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Do you work with junior high students? Check out the BELIEVE Tour (an awesome junior high-only event put on by CIY). Love what they do – our junior high ministry at Saddleback goes every year! All you have to do is leave a comment with the city you would want to win the tickets in – I’ll pick one at random next Friday and you win a pack of 5!

  • January 28-29 Anaheim
  • February 4-5 Tulsa
  • February 11-12 Peoria
  • February 18-19 Cincinnati
  • February 25-26 St. Louis
  • March 11-12 Kissimmee
  • March 18-19 Arlington
  • March 25-26 Portland
  • April 8-9 Atlanta
  • April 15-17 Anderson
  • April 29-30 Holland


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  • Jesse says:


  • Tony B says:

    Cincinnati…it rocks!

  • ryan guard says:

    Peoria! Hope that’s the one in Arizona.

  • Tony says:


  • Zac says:

    I’ve been looking at this tour since I first read a blog of yours about it. I’d love to check it out in Anaheim next year.

  • Ben says:

    Already planning on going but would love a few tickets to give away for St. Louis. And i think the Peoria is the one in IL

  • Tonya says:

    Hoping to go with my daughter this year (she actually WANTS ME TO! :-)), she’s gone the last 2 and this is her age-out year, would love to win tickets!!!!

  • Gretchen says:

    We live in Anderson and our Jr. Highers love BELIEVE! We turn it into an awesome all weekend small group retreat! I know I have 5 students that could use that free registration this next spring!!!

  • davep says:

    The force is strong with Anderson

  • mike says:

    i’ve never been…but i’d love to throw some of my middle schoolers in a van and head to portland for teh weekend and see what they think!

  • Jerry Webb says:

    Saint Louis!!!!!!!

  • Trevor says:

    April 8-9 Atlanta
    I’m at a young church plant in the Raleigh area, and I’m taking a group of students for the first time from this church. I’m already excited to see how God uses this event and the CIY staff to inspire and encourage these students.

  • Rick says:


  • Jeannie Roeder says:


  • Robert Zeigler says:

    Atlanta, GA!

  • Roy Probus says:


  • Brennan says:


  • Billy B says:

    Kissimmee, FL.

  • Dan Ponchot says:

    Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Andrew T says:

    would love to take my group to the ATL! thx!

  • Travis says:

    I regularly read this blog and attend believe. Just got an e-mail from Believe telling me about this. This is what they said, “MoreThanDodgeball.com, a blog for Jr. High ministries, is offering 5 FREE tickets to a Believe event of your choice just for commenting on the blog post.”

    Portland, OR

  • lisa ward says:

    would love to win the tickets to make sure everyone can go that wants to. Believe is something that all middle schoolers need. I will Believe that I will win the tickets!!! St. Louis

  • Chris C says:

    I have been on the blog here a few time like travis in the post above…we attended Jr. High believe in Tulsa last year and it made a huge difference in our group life. We would love to be able to offer more of our student and their unsaved friends the chance to go. We would love to go to TULSA, OK….thank you for blessing 5 jr. highers already…keep up the great work.

  • Rob says:

    Would love to win! We would go to Cincinnati OH…thanks!

  • Kyle says:

    We believe in what CIY is doing with their Believe program, and we love the impact it has on our students. Would love to have a few extra registrations to use for scholarships or to entice a friend with 🙂

    Anderson friday-sat. is our week!

  • Andy Conklin says:

    We took a group to Tulsa last year – this was the first year our church has done Believe. They all really enjoyed it and are planning on coming with friends this year! It would be great to have these tickets!

  • Bucky says:

    Believe is BY FAR the best conference designed for Junior High Students. We won’t miss out on the God-packed weekend! We will be going to Cincinnati Believe again!

  • nathan logsdon says:

    Anderson Believe rocked last year and we look forward to another great year!

  • Seth Bates says:

    Went to Chicago last year, but looks like schedule change will allow us to head back to St. Louis this year.

  • ken Driscoll says:

    Have gone to Cincinnati for 10 years in a row. Looking forward to 10 more years.

  • Lauren Surprenant says:

    Believe is AMAZING! We brought two kids to St Louis… and because those two came back to pumped from it, we then brought five to Anderson! (St Louis, Chicago, Anderson – general MidWest area…)

  • Luke says:

    AWESOME give away! We took 7 youth last year, and are hoping to take 12 this year! 5 free tickets would be awesome. We’re going to Portland!

  • Laura says:

    Can’t Wait for our 3rd year going to BELIEVE! We’re going to Anderson University!

  • Allen Morris says:

    I have taken groups to 4 different locations. All have been great Jr. High intentional programs. Atlanta is on the calendar for 2011. 5 Freebies would be awesome for the kids moving up who don’t have the bucks.

