I was reminded this morning through the Letter to the 1st Corinthians written by the Apostle Paul that my plans are just that, MY PLANS! You might be saying, “OK, they are your plans so what?” Well, the “so what” is when I am so focused on seeing my plans come to pass I potentially put my opportunity for God to use me in His plans on the back burner. I have a tendency to think of myself as someone who is intuitive, creative in thought, very organized, in other words “controlling”. Certainly my ideas have to be great, after all they are mine, who wouldn’t like them. Most certainly God would recognize that and make it happen! I am saying these thing in a very sarcastic tone right now, but the reality is my heartitude (New Word) does say that all the time.

How foolish is that when the God I worship is the Creator of all the Universe. Talk about intuitive, creative in thought, very organized, IN CONTROL! He hung the stars on nothing, rotates the Earth on perfect axis, placed Earth at the perfect distance from the sun. These are some of the highlights of His creation, not near the tip of the iceburg, but the amazing thing is that He maintains it all and yet still has the time to think of me. How foolish am I? God makes His will accomplished regardless of my life being a part of it. I most definitley want to be a part of His will, but it takes total reliance on Him and complete humility. When I am to busy explaining to God how it should work I imagine HIm waiting for me to take a breathe so He can ask, “Are you done yet?”.

Somehow I don’t think I am alone in this and that is comforting, but it is not excusing either. If ever I start to think I have the best idea of how God’s will should be accomplished I am reminded on how he defeat the people of Jericho (see Joshua 5 & 6). As soon as the children of Israel entered into enemy territory God said, “circumcise the males”, which would leave them completely vunrerable. Then when they were better He said, “Walk around Jericho with all the armed men silently for six days, and then on the seventh day, march around the city seven times with the priests blowing horns, and after the long blast have everyone yell really loud then the walls will come down.” If our nations top General said this is how we will take Afghanistan or Iraq he would probably no longer be a General, but that is by practical human thinking. God stands outside of human practices and reveals his glory using things that are foolish to mans thought.

Lord Jesus help me to wait on your will to be made known in my life. Keep me from thinking I have a better idea, or plan, and to rest in your plans. Increase my faith Lord.

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