Melissa Rau

Melissa has worked in youth ministry for over 17 years in churhes of difference sizes and denominations. She is a lead consultant with Ministry Architects and a certified DISC facilitator. Originally from ooutside of Philadelphia, she lived in NYC for 3 years and recently moved to Connecticut with her husband and three children. Melissa is passionate about the color orange...just sayin'.

There’s a debate among experts about whether leaders are born or whether leaders are made. I’m not an expert, but I’m going to weigh in: Leaders are born. Managers are made. You can be a leader but not the best manager. The best leaders are constantly learning, practicing, and refining their management skills. Let’s ‘follow-up’ on the great advice Kurt and Josh gave us.

Follow Up: In other words: Don’t drop the ball! It’s nice to be agreeable, but it’s dangerous to communicate with anyone while you’re running around preparing for youth group, worship, a retreat, etc. Whenever you’re approached outside your office or without a tool to record something, politely ask the person to send you an email or call you during your office hours. This way, the ball is still in their court. The minute you say “yes” to something, you’ve got a ball to juggle. You can’t manage something if you forget what you’ve agreed to do.

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Follow the Leader: You might be leading your particular ministry, but you still have a boss and work with others who are in charge of their areas. The foundation of any relationship is trust, so be strategic. By following the advice of Kurt and Josh you can begin building trust with everyone —the senior pastor, the church secretary, the janitor, the choir director, the elder board, the women’s ministry, etc. Manage your relationships by humbly approaching everything you do by honoring the work of the whole.
Follow Jesus: God wants a relationship with YOU! Don’t neglect your own prayer life, biblical study, or family because you’re too busy. Manage your life by establishing boundaries, and take time to foster your own relationship with the Lord.

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Follow a Mentor: No matter the confidence you have in your own abilities, there is ALWAYS room for growth. Be open to critique, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and strive to become a master of your craft; be humble in your own abilities. Consider the following: …the last thing Renoir said as he finished his final painting and lowered his brush for the last time was, “I think I am beginning to understand something about it…Today I learned something.”


  • In college I remember our youth ministry professor mentioning to say no to at least 1 thing every day – I think that is good advice. Having a good mentor and following Jesus will help you grow as a leader for sure!

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