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It’s no secret that many young people leave the church and their faith. The lesser-known fact is that many keep their faith but leave because they don’t see the Body of Christ as essential to their walk with Jesus.

That’s an untruth we must attack if we are to train young people up in the way of God. But how? That’s what this book is all about.

Yes, we are lights to the lost. But we must never lose sight of the fact that we are lights to one another as well, including those living lukewarm lifestyles. Believers stuck in mediocrity need to see passionate followers of Jesus in action—both in word and deed. And passionate followers of Jesus must practice unconditional love to their unlovely brothers and sisters.

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We have a stake in each others walk with Jesus. We either grow together, or cut down each other. Going it alone spiritually isn’t right unless specifically called by God.

Question For You: What does this mean for you and your ministry?

Music sets a tone. The weather sets a tone. Sentence structure sets a tone. And people? People really set a tone. The problem is that many young people don’t see the power in Christ they have as tone-setters. Instead, they

  • Tell others that they want to make a difference in the world, but ignore the little differences they could make along the way.
  • Grumble at the headiness of their congregation, but refuse to speak up about head-knowledge Christianity.
  • Wonder why the church doesn’t provide ministries, but never think of starting one.

Imagine the impact we’d have if we all lived as tone-setters for Jesus—not only outside but also inside the church. Imagine throwing off fear. Choosing to love. And encouraging others in the ways of the King.

Question For You: What would it mean for you and your ministry to tone-set for Jesus inside the church?

Caleb Breakey is the author of two forthcoming books with Harvest House Publishers, and is currently raising pledges to create a DVD Series about “Following Jesus Without Leaving the Church.” If you are interested in his project, please check out his Kickstarter.com page RIGHT HERE. As of this posting, he’s raised $6,271 of the needed $9,000 to create the DVD Series. Leave a comment and you will be entered into a drawing of Logos Bible Software: Leaders Library ($325 value). Winner will be chosen at random next week!


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  • I greatly respect Caleb and appreciate this project and burden for our college-age youth that is shared by all generations. The project is now at $7659 – only $1341 to go.

    That means if 268 readers donate only $5, the goal will be met and we can all be a part of a project that can have an impact not just for days or months but for generations – and potentially for eternity!

    Gifts as low as $1 accepted – please tell your friends. Together we can help Caleb do this.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for your encouraging words, Delores. May God bless you and the final days of this project!

  • As the mother of four, one of whom is in danger of leaving the church while still following Jesus, I appreciate the urgency of this project and support Caleb in it. The millenials are an enormous yet nearly untapped resource in winning this world to Jesus. I pray the tone I set hasn’t been a factor in encouraging young people to leave.

  • “We either grow together, or cut down each other.” I love the imagery in this, Caleb. It reminds me of several Scriptures. Particularly the one about the wheat and the tares. Jesus warned not to cut others down, to allow them to grow together, lest we cut down some of the wheat in the process. As Christians and leaders, we should find a desire in our hearts to bring others to our maturity level and push them even higher. God wishes that none should perish. We need to build up the youth of our churches, and they should be building one another, as well. There’s enough out in the world for them to deal with. They shouldn’t have to worry about finding it inside the walls of the church – or – since we are the church and the Spirit dwells in us, we shouldn’t find it in each other. Sorry for the book. Your post just got me thinking. Great word!

  • Barbara Eschbach says:

    Wow, Caleb, we are so proud of you! You are following the call and making a difference for Jesus and His church. I agree, there is a huge need to reach the young people that are walking away. This sinful world is such a draw and the enemy is making it more enticing all the time. Much of the disinterest on the part of the youth is in large part to the hypocrisy or disinterest they see in the adults in their lives. Do we as parents posses that passion for Jesus? Do we live our lives according to scripture? Are we in the word on a regular basis? Why would we think our young people would, if we don’t live out that passion ourselves. This is a call to all the parents out there reading this, to get involved, and if nothing else, be a prayer warrior. As Caleb put it, a tone setter.

    • Thank you, Barb! You are just the best—and your words here ring so incredibly true. We are the tone-setters. Our love and passion for God and others is either our most powerful influence, or dreadful hand-me-down. I am SO blessed by you, Dan, Joel, Nathan and Jacob. Love you all so much!

  • Lynn Hare says:

    Inspiring post, Caleb! Recently, I’ve missed a sense of spontaneity in worship services. I’ve had more moments of frustration than satisfaction with the situation. But in the last two weeks, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “I want you to host an evening of spontaneous worship and prayer at your home.” I have a small house. How will we fit people in here? I guess it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to be the person who “wonders why the church doesn’t provide ministries, but never think of starting one.” I want to be proactive, and as I’m writing this, I’m making a commitment to follow through and be a tone-setter for my Body.

    • How awesome, Lynn, that you heard the Spirit moving and chose to commune with your fellow brothers and sisters (instead of consume)! Way to proactively answer God’s call and serve—and leave the rest up to him.