  • Seth King says:

    BELIEVE is a great program! I’m looking forward to hitting up the Portland one again this year with our crazy kids!

  • Scott Blount says:

    I’ve been taking groups to Believe almost as long as Johnny Scott has been involved with the BEST Jr. High weekend of the year! Kissimmee is the place to be next March, baby!!!!

  • Chris Hill says:

    Cincinnati/N Ky. is our venue of choice

  • Shan Smith says:

    The Believe Conference is a must. High energy worship. Challenging and relevant messages. Your students will love it!

  • David S. says:


  • Brenda T. says:


  • Matt Smith says:


  • Titus says:

    To take 5 more Jr. High students to see Johnny Scott in Tulsa would be simply dreamy. Can’t wait for 2011.

  • Micah says:

    Beleive is what the JR community has needed for a long time!!!

  • Buz says:


  • Daniel says:


  • brian ferry says:

    Love Believe! Cincinnati here we come!

  • jacob says:

    Really thinking about taking my MSers to this event! Its looking really cool!

  • Tim says:

    Cincinnati OH

  • Mike dattoma says:

    Johnny Scott and jg! I want 5 free tickets!!

  • Dave McInnis says:

    Atlanta, baby! (thanks for the chance to win!)

  • Jeff Dyson says:

    Anderson – All the way!!!

  • liz simmonds says:


  • Brooklyn lindsey says:


  • Jonathon Mitchell says:


  • Allen Tyger says:

    Arlington, TX!

  • allan patch says:

    Saint Louis

  • Jeff says:


  • Cassidy says:


  • Ray Hausler says:


  • Ryan says:


  • michele says:


  • Mark says:


  • Peggy says:


  • Jamie says:


  • Mitch says:


  • Dana says:


  • Rebecca says:


  • Heidi says:


  • Justin says:


  • Tyler says:

    I believe I’ll see you at Holland!

  • John Mulholland says:

    St Louis! It would be awesome to get 5 free tickets…

  • trent says:

    anaheim. please. thank you.

  • Sara Hill says:

    We’re goin’ to Tulsa!!!

  • Greg Steele says:

    BELIEVE is awesome! Can’t wait till ATL

  • Howie Snyder says:

    We’re going to the Peoria one, Feb. 11-12! 🙂

  • Doug says:

    Love having Jr. High Believe so close to home. Peoria, IL thi year!! Liking forward to the weekend

  • Jason Kaat says:

    Love Believe and so do our junior high students.

  • stephanie says:


  • Gary Hale says:


  • Seth says:


  • Scott says:

    chicago area

  • Scott says:

    Make that Anderson

  • Scott says:

    make that Anderson on the 15th & 16th

  • Nathan says:

    Anderson 15-16

  • Joshua Riffle says:

    February 11-12 Peoria

  • John says:


  • Cory West says:

    I’ve been wanting to take our students to believe, so tickets to Tulsa, OK on February 4-5 would be awesome! Thanks Josh!!!!

  • aaron says:


  • Scott Dishong says:

    i love believe… such a great conference!!!!!! Anderson IN

  • Janice Stock says:

    We would love to take our jr. high students. We LOVED SUPERSTART, so we Believe, Believe is the place to be Feb 25-26, St. Louis, MO

  • Michael Marchand says:


  • tom roepke says:


  • Beth says:


  • brent lacy says:

    Andersen, IN April 15-16

  • Todd says:


  • Amy Raburn says:


  • Jenni says:

    Holland, MI

  • josh says:

    go time! anderson, in

  • Brian LaRue says:

    hittin’ ATL…thanks for the opportunity…

  • Kyle says:

    I love Believe – 2011 will be our 3rd year. Portland, OR baby!

  • Jon says:

    Atlanta, GA!

  • Josh Day says:


  • Chelsea says:


  • Travis says:

    Kiss Me…er, um, I mean Kissimmee

  • Josh Corley says:


  • Ryan says:

    St. Louis

  • Michelle says:

    Kissimmee 🙂

  • Matt Beeman says:


  • Shelia says:

    Anderson! 🙂

  • Jason Chenoweth says:

    Josh, I’d love to win some tickets to the Anderson event. Our kids love it, and we always have kids who we scholarship.

  • Shawn says:

    Things are tight everywhere. We live in a very small town in the Midwest in Indiana. Last year, the LORD worked through the Believe conference in Anderson in the life of a young lady who has been battling anorexia and bulimia. She admitted what she was going through there and opened up to her parents. She has been receiving treatment since and is doing very well. We would like to take more students to Believe in Anderson to give every opportunity for the LORD to continue to do great things!

  • John says:

    Believe is an awesome event. Last year was our first exposure and our JH teens loved it. Anderson, IN!

