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Last year we bought a Magnum Clock for HSM and was totally impressed by the equipment and the company – I asked Dale if we could do a giveaway on the blog and it was the most popular contest of the year! Shocking how many people wanted one of these bad boys – so bought one after the didn’t win, too!

Well, I’ve got another one to giveaway (the TT4040-C with countdown/up features even) and all you have to do is leave a comment with the average sermon length of your senior pastor to be entered to win (mine is 67 minutes if we’re lucky – just kidding, Pastor Rick!). Easy as that – I’ll pick one at random on Wednesday. You in? Enter now!


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  • Jerred says:

    42 minutes.

  • Patrick says:


  • bducky says:

    40 minutes

  • bryan says:

    40 minutes

  • Mike says:

    Probably in the 30-40 minute range.

  • Josh Robertson says:

    30 minutes

  • Josh says:

    30 min. on the dot!

  • Josh Clark says:

    Average message length…45 minutes.

  • Ray Hausler says:

    Mr. Tony Stinson preaches for an average of 38 minutes.

  • Stays right around 35 minutes most Sundays. Would love to win this clock!

  • Bryan says:


  • Michael Proudfoot says:

    30 min.

  • Jeff says:

    about 35 minutes

  • ann says:

    35-40 minutes

  • Josh says:

    Supposed to be 35 minutes but he usually goes around 40 minutes.

  • Joel Griffin says:

    35 minutes!

  • Shawn Sampson says:

    45 minutes

  • Byron Spear says:

    I’d say roughly 35-40 minutes.

  • Chad says:

    42 minutes

  • Cameron says:

    45 min

  • Will Ellis says:

    25-30 minutes

  • Cooper Miller says:

    47 minutes

  • Steven Kelso says:

    I’d say around 35-40 minutes.

  • Charlie says:

    20-25 minutes! I love my senior pastor!

  • Larry Darnell says:

    33.3 minutes

  • Caleb Canal says:

    Sermon 40min
    Closing prayer 20min

  • Jerrod Nunn says:

    34 Minutes

  • Russ says:

    42 the answer to life. jk but really 42.

  • Rick Barry says:

    usually 45 minutes

  • Jordan says:

    26.5 minutes

  • Emily says:

    Falls in the 35-40 range.

  • Jeff says:

    20 minutes.

  • Matt says:

    35-40 Minutes.

  • Greg Krauss says:

    Message runs 40 minutes plus 10 minute “in conclusion thoughts haha!

  • Josh says:

    Pastor Bill: 28 minutes. (Between 25-30 min)

  • Joey says:

    Ehhh about 50 minutes

  • Jerry Varner says:

    32 minutes. I mean it. THIRTY. TWO.

  • Zach Tomlinson says:

    Average 52 minutes!

  • 35 minutes, though probably around 40 when I preach.

  • Karl Peterson says:

    60 minutes. Bummer.

  • JR says:

    all right. a timeclock of reflection! Thanks

  • Josh Treece says:

    My Senior Pastor’s average sermon length is 40 minutes! Bring me the clock!

  • David Diener says:

    46 min!

  • Nick says:

    20-25 minutes!

  • Chris says:

    35 minutes

  • Tom Lyons says:

    24 minutes. Have to beat the Methodists to Lubys!

  • His average…45…His desired average…65…His predecessors average that he used to make fun of and say, “if you can’t say it in 25 min then you shouldn’t say it”…48!

  • Justin Lefto says:

    25 minutes. But, sometimes, that’s too long.

  • Jake says:

    40 Minutes

  • TJ says:

    35 mins give or take a few (depends on how much he talks during the welcome)

  • From the end of the scripture reading until the first time he says: “I’m going to say just one more thing…” about 30 minutes.

  • Tim Chappell says:

    Average is about 40 minutes..unless he can’t see the clock because it is small and has a glare on it. This clock would be AMAZING!

  • Matt Harrell says:

    25 minutes on average

  • Alan Dunham says:

    38 minutes

  • Ryan says:

    47 minutes, but if I go over 30 when I preach I hear about it….

