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Josh Griffin

Simply Youth Ministry is doing a ton of LIVE curriculum for youth ministry small groups starting back up these days – we’ve used it for the last couple of years and have loved it. This week they are giving me a chance to give one whole LIVE curriculum away (which is a $500 value, for those of you playing along at home). All you have to do is leave a comment on this post on “why you need LIVE the most” and I’ll pick the winner this Friday. Done!


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  • David Wanat says:

    Our new church could use this.

  • Joshua Hale says:

    I am the youth minister of a not very large youth group, but I know this would help deepen the students relationship with God even more.

  • Greg Schmid says:

    I sure could use this at the Y. Getting ready for a new school year and reaching the unchurched with the Gospel.

  • Wes Henson says:

    this would be way more practical than the Saved by the Bell series I thought about doing.

  • Jimi Bird says:

    I need it the most because I am the middle of an extended sabbatical from Youth ministry in a small church. I am on the fence of even returning, if it is even worth it. I love the kids but the time away from my family may be too much. If I recieved this, I could take it as a direct sign from the Lord to not give up the fight. Well, at least at this time at this church. Not that am giving up on God, Im pretty committed there. ok bye.

  • Victor Nunez says:

    My wife and I are just taking over our youth ministry at our church. We are definitely excited to see what God has in store for us, our team, and our youth. This is our first time as Youth Pastors and we are ecstatic! We don’t have a huge youth group at the moment but we long to see our kids grow in Christ and live for Him! Many of them don’t know God or what Jesus did for us but we are believing and trusting God that He will change that! We hope we get the privilege of getting this curriculum so that we can apply it to our youth ministry and watch our youth yearn for the heart of God!!!

  • David says:

    My music pastor overspent his budget and they took from my budget to reconcile the debt! Needless to say it took any chance away of getting to buy this great tool.

  • Joel Griffin says:

    I have started at a new church that has no youth education style class during the week. The LIVE curriculum would be a great way to get some started. And I have always thought it was a great tool but have never been able to manage it in the budget.

  • Ryan says:

    My wife and I have started last week as youth pastor at our church.

    We love our church, but the need for sound biblical teaching is great. I have been brainstorming about possibly making our own curriculum but LIVE sounds wonderful.

    Our vision for the group is that it would equip the youth to love God, lead the Church, and light the world.

  • Brett Barner says:

    My wife and I are taking over our church’s youth group this year. This is the first time we have ever attempted to do such a thing, and coming in after a highly successful ministry before us puts the pressure on to do a great job with the youth. (This sums up our sentiments pretty well.) We are doing this as volunteers in addition to full time jobs, me being a full time masters degree student and Chaplain for the Ohio Army National Guard, plus our first baby coming our way in November. Resources like these would be a tremendous help to our ministry, especially time crunched ones such as ours.

  • Hannah Fitch says:

    Please consider the Youth Group at Central Christian. We have been searching for a curriculum that will bring us out of outdated, age -INappropriate, illusive studies and catapult us into a current and engaging Youth Program. We are determined to show more youth the power of God and the purpose of the church and in doing so, we are determined to present information in the best way possible. Thank you for considering us!

  • Chris Folkestad says:

    I feel kinda like I did back in Jr. high… I was asked to share my testimony with our church. Immediately I felt horrible, I went into my youth pastor’s office and told him that I couldn’t do it. I explained that I didn’t have an awesome testimony like he did, or like others I had heard. I hadn’t killed anyone or hadn’t ever tried drugs (no, that wasn’t his testimony either). He told me that my testimony was just as powerful because I was just as undeserving as the people with amazing testimonies…
    So… I may not have a compelling story to share about why I am deserving of this free curriculum… But my story is just as compelling and powerful right? We are all undeserving.

    Yeah – its a stretch….

  • Mike says:

    We’ve been doing devotional small groups for just over 2 years now, but the results just aren’t there. We’ve never had a structured curriculum for these and something like this would be great, but I was just reading some other comments and I think you should give it to Brett Barner just above me. As a volunteer, he definitely deserves it.

  • Mark Whitehead says:

    God has been doing some amazing things in our youth group over the last couple of weeks. I am really looking to expand the youth by adding small groups to our ministry. It would be awesome to have a curriculum that would help facilitate this since, like many of the other posts, we do not have in the budget the money buy more curriculum. Thanks so much for offering the opportunity.

  • Chris Jackson says:

    I don’t know that I need it the most, but it would be a huge help to us. God has called us to start at least 6 new small groups this year, and this would be an incredible help for us to keep everyone on the same page with a great resource to our leaders.

