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SONG:“Press On” (from We Won’t Be Shaken)


THEME:The singer doesn’t always know what’s in store, but is willing to press on as long as God’s at his side.

BACKGROUND:It’s hard to believe Building 429 has been around for a dozen years. Opener “Get Up” encourages us do be more than pew-seaters and change the world for Jesus. The title track—and first single—is a radio-friendly tune about standing strong despite things that come our way. “All The Glory” acknowledges that no matter what we may accomplish on this earth, it’s thanks to God. “Bonfire” is a synth-heavy rocker that is the most surprising song on the album—truth be told, I was hoping for a few more surprising moments…

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:Tell about a time when you’ve had “fear and doubt.” How were you able to overcome those feelings? Is having fears and doubts wrong? Why or why not? What are some excuses people give for not following God? Why doesn’t God just reveal himself and his plans, and take away our fears and doubts? Read aloud Proverbs 3:5-6. What does it look like to trust in the Lord with all of your heart? How can you trust when you don’t know exactly what the future looks like? Does having “straight paths” mean we’ll never encounter problems? Explain.




SONG:“Bitter” (from Heroes For Sale)


THEME:The singer realizes that if he holds onto bitterness, there’s no room for love.

BACKGROUND:Even though he’s only 24, hip-hop artist Andy Mineo has made his presence known for years, working with and producing names such as Trip Lee and Lecrae. This is his first solo album, and it’s a unique blend of classical music, hymns, heavy metal, electronica, and hip-hop. The album kicks off with “Superhuman,” which begins with a slice of the hymn “I Will Rise and Go to Jesus,” and then rushes into a song about how we put people on pedestals, even though we’re all just human. “Wild Things” is a scathing plea for us to step out of the four walls of the church and go to “the wilds,” where the people who need us really are. The screaming vocals and heavy guitars match the subject matter. “The Saints” and “AYO” are “party songs” about enjoying our lives and living in freedom through Christ.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:Why is it that bitterness and love can’t coexist? What are some things you get bitter about? What are some things that bitterness can lead to? Read aloud Ephesians 4:31-32. How are bitterness, anger, and slander related? What makes forgiving others so hard? How does bitterness and unforgiveness reflect on us as Christians?


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SCRIPTURE:John 13:34

CLIP LOCATION:01:41:00 through 01:42:26 (DVD Chapter: 20)

SYNOPSIS:Galadriel asks Gandalf why he would choose a hobbit. Gandalf says that while some believe only those with great power that can hold evil in check, he believes it’s ordinary people doing “simple acts of kindness and love” that have power, too.

GOSPEL FILTER:As Mother Teresa famously said: “We can’t all do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” How would it transform the world if we could teach teenagers to have that mind-set?

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:Do you agree with Gandalf, that “simple acts of kindness and love” can be as powerful as greater acts? Explain. When have you seen someone show a simple act of kindness and love? Why isn’t that kind of behavior a part of most people’s everyday lives? Read aloud John 13:34. Why would Jesus have to make loving one another a commandment—shouldn’t it just come naturally? What makes loving other people so hard? What are some ways we can love one another?


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SCRIPTURE:Galatians 3:28

CLIP LOCATION:01:14:11 through 01:17:34 (DVD Chapter: 10)

SYNOPSIS:Lincoln has a discussion about equality, and how it’s about balance and fairness.

GOSPEL FILTER:The idea of making things “fair” is a big one today. Is the world fair? Should it be? Does the Bible back up balance and “fairness”?

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:What was the equality and fairness Lincoln was talking about? Do you think the world is more equal now than it was then? What does equality mean to you? Why is the world so concerned with the fairness of things? What are some benefits of keeping things equal? What are some problems with keeping everything equal? Read aloud Galatians 3:28. If we’re all equal in God’s eyes, why do some have a harder life than others? Ultimately, what does it mean to be “one in Christ Jesus”? What is our responsibility in keeping ourselves and others as one in Christ Jesus?


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SCRIPTURE:John 15:16

CLIP LOCATION:00:11:14 through 00:16:10 (DVD Chapter: 3)

SYNOPSIS:Jack Frost helps some kids have a fun snow day, but he’s frustrated they can’t see him. He says to the Man in the Moon, “You put me here; the least you can do is tell me why…”

GOSPEL FILTER:Even though he’s looking at the Man in the Moon, Jack could easily be asking that question of God. And it’s a feeling that many teenagers are wrestling with: Why am I here?

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Tell about a time where you felt “invisible.” Why do we sometimes ignore people around us? What do you think your “purpose” is on this earth? How do we find our purpose? Read aloud John 15:16. According to this verse, why are we here? What does Jesus mean when he says we should “bear fruit”? Tell about a person who seems to bear the fruit Jesus is talking about? What makes that person different? Does being “chosen and appointed” make you feel less invisible? Why or why not?


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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:Would you be a part of this program if you could? Why or why not? What are some risks of a program like that? If you could design your own school program, what would you change? What would you keep the same? Read Proverbs 1:1-7. Why does Solomon value knowledge and learning so much? What would it look like if we took that same sort of approach to our youth group? If you could design our youth group, what would you change? What would you keep the same?

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  • Jolene Miller says:

    I subscribed to your Group magazine and have used your Live Curriculum for junior high. I absolutely love the ministry and media section so I can use something that kids like to watch or listen to and gear that towards a lesson or scripture. I’m looking for anything that you have used the scripture Colossians 3:17.

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