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I am a Christ-follower, husband & father. For the past 23+ years I have been married to Terri and all those years been a youth worker! Currently I am the Pastor of & Student Ministries at Findlay EFC...prior to that I have served churches in MN & IL. I like to Golf, watching Bears & White Sox games or going to my kids events are where you can find me.

So glad these came this week, as I needed a game for Wednesday night! I think we’ve all been there, trying to come up with that game that will help kids get connected to one another—but one that won’t be the whole thing they remember from the night. I figured Josh would give us a technology type game, while Kurt stayed clear away from it and went Old School.

When I’m looking for a game—or my leader who was supposed to lead one cancels at the last minute—there are a few that I have as “Go-To” games because we’re not all like the Game Guru Les Christie, who can make a game out of anything—by the way, if you need help, check out his book Best Ever Games for Youth Ministry or his workshop at SYMC 2014!

Out With The Old, In With The New—Power Play Vol. 5!

Here are mine…

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4 On a Couch
Classic guys vs. girls game that helps you get to know kids’ names. Start with everyone in a circle in chairs, and two guys and two girls sitting on a couch. Each person writes their name on a piece of paper and puts it in a bucket. Note: If there are kids with the same first name, use a last initial or last name. Then everyone picks a name out of the bucket and that becomes his or her name for the time being. Have one empty chair and the person with the open seat to their right picks someone’s name in the room. If that is their name they get out of their chair and move to the new seat. Object is to get all of one gender on the couch. You can throw in a variation of switching names with the person who called out the name for more confusion!

This is a fun one that requires no materials! Have everyone sit in a circle and come up with a hand sign of some sort (two thumbs up, rubbing your chin, raising your hand, etc.). No one can have the same sign, so get creative. Once everyone shares their sign with each other, nominate someone to stand in the middle of the circle with their eyes closed. Determine who is starting with “the sign” and then the object is for the person in the middle to guess who “has the sign.” You pass the sign to others in the circle by “doing” their sign to them while not being caught and that person does the sign back to you. You must be very stealth-like when passing the sign around the circle.

Out With The Old, In With The New—Power Play Vol. 5!

2 Truths & A Lie
No we don’t want to teach our kids to lie, but this is a good game to get to know one another. Pass out paper and have everyone write two truths and a lie about themselves and then collect them. You can divide into teams if you want: guys vs. girls, middle school vs. high school, or leaders vs. students. If you are going to do teams then be sure to collect into two different groups. The object is to try to guess which person wrote which set of truths and lies… You may find out some very interesting truths about your teenagers—and your leaders!

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