  • Millet LoCasale says:

    We are a relatively new parish and we are still paying off our debt for the construction of our parish life center. Anything to cut down cost is really helpful at this point but I cannot sacrifice the needs and formation of youth of our parish. This will really be helpful.

  • Jenni B says:

    Right now we don’t even have anything going on for our high school students. They sit in the service with the adults. I’d love to use LIVE to start small groups, to connect them to adults who care, and learn more about Jesus.

  • Cal Callison says:

    I would love to have a free Live curriculum Our ministry has been in a rebuilding period for the last two years and we finally have some momentum going. We are starting small groups in the fall. I would love to have LIVE to help serve our students and our leaders. Thanks.

  • Todd O says:

    My family is heading to the mission field in less than a year. I have been the youth pastor at my church for the last 8 years. Since we will be transitioning out of my current role my staff and I have been looking for quality curriculum that they could use (especially if there is a long interim process). The LIVE curriculum would be PERFECT!

  • Matt S says:

    I could use it because I I run jr. high through college and would love to have more time for relationships with students instead of message writing.

  • Please give this to a friend of mine, Nita Haywood! We use LIVE Curriculum at my church and we love it! In fact we’re looking forward to getting the college, leadership and books of the bible versions too. But the church Nita works at does not have the means to be able to purchase anything of this nature. This church is a small United Methodist mission church on the west side of Nashville. Well over half of their church members are homeless, and nearly all of the members live below the poverty line, BUT the ministry that this church is able to accomplish with so few resources is quite amazing! Here’s a video that I helped make about Nita a couple of years ago… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is99ccoHom0

    The main reason why I feel like Nita needs this curriculum is because she does so much for so many people, she often has to throw a lesson together right before youth begins. Having this curriculum would allow her to follow a more strategic plan of discipleship, and provide the youth with age appropriate lessons that challenge them to think more deeply about faith & how we live as followers of Christ.

    Nita deserves this! The youth of this church deserve this!

    I really hope you’ll choose to bless them in this way!

  • Isaiah says:

    A Live curriculum for our students would be incredibly helpful in that it would give us leaders the opportunity to engage our students deeper in God’s word.

  • Matt Sawyer says:

    We are ready to take our students to the next level. Plus we have almost no budget and this would be the bombdiggity.

  • Gary Lundy says:

    Would love the Live curriculum because it would unify our Sunday School and do away with the fragmented curriculum we use now because of our lack of budget for curriculum. It would make it so much easier for our teachers to prepare and give them more time to spend on relationships with students.

  • I would love to grab a hold of this tool for our newly founded student leadership team. It would serve as a great training tool not only for our students but our volunteers. Thanks Josh!

  • Rob Phillips says:

    We are launching 30 small groups in our youth ministry this fall and don’t have a solid curriculum to use. We could really use it! But it seems like a lot of people could as well!

  • Kevin says:

    I don’t need it. I’m good. But I pity Josh who has to pick someone from all these very good reasons and dedicated ministry people. Good luck with that.

  • Josh Griffin Josh Griffin says:

    @Kevin, I was just thinking the same thing. Argh.


  • JR says:

    Our youth needs a better curriculum, thanks

  • Frank Gil says:

    I need it. Because it would be Awesome.

    Short and Sweet! 🙂

  • Chip Woosley says:

    I have been changing the way we do small groups for the past four years, curriculum wise. I still haven’t found one that grabs my students attention. Would love to get my hands on this tool that could help develop spiritual roots in the lives of my students!

  • Our church is debating to go Live! This would be great for a church our size. We have built tue youth group up from ground level. And now we are looking to take it to the next level.

  • Kim Merrefield says:

    I am the student coordinator for a church who is currently looking for a student pastor, but right now we don’t have one! This would be great for our students and volunteers to use this fall since we don’t have a pastor who can teach! I’ve used simply youth products before and LOVE them!!!

  • Rob Lee says:

    A. I’m in a fairly new (start-up) youth ministry.
    B. Not much of a budget.
    C. My youth have practically no Bible knowledge.
    D. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.

  • Will says:

    Small groups has been one of the most challenging programs for us to get off the ground as a youth ministry. I know it’s of vital importance, and we’ve tried a few things, but nothing has taken root and gained traction. It’s been a challenge, but I know that a comprehensive program/system like LIVE would give us something that leaders could really get excited about, students could latch onto, and could help take the discipleship purpose of our ministry to a whole new level.

