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This weekend we played a GREAT game our team came up with called Facebook Hack. Have you ever left your Facebook logged in and someone posted a fake status? Just about everyone has – and this week, we asked for a volunteer in the audience to come up on the stage and do just that – log in and give control of their Facebook profile in the hands of the host. The audience immediately reacted to just how big of a deal this was – we haven’t had a game with this much engagement in a while. They needed to answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly or pay the virtual price.

There’s a fine line hosting something like this, and Chris handled the game masterfully – posting funny updates to their status and unfriending people from their top friends list – all live on the screen shown to the crowd. The crowd even got into it and started posting pics/comments on the contestant’s profile page while the game was going on. So awesome!

The contestant had to answer nearly impossible questions correctly to avoid the consequences to their friends list. The whole game showed just how incredibly important Facebook is to a student, and it tied in SO well to the series theme of Facebook Official.

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Maybe an idea that would work for you or a springboard that you could work from. It was SO great!


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  • Jeremiah Isley says:

    This is really great! Talk about consequences! Definitely something to work into a game night in the future!
    I’d be curious to see how many contestants you would get for a second round of this?
    Also I’m guessing you had a pretty good reward in case on the off chance they actually got the questions right?

    Thanks for sharing!




  • JG says:

    Yes, the prize was really great in order for them to endure such good-natured humiliation! JG

  • markeades says:

    I would also be interested in what the post impact this game had on the individual. Was it useful in their interaction with peers that weren’t a part of the event? Did they have to do some extra explaining? Was their any positive or negative impact on their relationships? Great game just wondering about the longer term impact.

  • levi says:

    i’m stealing this idea, and remade the graphic to it. Have you ever thought about offering up a vector file of these graphics so that people could use the games and resize them for their keynote/powerpoint presentations?

    keep up the good work.

  • JG says:

    Actually, we’re working on a way to get a TON more of what we use into your hands, quick and inexpensive. Debut is Monday. Look for it! JG

  • Benjamin Spears says:

    Great idea for a prize! I could see teenagers playing REALLY hard for the chance to hack my facebook.
    I too did a Facebook talk about a year ago– my focus was on REAL FRIENDSHIP– that while a lot of people try to collect friends like stickers (some of my teens have over 700 “friends”), I talked about how according to the Bible, friendship means actually CARING and LOOKING OUT for someone– to have their backs–to encourage them to follow God and head in the right direction.

  • Tom Pounder says:

    Ok this is great. I wish I could have been there to see that…want to do this in our group

  • shane says:

    Sounds like a great game. Do you have any sample consequences and sample questions? Also, what graphics program do you use? Thanks for the post!

  • Cory says:

    this is GREAT!!! thank you for sharing

  • Trista says:

    We played this game last night for our Fear Factor Night. The teens loved it. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Josh Robinson says:

    Great idea Josh! I like it. I might just share it with my students on a series dealing with relationships/guardrails. Thanks!

  • Danny says:

    This is an awesome idea! Is there by any chance a video of this? Would love to see how it played out and the volunteer’s reaction during the game.

  • Josh Griffin Josh Griffin says:

    We don’t have any video … but I promise you … this game’s reaction is PRICELESS!


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  • Joe Soria says:

    What were some of the facebook posts?

  • Josh Griffin Josh Griffin says:

    He removed boyfriend/girlfriends
    asked out other people
    posted funny things on other people’s walls like “we need to talk” or “don’t tell dad what I just messaged you”
    he asked someone else to prom
    posted funny captions on pictures

    Just random, funny, unpredictable and real stuff! HAhaha JG

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  • Does anyone have a graphic made for this?

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