through difficult situations, but often we think of His provisions on an earthly level. If we “just be still,” God will not only provide a way for us to get through, but He will also provide celestial “dry ground” so that when we arrive, we’ll find there will be no muck on our boots.

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