  • Katy Johnston says:

    To add some life (see what I did there 🙂 ) to our youth group!

  • Bump says:

    Its better than dodgeball every week.

  • Kyle curry says:

    I am the Student Ministires pastor at my church and I have used Doug’s series on “the truth about sex” and the students loved it. I am trying to create a “small group” atmosphere in our growing church (not so much in my budget haha). I would love to see the students grow in the grace and knowlege of Jesus through “small group” bible studies. Anyway that’s why I would love to have it.

  • Julie K. says:

    It helps me stayed ahead on lesson planning and is so easy to tailor to our needs. I enjoy knowing our students are getting a comprehensive teaching throughout their years in our ministry.

  • Justin Strait says:

    We are in process of beginning a youth discipleship/leadership group. We are a small church with a HUGE debt due to past poor decisions from a previous minister/board. Finances do not prevent this group from taking place but it would help create a solid teaching base for discipleship.

  • Jeff A. says:

    I am new to youth ministry and have very few resources to use for class. This would be a great way to start a collection for my current youth group as well as the future kids coming up to the youth group. I can’t say I’m any more deserving than any other of the people on here working hard to lead our youth, but we would love to use this great resource! Thanks for doing this!

  • Chris Standridge says:

    I’ll make it real simple. I’ve had the year from youth ministry hell at my church. Instead of running, my wife and I have decided to stick it out in spite of much opposition. The simple fact is, I could use a “win” right now.

  • Bob Anderson says:

    I will trade you.
    I will give you and all your followers a copy of my book called “The Youth Pastor”
    Check it out – I was also able to give this away at the youth specialties conference in Atlanta and San Diego. It would be a free download. if interested I can give you the free download site.

    If you don’t pick me – I would still be happy to share this book with your followers.

    serving Him Together,

    Bob Anderson

  • My husband and I just took on the leadership of our church youth group. We have never done anything like this, but definitely know this is where God has us. It would be great to have a curriculum to use as we endeavor to lead the youth toward a greater knowledge of Christ and what it means to live the Christian life.

  • This morning after much research I went over, via some direction from a youth pastor friend, to SimplyYouthMinistry.com to look at this program. I LOVED it but deemed it too expensive for my group right now. I’ve been the “part-time” youth pastor for almost a year now and I am always looking for new, inventive ways to reach these kids whose hearts are so hardened with apathy. Unfortunately, the church I am at doesn’t lend much support to it’s youth and I am working with an extremely small budget. I know I’m not alone though. 🙂

  • Tammy says:

    This would be great to win! I am the Youth Director at a small church which is always struggling with funds for things for the Youth such as curriculum, supplies, etc. We are a self funded ministry in the church so the kids have to do the work for everything we use(which I don’t necessarily think is bad:) it would just be really awesome to have a big expense like this taken care of for the year. I have used the LIVE JH version and loved it, so it would be great to continue into the HS version by winning this!
    Thanks, and keep up all the great work that you do.

  • Matt Ahal says:

    Well, I am apparently very similar to a lot of Youth Pastors and workers out there!!! I started my calling back in September of 2011 but just started getting “paid” monetarily in January. The job has been everything but a job, its been a huge blessing to me and my family. I don’t have a life altering reason to NEED this curriculum. I would just love the blessing from God to teach any way I can! This would be a great tool to have for me to enrich some young lives that I am trying to build from what was a non-existent youth group. Thank you to Josh and LIVE for being able to provide such an AWESOME chance to use something GREAT like LIVE.

    Thanks for the opportunity and may God bless you and everyone who cares for the future through our children…


  • Chris Coker says:

    Thank you simply youth ministry for thinking of other youth minister and ministry. Your encouragement through your LIVE small group material could help a great deal to many different ministries. I want to thank Josh for his ability to give this product away to a church. God bless each of your ministries and may God use this material ultimately to reach young people for Jesus Christ.

    I pray for those of us that are called to minister to teens, children, adults and to all of God’s people.

  • Vianey Hernandez says:

    1)I am currently the youth minister at a church with very few resources.
    2) I will be leaving this job soon because my husband got a new job in another state.
    3) the teens will be left without anyone who has previous experience.
    4) this curriculum would provide them a way to keep the program going.
    5) I want to see these teens thrive in a community that might now be conducive to them doing so.

