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I have to be honest, when I saw this week’s topic (Do’s and Don’ts) I wasn’t excited. My first thought was how youth ministry doesn’t need another “Do these five things and get this wonderful result” type of article. I understand practical help is needed, but Christianity isn’t supposed to be a religious list of do’s and don’ts; it is about a relationship with God. Jesus fought this battle over and over again with the Pharisees and religious leaders of his day. It’s still something we’re fighting today.

However, after reading through Kurt and Josh’s thoughts, I am humbled and honored to add a few more to their list. They focused on foundational issues of integrity, character, and relationships—all things we can never get enough of in our world. Lately in my journey as a youth worker God has been helping me realize a few things I need to do and don’t do.

Need Help Finding the PERFECT Small Group Curriculum?

Do pursue community.
I am speaking specifically to the youth ministry community. There’s no reason why you should be doing ministry alone; the options are virtually endless. Big conferences like SYMC, small conferences/retreats, social media groups, blogs, local networks, podcasts/shows… If grass roots is more your style, call a church near you and offer to buy their youth worker a cup of coffee. There are so many options it’s, frankly, overwhelming. I’m not suggesting you partake of everything that is available; that’s not even possible. But find what works for you, contribute to it as best you can, and never navigate the sometimes-tricky ministry road alone again.
Don’t forget what youth ministry is really about.
Youth ministry is about connecting teenagers to Jesus. If anything we do doesn’t involve or encourage a teenager falling in love with Jesus, then it isn’t youth ministry. Programming, attendance numbers, church politics, fun activities, and many other things can get in the way if we aren’t careful. Even the youth ministry community, if not kept in a healthy balance, can become the point if I don’t keep my ego out of it.

Need Help Finding the PERFECT Small Group Curriculum?

For whatever reason God has chosen to include us in his plan to save and transform teenager’s lives. But youth ministry should never be about me or you; it is about God and teenagers being in relationship, plain and simple. 

What has God been showing you?  


  • Eli says:

    Hi brothers, I read Kurt, Josh and Brian thoughts.

    Those are interesting experiential points of view, about Do’s & Don’ts

    I want to share with you, What Jesus taught me during this years, leading youth people


    1.- Much communion with God, isn’t enough, leaders must be live on God’s presence all the time. This produce fruits and increase agape love in us for them, and receive guidance to do

    2.- Be Authentic, It is much important to express how weak you are and how important is your intimacy with God. If they look real actions, they follow you

    3.- Empowerment, Coverage and Declare God’s word by pray. If we put on the gap, if we conquered their souls in heavenly places, on God’s time we could see fruits


    4.- Don’t give up, It doesn’t matter what happens, It doesn’t matter how you feel… Don’t give up, God needs you and He choose you for that work. Spend for God and for youth souls. It was necessary a man dies in order to other(s) born!

    God Bless you, your ministry and your churches


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