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Years ago HSM used to have the tradition of a “guys-only” trip filled with adventure and wonder. The summer it was time to bring it back! And while the girls ran a parallel trip but with painted nails, ocean views and fancy dinners – the guys trip took a slightly different route. And while much of what happened up there has been sworn to secrecy, here are a few of the highlights of our amazing overnighter in the mountains:

  • The Log Cabin Mansion (sleeps 30)
  • Since there was 50 of us, we shot BB guns at a target to see who got a bed
  • All-U-Can-MEAT (17 different kinds/cuts of meat, it’s whats for dinner)
  • Wilke Waffle Extravaganza
  • Gladiator ring w 3/events
  • 4-mile hike to the start of the hiking trail hike
  • devotion on Samson
  • quite time in the morning for everyone to spend time with God
  • Midnight capture the flag
  • Opening speeches on Why America is the Greatest Nation of All (alternate topic: Why America Dominates Everyone Else)
  • Medal ceremony – 10 medals for various reasons (courage, purple heart, fearless, going to bed early like a sissy)
  • NERF SWAT missions to kill the VIP
  • Xbox 360s linked with Halo
  • Every kind of Pringles, every kind of beef jerky
  • 11 boxes of Pop Tarts and an unlimited refillable snack bar with 10 different options

Here’s some of the promo we used to get students to sign up:

Invite teenagers into an epic adventure with Jesus. Check out Pierced: The New Testament today!

“The wolves howl at the bright moon as they rip into the freshly killed caribou. The pack lowers their heads in submission as Kodar, the Alpha male, pads softly forward to claim the still-beating heart, his by right. He devours it quickly. The wolves howl their approval and continue their feast. It is a good night.”

What does this have to do with Guys Trip? If you have to ask yourself that question then you shouldn’t be going. Guys Trip is THE overnight right-of-passage journey into manhood that you have felt the longing for in your soul. Join us, if you dare, as we head to the mountains to live off the land, eat nothing but meat, embrace adventure, and develop much needed skills to survive. The limit is 50 men. So sign up now.

It will be a trip long-remembered!


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  • Todd says:

    We call our guy’s trip Man-X-cursion (like man excursion?!). Pretty cool, eh?

  • Ryan Smith says:

    How much did you charge for the event?

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I too love the ole Morning “Quite” times. lol!

  • pj says:

    Not crazy about the pic with the youth and the gun, even if it is fake.

  • Fred says:

    Love it!! So many things in there scream “MALE!” We may cherry pick from this for our guys event next time.

  • Will says:

    Great event. Love the advertisement banner; yellow hummer next to a tiny hut, lol. Speeches were a brilliant idea – bet they were hilarious.

    @pj – it’s a nerf gun, bro.

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  • JG says:

    Glad everyone digs this! it was INCREDIBLE.

    @pj yeah, Nerf gun, no worries.


  • JG says:

    @Ryan we charged $99 which was super steep for a 2 day-1night event. Next year we’ll do 2 nights with the same price I think! JG

  • Jason says:

    Josh! I’m totally stealing this! Love it!

    P.S. I love the nerf gun!

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  • Dylan says:

    “Opening speeches on Why America is the Greatest Nation of All (alternate topic: Why America Dominates Everyone Else)”

    It was all great up to here.

    Dylan (form the UK)

  • Luther says:

    this is to epic thank you for a wonderful late spring early summer idea

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