  • Kyle Corbin says:

    The funny thing is I saw this and was like ‘Oh man I would love LIVE’ but the fact of the matter is there are a lot of people who could use it a whole bunch more than I. Thanks Josh for giving this away and I hope whoever gets it is blessed and rocks the socks off of a bunch of students and it draws some students towards Christ

  • Jesse Young says:

    Our youth ministry is very multi-cultural and I need all the help I can get!!!!

  • We have are currently using your curriculum with our youth ministry and our teachers love it. Starting this fall we are really focusing on our college ministry and I have been searching over and over for a great curriculum. If we won this we would use it for our college small groups this year!! I want to see our college students really take their faith serious and begin to develop as the leaders of the church that they should be and I believe this curriculum would help accomplish this and challenge them!!

  • Joshua P. says:

    I am trying to save up the money right now to get the LIVE curriculum. It has taken us over a year now to rebuild our youth group, unify them, and start reaching out to our friends. The group was so divided and shallow that most of our students couldn’t even communicate any Biblical knowledge. If we won this curriculum the money being saved right now would go to our mission trip this next summer. Thanks for everything you guys do! You have blessed our youth ministry so much already with the resources and curriculum you provide.

  • Jimmy Crabb says:

    I would love to try this. I am in a place where I have searched and searched and searched for good material to use and Im tired of looking. Please consider us!!

  • Russ says:

    I need it because my kids need to have something that we can keep their attention with while providing a wonderful message.

  • Andrew says:

    I deserve this because:
    1. While I was speaking during an altar call last weekend, groups of students rushed for the spots closest to me. I was knocked down, and received a broken kneecap, disclocated shoulder, and seven stiches on my chin.
    2. Our group just moved from a cardboard room in the woods to the right half of the custodian’s closet.
    3. The only resource I have right now is a Bible.

  • Shawn says:

    Yes please, please, please! I have been trying to raise money to no avail. Let see what happens.

  • Mike says:

    I would love to have this curriculum. The Lord recently led me to start a middle school ministry at our church. As a high school teacher the one group I always said I would never be involved with is Middle school! However, the Lord has been leading and I have some wonderful workers. Not having much experience with middle schoolers this would be an incredible resource!

  • Art says:

    Our church is in a time of uncertainty and I am being asked to wear several hats at times. This would be s tremendous help right now. Plus I have been looking for tools to deepen my students faith.

  • Jeff Hawkins says:

    We are starting small groups this fall for our High School Ministry as we have promoted a solid group of 8th graders in who are hungry to grow, have found a couple of great leaders to love on them and desire to go deeper with them . We are having trouble finding an affordable yet quality curriculum to use within our budget. Live is Quality and Free is affordable!

  • Bart says:

    I use this curriculum every single week. Hands down the absolute best curriculum I have ever used for my students. I would love to be able to give this to another local smaller church in our area with less funding.

  • Derek says:

    I serve as the Associate Pastor of our church and am responsible for youth and children. My wife has been fighting cancer since May and is on a weekly treatment regimen. Since then, I have had a hard time keeping up with all my responsibilities which includes teaching for both groups, caring for my wife and 4 and 2 year old children. This curriculum would go a long way to helping me get back on track with everything! I covet your prayers for my family!

    Thanks for all you do in our ministry community!

  • Jason Richardson says:

    Would love to have the LIVE criculum! We need it! Just can’t afford it..

  • Sun Ardie Yu says:

    I believe this would greatly help and make an impact to our campus ministry here in Cadiz, Philippines. we really need a creative curriculum that would really speak to young people here

  • Mike says:

    I started using the Live Jr. High curriculum last year and I’m looking/wanting to expand to Sr. High this year. It’s a great resource and whoever gets it is going to be blessed. Whoever wins it, enjoy! And use it to further God’s kingdom and make disciples.

  • Kurt says:

    We are a strong group of six volunteers that have been working hard to keep our youth group a float while looking for a new youth minister for the past two years. We as a group have taken time out of our busy full time schedules to plan youth events, Wednesday night worship time with small groups and even big events like CIY. We are on the brink! There are sharks in the water and I can see that all of this is growing to be too much for some of us. This lesson material could REALY give us the boost that we need to keep ourselves going. The youth group needs it as much as we do… a change, something to grab onto! Thanks for all you do… keep up the good work for the LORD and we will do the same!

  • Josh says:

    Just another youth pastor with a small budget that would love to get my hands on this curriculum.

  • I just entered into my 6 month at my first youth pastor position. This summer has showed us that we have students that are HUNGRY for God. We are establishing our small groups for this Fall and this curriculum could really take satisfy our students hunger for God!