  • Devin says:

    Believe is by far the best Jr. High Event out there! Our Students refuse to miss it! – Anderson, IN

  • Dave Cussen says:

    Would love to go to believe in Anderson, IN

  • David Martin says:

    I would love to go to Portland Believe

  • Thomas Paukovitz says:

    It would be awesome to go to the Atlanta Believe Conference.

  • Dan Eakins says:

    Great place to come and help re-direct my focus toward the junior high after dealing with the older kiddos.

  • Dan Eakins says:

    I am so adhd…forgeto to say Arlington, TX is where we would like to be….

  • Darryl Nelson says:

    I wanna bring kids from Alaska to Portland!!!

  • Matt Guinn says:

    Believe has always been a key event in our ministry here at CCDS for our Jr. High students, and I look forward to taking them every year. Kissimmee, FL here we come!

  • Scott Schlatter says:

    Took only 10 students last year to believe and they came back on FIRE! This year they are already asking if we are going. Looks like I’ll have a boat load to take. Can’t wait to hit up Anaheim, CA!

  • Chris Austin says:

    We love CIY Believe! Every year we take our group. Last year we took 15 which was awesome. This year we are hoping to take more students to Anderson Indiana!

  • William says:

    Atlanta! Pick me please 🙂

  • Chuck says:


  • Thomas Burnett says:


  • Walter N says:

    Went to Believe at St. Louis last year, and loved it! Will be taking our group there again.

  • Jon Carr says:

    Atlanta. Thanks!

  • Gary Lundy says:

    Kissimmee. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Mark Kaminski says:

    Cincinnati – Thanks!

  • Jonathan Grunden says:

    Holland! – Peace

  • Micah says:

    yes, please have one

  • Andrew Vanderford says:

    Anderson, IN

  • Casey Fulgenzi says:


  • Mike says:

    Anderson, Indiana

  • Scott Tinman says:

    Peoria, IL

  • Jon says:


  • Jeff says:

    Kissimmee, Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    I have been a student minister for nearly 20 years, I’ve never won one of these give aways, but I’m still going to try, I would love to give 5 free tickets to the Believe conference in Anderson, IN

  • Lisa Brandon says:

    Five free tickets
    How great that would be!
    I want to go to Believe
    In St. Louis, Missouri!

  • Chris says:

    Believe has been HUGE for our JHers. I’ll take 5 to Cincy please 🙂

  • Dre from SoCal says:

    Going for Anaheim!

  • Shon says:


  • Omar Morris says:

    Had a great time last year in Cincinnati. Look forward to going back.

  • Jacob Henry says:

    St. Louis

  • Donald Armes says:

    Awesome video! Kids had a great time last year look forward to taking a group again. We are in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Laurel says:

    I went to Believe and it was the best youth event I had ever been to. I can’t wait to go back and see what next year has in store for me

  • Rich Abraham says:

    The best program around to reach Jr. Highers with the love of Christ. I was blown away at how Jr. High intentional Believe was and how great a job they did at capturing this specific age group.

  • Matt says:

    I have taken Jr. High students to every Jr. High Believe except one…it is the one event that I plan everything else around. Jr. High Believe is what we use to fuel our spring and summer programming!

  • Andrea Saffle says:

    I went to Believe at a Jr. High student and got to take students last year as a sponsor for the first time! It was AMAZING! Can’t wait to go back to TULSA again this year with our students! They’re already talking about it!

  • Landon says:

    I loved going to believe. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I loved everything from 123improv comedy to the untiltled skateboard company, and everything inbetween.

  • Todd says:

    Anderson. CIY is the best conference out their for our students.

  • Scott says:

    Cincinnati, OH My students loves this conference.

  • Robert Zeigler says:

    Atlanta, GA

  • jessica porter says:


  • John says:


  • Mark says:

    Holland MI Baby…

  • James says:


  • Erik Van Volkinburg says:

    Portland, Oregon

  • Duke Hampsch says:

    We love Believe and look forward to going in 2011!

  • tim says:


  • Steve S says:

    Anderson, In

  • Jason Trice says:

    February 4-5 Tulsa

  • Michael McDonough says:

    Anderson, IN April 15-17

  • Dan Weaver says:

    I’ve been to Believe conferences for over a decade now and have seen a countless number of students AND sponsors brought closer to Christ and moved like nowhere else. Thanks for all you do and entering me to win 5 free registrations for needy kids at my church. Cincinnati or Anderson.

  • Brittany W says:

    We are in a big transition at our church right now so we are really needing to get our kids to go the the OCC Believe event and these 5 tickets could really help! Thanks can’t wait to see ya there!

  • Bryan Morgan says:

    Anderson, IN

  • Josh Gores says:

    Tulsa, OK

  • Josh Quale says:


  • howie snyder says:

    Peoria, IL!

  • Josh Griffin Josh says:

    Thanks to everyone who entered! The winners were selected. Next time…