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There a few words I enjoy more than “Free Stuff” and here it is. Perhaps your youth group has great prizes or perhaps not, what better way to give them out than with the prize wheel and lets face it, sometimes the worse the prize the more students love it. The iPrize Wheel App is completely customizable and can be populated with whatever information you want easily and quickly. Save the hours of building and then storing the real thing with a simple App, its tons of fun, runs on your iPad and costs $5 ($10 for an even more epic version). There is more information on their website or just go straight to the App Store.

We are giving away 4 iTunes download codes away to the top responses to this question:

Question: What is the strangest / worst object that is currently in your office that you would give away with the iPrize Wheel?

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Leave a comment with the answer!


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  • Ben Read says:

    “The Christmas Sweater” by Glenn Beck. No lie.

  • Troy Thornburg says:

    A glass candle holder shaped like a pineapple.

  • Jeff keifer says:

    Its a tie between Matt McGill s sports instructional video and ultimate yuck given to me by my senior pastor ( pretty much what they put in diapers to adsorb well you get the idea)

  • Matt says:

    Giant Frog that I made in pottery class in High School…

  • Erik w/a "k" says:

    The Salvation Series Hot Sauce
    John 3:16 – Tobasco Hot Sauce
    Romans 3:23 – BBQ Hot Sauce
    Romans 6:23 – Jalapeno Hot Sauce
    Romans 5:8 – Tiger Sauce
    Romans 10:13 – Cajun Cocktail Sauce

    “Hot sauce filled with THE SPIRIT”

  • Geoff Stewart says:

    These are awesome – Winners will need to provide photo proof because some of these need to be seen!

  • Plastic cut outs of paparazzi!

  • Sandy Hughes says:

    The taco bell stuffed dog that says “viva gordita’s”!

  • sandy hughes says:

    the stuffed taco bell dog that says “viva gordita’s” when you press it’s belly!

  • Cameron Dailly says:

    I have is a Giant Jamaican Banana with dread locks. Some of my students and I won at a small town arcade called Scandia.

  • Tim Gonsalves says:

    a 1982 womens bowling trophy

  • adam vandop says:

    our youth had the “golden spatula winter challenge” – in my office stands the trophy, with the golden spatula rivoted on to it. a picture can be provided …

  • adam vandop says:

    a trophy made with a golden spatula attached, for our annual ‘golden spatula games’ … the trophy stands on the hallowed shelf, along with the most recent team winning photo.

  • Ken McIntyre says:

    I cut out the head of my intern’s baby picture while he was wearing a bowtie. Now I just have a floating baby head right in front of my desk.

  • Brian says:

    My office is filled with goodies. My prize possesion is giant Pee Wee Herman doll with a full size Chairy.

  • Matt says:

    Geoff I have mine on my twitter account. I sent it to @joshuagriffin. My name is @mattmurphymswym

  • Kyle says:

    I have a battery operated hen, which lays eggs while it moves along the floor going ” Buck-Buckah!” just as a hen should.

  • Geoff Stewart says:

    I have been laughing all day as these roll into my email – keep em coming!

  • Tim Hart says:

    I have a 3D Jesus picture, that you dot need glasses to view! Or maybe my Jesus shag rug! (Sadly, I’m not making these up. I wish I could attach pictures!)

  • Bill Ver Velde says:

    A styrofoam replica of the Vince Lombardi trophy.

  • Blaine says:

    A coffee dispenser thing that has 2 month old coffee… Or mould … (okay so mouldy coffee) in it. I’m fairly sure it’s beyond ever holding more coffee in it… Unless I want mega stomach disorders.

  • Cory says:

    A paper rhinoceros

  • Kyle says:

    A two foot ceramic pig that my students put in my office and named Swine.

  • Jesse Criss says:

    I have a C-3PO cookie jar that always contains food and prizes for kids. It’s a jar of his head that sits on my dest. You twist off the back to get at the food/prizes.

  • Gina says:

    A giant remote controlled tarantula.

  • Wayne Cordova says:

    A 3 year old bottle of Sun Drop with little Sun Drop floaties that look like Sea Monkeys. I’d probably make them drink it too…

  • Luke says:

    “Cartoon hands” – gloves

  • Water canned by Budweiser

  • Josh Griffin Josh Griffin says:

    Oh my goodness …. these are pure gold. HAhahaha JG

  • levi says:

    The Flushing Toilet penny bank, a Homer Simpson chia pet, a Ned Flanders action figure. Perhaps even my Stretch Armstrong (remember that guy???? awesome.)

  • Greg Rhodes says:

    A pair of oversized Shrek slippers!

  • Wes says:

    A copy of one of Griff’s books?

    Or, more likely, a vintage 1970s projector because my office is apparently a storage closet.

  • Ryan Smith says:

    A real taxidermied frog from Honduras. Creeps me out every time I see it.

  • Geoff Stewart says:

    Winners will be chosen Monday – I will read the list of items to my colleague Emily who is fair, just and will probably cry from laughter. Stay tuned!

  • Will says:

    I’ve got a snuggie in here I need to give away.

  • Harry says:

    We don’t have a youth ministry office, but I would say an actual millitary practice bomb that is now the “You Da Bomb Award”

  • Josh Griffin Josh Griffin says:

    This is hilarious! Thanks everyone for sharing! hahahahah … made my day! JG

  • Kurt says:

    It is not mine, but in my office is A toilet candy dish that my intern uses to eat raisins out of

  • Joel Greenwood says:

    Jesus Bobble Head Doll

  • Eric Samuel Timm’s cas from when he broke his wrist and ribs 4-wheeling up here in Alaska!

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