  • I just entered into my 6 month at my first youth pastor position. This summer has showed us that we have students that are HUNGRY for God. We are establishing our small groups for this Fall and this curriculum could really satisfy our students hunger for God!

  • Chris Davidson says:

    I’ve been a full-time youth minister for 3 years and have always written my own curriculum, because I thought a canned product would never fit with my youth. I have learned that I only have so many great ideas in my head, and that it is okay to ask for help (or use professionally written content).

  • Joel Simpson says:

    Our youth ministry could use something like this heading into the fall season. Back to school time is essential!!!

  • Adam schweitz says:

    I would love to use this curriculum. I work 50+ hours a week in a warehouse and sometimes it is hard to have the time to get lessons put together. this would be an amazing time helper as well as allow me to spend more time developing leaders and pouring into the lives of students.

    God has blessed me with a church that is willing to focus on youth ministry even though we dont have a ton of resources. we have gone from 2 to 15 kids in less than a year and i would love to have the time to pour into volunteers that I now desperately need.

  • Sean Raybuck says:

    Hi Josh,

    Like several others posting on here – I am from a small church with little budget. I’m told my small budget will likely be cut in half from $5500 to $2250 at the end of this year due to financial constraints.

    Our youth group however, continues to grow with us recently taking 23 High School students and 24 Jr. High students on mission trips (respectively), and averaging over 30 kids for our weekly meetings!! My budget to pay for adults to come alone this year was around $3000, which will exceed my total budget allowance next year. God is good and faithful. And we will do fundraisers throughout the year, yes, but having some help with curriculum would be an incredible blessing.

    I have other youth director friends who use LIVE and swear by it, and I’ve been a follower of SYM for years and attended SYMC last year in Chicago after pulling teeth to get it specially budgeted to do so. Getting to use the LIVE curriculum I think would greatly strengthen our youth ministry program and lift a large load off of me constantly creating curriculum every week.

    Thank you for your consideration!


  • Michael Jones says:

    I am a part time youth pastor who has another job other then that, first time parent as of 4 weeks ago, and I am gong to school full time. This curriculum will really help me with my busy schedule, plus from the direction the live curriculum is going is the same direction I want to teach the kids so its perfect.

  • We wanted to buy this curriculum this year but just found out this summer sunk the church financially and my youth budget just got cut. It would be a great help to me and the youth ministry! I am a part time youth pastor as I go to bible college full time and have been working at my church for two years since it started. This curriculum would be a blessing to us!

  • I am a volunteer youth worker (among other things) at a very small church in Irving, TX. We cannot afford to pay a youth pastor (we hardly pay our pastor) and for some reason I still do not understand, God called me to step up and I did. I did not have any experience and at the time I wasn’t too far out of “youth” myself. Our youth group is VERY small, we fluxuate up and down and currently only have two to three kids that come constantly and on our REALLY good days we may have as many as 5 or 6 in class (mostly middle school but sometimes high school too). Since our church has limited resources, purchasing literature for a class that at times doesn’t even exist (simply because the kids aren’t showing up) hasn’t made much sense. I’ve been finding what I can for free online and utilizing some things my pastor (a former youth pastor himself) has had filed away but I’d really like to give these kids an opportunity to grown deeper spiritually even if it is just a couple of them. I’d rather see these few truly fall in love with Jesus and desire to follow him even after they graduate than to see a church full of lukewarm Christians. I think this curriculum can help with that.

    Josh, thanks for everything that you and the YM Garage do. I am a rewind (or re-virginated :D) member of the team. I have never written in but I get a lot out of the podcast and if I ever get the chance to thank you guys in person I will 🙂 but for now virtual will have to do – Thank you!

  • John B says:

    I’m the part-time Youth Pastor, (if there is such a thing), of a small church (~180 members). Our church has lost it’s Senior Pastor rather suddenly and I have been asked to step up in the interim during the search process. I currently use the Youth curriculum for my Wednesday night program but I’m struggling with now leading the adult leaders & staff and could really use the Leadership curriculum. Thanks and God Bless!

  • I am the volunteer youth pastor at a small church (no resources) who works at least 50 hours a week at a job outside of the ministry (super tired). I lead the high school group and I am over middle school team (way stretched). The group has grown from 3 teens (real number) to over a hundred (which is really the youth pastor way of saying that I have 30). This would help me (big time) lead the high school group and direct the middle school while leaving me time to spend with my family (my two daughters will be grateful) I know that there are a lot of needy team members out there and I would in no way want to kiss up in order to win (rewind member)
    God Bless, Tom

  • Josh says:

    Budget… What budget?