  • Brandon says:

    Right around 50-55 minutes. We usually go over service time by about 15-20 min.

  • Tony says:

    between 25-30 minutes

  • Richard says:

    30 minutes, but it’s my dad… So it feels like 30 hours.

  • Joseph Lyman says:

    About 45 minutes but he gets longer each service so it’s more like 60 mins by last service

  • Nathan says:

    45 minutes

  • Greg Rhodes says:

    45 min. But it’s spoken in an Asian language called Hmong, i listen to it translated into English, so the combined total of both language sermons is 1 hr 30 min.

  • Matt Reno says:

    42 minutes

  • Doug says:

    37 min.

  • Jon Enns says:

    31 minutes.

  • Tyler Eaton says:

    40″ish” minutes.

  • Wes Gay says:

    1684 seconds, give or take a few seconds here and there

  • Todd Owens says:

    According to our digital recorder…43 minutes.

  • Chris Haney says:

    35 minutes.

  • Chuck Aden says:

    30 minutes

  • Mike says:

    27 minutes on the dot….give or take a minute or two

  • Jeff says:

    Umm, about 36

  • The Road Fellowship says:

    Average sermon length… 37 minutes

  • 41 mins 21 seconds We’re on TV…very precise πŸ™‚

  • Chris says:

    35 minutes or so

  • Justin Bowman says:

    29 minutes.

  • Matt says:

    25 minutes

  • Lucy says:

    Right at 40 mins, on the dot πŸ™‚

  • Tim Hart says:

    24 minutes and 14 seconds.

  • Michael says:

    40 minutes

  • Dan Ulrich says:

    36 minutes..

  • Will says:

    I’d estimate that Pastor Lynton speaks about 47 minutes on average, if you count introductory remarks and closing.

  • Jackie says:

    Our pastor usually goes about 35 minutes, but when he really gets into it….who really knows? My father was a pastor and his favorite joke was, “What does it mean when a pastor puts a watch or a clock on the pulpit? Absolutely nothing.”

  • Chris Folkestad says:

    32 minutes. It’s like he has an internal Magnum clock in his head… Me on the other hand… well, that is why I am hoping I win. (and so are my students)

  • Bob W says:

    28 minutes, give or take.

  • Jeremy Wyatt says:

    42 Minutes

  • George Gracie says:

    45 minutes

  • Shiloh says:

    30 min.

  • Ben says:

    35 minutes, but only feels like a few seconds.

  • Wes says:

    30 minutes

  • Zach Younkin says:

    It’s about 35-45 minutes.

  • Shane Becton says:

    45+ minutes. That could be controlled with the cool Magnum Clock!!

  • Jonathan Vallier says:

    40 minutes

  • Tyler Powell says:

    30 minutes.

  • 35 minutes give or take any rabbit trails

  • Chris says:

    50 mins

  • ryan says:

    34 minutes

  • Kyle says:

    40min. Its usually right on target. We have one clock on the stage, but the back is broken so sometimes the battery pops out of the back, VERY DANGEROUS.

  • Jason Richardson says:

    50 min

  • Steve Carvalho says:

    32 minutes –

  • Jeff says:


  • Dave says:

    35 days…I mean, minutes.

  • Zac says:

    35 minutes – stays pretty close to that.

  • Alex says:

    About 45 minutes

  • Scott Napier says:

    25 Minutes on average.

  • Ryan McDermott says:

    37 minutes.

    I need that clock brother! πŸ˜‰

  • I want one for our new space opening up this fall! Our lead pastor, Roy, usually goes about 35 minutes.

  • Garrett D says:

    27 Minutes

  • Matt Shires says:

    MAGNUM!! 40.5 min.

  • Carlos Montoya says:

    45 minutes!

  • Dusty Smith says:

    Sermon… 20 minutes
    Invitation… 25 minutes

  • Jonathan Couch says:

    45 min

  • Matthew Fry says:

    32 minutes

  • Jared Middleton says:

    25 min.

