If Only …
Guys will see girls as they call them – chicks, who are in dear need of a mother hen, who need, covering and protection, who are too young to be killed for a meal, or roasted for a romantic night, they won’t kill them too young in sex, but will wait till they are matured, grown, and ready in marriage.

Guys will see girls as they call them – babes, who are totally helpless without a mother, who depend on the warmth of her hands in the cold night, and the food in her hand, and the breast milk her only favorite food, and a welcoming hand when they cry, they won’t abuse the baby in them in sex too soon, but will wait till they are adults in marriage, when they can fend for themselves.

Guys will see girls as they call them – damsel, a girl of noble character, who deserves to be respected, who is of high moral rank, whose integrity is priceless and purity spotless, whose innocence is to be treated with kindness, they won’t disrespect them in sex, but will wait to do it in respect, when they will feel better loved, respected, and appreciated.

Guys will see girls as a grape fruit that is not yet ripe, too young to be plucked, too soar for a juice, but to be wasted in the bin after plucking, who look only covered big by their barks but exposed and useless when peeled, who die and are useless after being cut from the vine, who can only be best enjoyed best after they are ripe, juicy, and sweet on maturity, they won’t pluck them too young at a soar stage in sex, but will wait till they are ripe, matured and juicy in marriage.

Guys will see girls like a clean well made bed, that is made with a clean white bed sheet carrying the mastery of bed making, with all elegance of beddings, straight and spotless, attractive but too precious to be made rough so early in the morning, but can only be used in the night for a longer comfortable rest, whom cannot be spoilt twice as fast as it too to make, whom cannot be dirtied with the mud of the feet, or the dust of the roads, or made smelly with the sweat of a hot afternoon, but can only used in the night, the right time, after a good birth, they won’t spoil them too soon in sex, but will wait till the marriage night.

Guys will see sex as God made, to be enjoyed in marriage alone, never to be used to break a heart, or used selfishly, and never to be used to cut a future short, and to break God’s heart, they would wait till they are married.

Jesus Loves You And Wants You To Wait!

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