  • Kristen Rake says:

    WOW I just wanna say this would be really stinking amazing to win! We have used some live curriculm in the past and loved it! We saw our kids grow and thrive and it would be amazing to be able to implement alot more of it to see Jesus grow in our kids!

  • Jason Rogers says:

    We have used Simply Youth Ministry material before and this would be awesome!!

  • I think this would be an awesome resource for our church. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win it!

  • Kraig Bishop says:

    I’ve always kept my eye on this curriculum as an option…but i have nothing clever to say…

  • Jason says:

    I’ve always wanted to use this curriculum in our student ministry. I just have an issue affording it due to budget. (Small Adult church to large youth group growing pains.) I would absolutely LOVE to get this. The current curriculum we have been using for small group is not relevant to our students at all.

    Thanks for the chance.

  • Walter and Dina Wills says:

    Please help us pour ourselves into this college age group and be a part of this wonderful testimony!

    Have you ever seen God? I’ve given a lot of thought to this question over the years. It wasn’t until a recent mission trip that my wife an I took o Macedonia, until I finally received the answer to that question, and the answer is…YES! When we look at and minister to people, we are seeing God. This is because we are created in His image. The bible says in Matthew 25:40 “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!'” God used our experiences in Macedonia to make us realize that He wanted us back in the ministry. My wife and I ministered to the youth for 4 years at our church until God called us away to another church for a season. We didn’t know why or how this could happen, but it did. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was the best thing that could have happened to us spiritually.

    We tried to move to the town were our new church home was, but God kept blocking it for some reason. We found out about 1.5 years later that it was because God wanted to bring us back to our home church to minister to the college age group; the same ones we had ministered to when they were youth. This calling was confirmed on three separate occasions as people came up to ask us to lead this group because they were leaving the church. We found out that they were leaving the church because there wasn’t anything for them anymore. It’s like once they graduated from high school, they disappeared because they had nowhere to go. Well, this really broke our hearts and we really felt God continuing to call us back to our home church to minister to them.

    During or time at the other church we attended for 1.5 years, their youth department used the Live Curriculum, and we loved it! So, when my wife and I yielded to God’s call and obediently accepted His task to minister to the college age group, I instantly thought about the Live Curriculum! Since this ministry is new at our church, there isn’t a budget allocated for purchasing the Live Curriculum. However, we know that we serve an almighty, all powerful, and awesome God that will supply all our resource needs!
    It’s with that mighty faith and confidence that I ask for mercy from you to truly bless us and this ministry with the Live Curriculum. Please help us pour ourselves into this college age group and be a part of this wonderful testimony!

    To God be the glory for the things He has done…and will do!

    In His Love,
    Walter and Dina Wills

  • JR says:

    I am in for the curriculum, thanks

  • Bill says:

    I am the youth minister at a small church that is just trying to get its youth ministry off the ground. We have no budget to get curriculum, and this would be a huge help to help us grow the youth group and the church.

  • Jason Harris says:

    We could use it as we continue to grow our small groups and gain more leaders

  • Jonathan says:

    I am a youth pastor working as a cable guy trying to get back into full-time vocational ministry. Perhaps having an entire LIVE curriculum would look really good on my resume?! (It’s a stretch, but I’ll try anything! 😉

  • Jeff says:

    I’ve been looking at this curriculum for a couple of years now, but haven’t had the budget to take the plunge. I’m also wanting to start some teen LIFEgroups this school year and think this curriculum would be a great way to keep our adult leaders on the same page.

  • Dan E says:

    Fresh out of college, starting at a new church, and excited about the possibility at checking out the live curriculum resources as well as seeing how they can be applied to Jr. High ministry. I am especially interested to see how it could be applied and utilized to the 5th and 6th grade program that I am working on starting from the ground up alongside the children and youth ministers.

  • Chuck Aden says:

    We are currently using the LIVE curriculum for our MS and HS students and would love to try out the LIVE for our Children’s Ministry as well.

  • Dominique says:

    Just got home from ReGroup in Loveland, CO where I met Kurt from Saddleback Church. I am fired up & ready to see all the great things GOD has in store for my Youth Group. I learned to embrace the power of small, but I also realize small church, means small budget, that’s why this contest is a awesome idea. This would be an incredible tool to start the new school year off with my teens. Thanks for all you do & may your church & ministry continue to be blessed as you bless others!

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