  • Jeremy Bloom says:

    28 minutes. Pretty awesome IMO.

  • Michael says:

    47 minutes

  • Josh Riffle says:

    30-35 min.

  • Tim says:

    35 minutes.

  • Kurt says:

    40 minutes

  • Eugene Tindall says:

    33 Minutes!

  • Zach Zink says:

    20 minutes!

  • Cam says:

    Ty usually goes about 40 minutes. Not too bad.

  • Will Howell says:

    30 minutes.

  • Denise says:

    25 minutes

  • Taylor says:

    34 Minutes.

  • Chris Standridge says:

    42 minutes. We have an over/under every week of 40 minutes. He’s usually just over.

  • Kristel says:

    20(ish) minutes

  • Greg Schmid says:

    About 40-45 minutes

  • Derrick Drake says:

    27 minutes

  • Alex Gorrod says:

    20 min for the body
    5 min for the 1st conclusion
    10 min for the 2nd conclusion
    = 35 min

  • Beth says:

    Senior pastor, I’d say 45 minutes…love it when he tells us “Y’all just settle down for a minute, the Presbyterians and the Methodists are already out and grabbing all the tables at lunch so you might as well wait till they’re done, we’ll be through in a little while.”

  • Greg Steele says:

    43 minutes

  • Andrew says:

    No idea. I sleep during every service.

  • Chris says:

    30 minutes

  • Justin says:

    45 mins, but we try to get it shorter too…

  • Nate says:

    25-30 Minutes…if I had one of these clocks!!

  • Tim Van Dalen says:

    35 minutes

  • 25 Minutes. The whole service has become swifter since I put a clock in the church. If I had another one…

  • Brad says:

    45 minutes

  • Rob Lee says:

    20 minutes. Last week I preached in his absence and went 25.

  • Aaron says:

    37 minutes…

  • Marc says:

    42 min.

  • Landon says:

    30 minutes

  • Jason says:

    28 minutes

  • Andy GIbson says:


  • T-Bone says:

    40 minutes

  • Eric says:

    32 Minutes.

  • Dave says:

    35 Minutes and loving it!

  • Bobby V. says:

    38 minutes

  • Joe Usher says:

    35 minutes

  • Phil says:

    about 45 minutes

  • Mark McClanahan says:


  • Scott Ferguson says:

    28 minutes

  • Chris Jackson says:

    33 minutes… except when preaching on Revelation.

  • Harry says:

    About 27 minutes

  • Rich Yauger says:

    47 minutes!

  • Dan says:

    30 Minutes πŸ™‚

  • Rod Felton says:

    About 48 minutes

  • Blair Benefield says:

    He would say 30. If he had this clock, it would say 47.

  • danKing says:

    … 35 … yeppers!

  • 25-30 minutes.


  • Mike Howertons 45 minutes of preaching falls like rose petals on my ears!!!

  • David Brokke says:

    40 minutes. I was wondering what I could write that would convince you to pick me… I got nothing

  • David says:

    23 minutes. I know, I know…I have it really good. But I could really use this clock.

  • Taylor M says:

    10 to 20

  • e. sutter says:

    Ranging from 17-19 minutes. Less on Communion days.

  • Jason says:

    20 minutes. 30 if he’s getting crazy. 15 if the Steelers are playing.

  • Jason Redick says:

    35 minutes

  • Average length of his sermons are 42 minutes.

    Hey, BTW, can I have a clock?

  • Chris Gilmore says:

    27.5 minutes.

  • Adam Reed says:

    Average length is 50 minutes

  • Chris Coker says:

    Average Length is about 39-42 minutes

  • Dennis Trate says:

    Aims for 45 mins…. usually goes over.

  • […] for the guys over at Magnum Clock who donated a killer TT4040-C (the same one we’ve got!) as a giveaway here on the blog. All you had to do to win was enter your senior pastor’s average message […]

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