      As weird as it sounds, this just rang in my ear: “Ask not what your church can do for you, ask what you can do for your church.”

      Praising God for you, Lynn!

  • Kyle Corbin says:


    great post! Really cool what you are doing for the others as a service. I pray that you will be able to fully fun your project as it is needed! Keep up the good work.

    In terms of Tone setting- one thing we have started to do in our ministry, is one sunday every 4-6 weeks our youth go and work in classes/ nursery/ in service.

    Our students become the teachers, helpers, communicators of Christs love for others. They start to realize “whoa I am not just a sponge absorbing everything, but I have the capacity to wring it back out onto others” They get to learn more about Christ, their commitment to him and how they can serve by doing small things.
    And its doubly cool, because the younger kids see them and are encouraged by them and want to be like them.

    • How awesome to hear from you, Kyle. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. How absolutely AWESOME that your students are learning to serve and communicate the love of Christ to others. I tell you what, what you said here is insanely powerful: “I am not just a sponge … I have the capacity to wring it back out onto others.” Amen, Brother!

      Much love in Christ to you, Kyle!

  • Tim Hare says:

    I grew up in the environment you describe – the head knowledge that never made it down to the heart. I left the church after High School – or tried to, it’s hard to get away from an omnipresent God. I suppose that’s the good news in all this. It’s not up to us alone. That leaving and coming back gave me a burden for the next generation. I don’t want them to go through what I did. But I’m frustrated in that I don’t know how to get through to them. I’m encouraged by your your enthusiasm and your approach, and I’m pleased to support your project. Jump on this, people! Let’s make it happen!

    • Thank you so much for commenting, Tim. We’ve never met, yet I feel our connection through Jesus Christ. Lord-willing, this DVD Series and book will help us get through to the younger generation! God bless you, Tim!

  • Adam Hughes says:

    Just to be real honest, I have begun to believe that maybe our culture over years past has been so focused on going to church because it’s the “right” thing to do, that the reason or person (Jesus) that we go for is not even the focus anymore. It’s going to take real tone changers, or maybe I should have said tone setters in order to make a true significant impact for the kingdom.

    • Honesty is best. =D I agree that many have lost the focus or completely stripped the focus of its power (i.e. claiming Christ to be the first and foremost but neglecting to focus on His greatest commandments). God with us … hopefully this DVD will help shape some people of significant impact for the Kingdom!

    • I just did the drawing through a random generator—and you WON the Logos, Adam! CONGRATS! Josh will be getting in touch with you, and as soon as I have an address to send it to, I’ll get it in the mail. God bless you, Brother!

  • Ray Selden says:

    I really struggling to understand this as well. I have a firm conviction of we need to do more to ‘convince’ the ‘convinced’ to stay put … yet also an equally firm conviction that it’s also a good time to stop holding people’s hands to keep them happy in the church. I would venture to guess that it’s some of both … yet really neither. I look forward to watching the church struggle to figure it out together … as struggling usually shows that it is important to us.

    • Totally agree, Ray. There’s no point in coddling people to keep them in church. The ENTIRE point is to challenge believers to grow more and more to live like Christ (which is a radical commitment, to say the least). The neat part about challenging young people is that that’s what they TRULY want. They respond to challenges because deep down, they want it. They want their lives to count. Lord, make it true of all of us!

  • Josh Griffin Josh Griffin says:

    Caleb – I am now a backer, too! PUMPED you made it to your goal! JG

    • Thanks, Josh—I really appreciate that! We should connect one of these days. I’m coming down to California to teach at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in March, then I’m heading to teach at Monterey Bay Academy in April and visiting Fresno that same trip. How far are you from there? My wife and I would love to take you (and fam?) out for lunch and some rockin’ Jesus time! Grace n’ Peace, Brother!

  • Elizabeth Breakey says:

    Hi Caleb,
    It’s great to find another Breakey committed to promoting God’s message!

    There have been some good church men in this clan and thru would be proud of you.
    I am currently an industrial chaplain, but I hope to be ordained next year and do more parish – based ministry in the state of Victoria, Australia.

    I think you are really on to something exciting when talking about setting the tone.
    I shall do more research on this.
    Go well and God bless!

    • Hi Elizabeth! How cool is it to meet another Jesus-loving Breakey! =D

      God bless you for your work for the Kingdom, Sister. One of my friends, Bill Hutchinson, “The Accidental Missionary” with YWAM, is in the process of moving to Australia. Small world! May all of the believers there be used powerfully for Jesus Christ! =D

      Please stay in touch!

  • Hoo-wee, Caleb! So excited for you, and for those your message will reach!

  • Charles Jaeger says:

    You are right when you say that words are not enough. A good grounding in apologetics is key. I hope that your video series will be practical, engaging and challenging! Peace!

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