At YouthHOPE, we believe in the potential of each young person. We also believe in the anointing of God. A few days ago, CNBC released an article entitled, Young Entrepreneurs . This article features the stories of financially successful teens who started their businesses as young as age 12. As I read the success stories of these young men, and one young woman, I wondered:

Does the Church really believe in the potential of youth?

The author, Kirsten Chang, starts her article by suggesting “no buzz word” has given more hope to the youthful unemployed than the word “entrepreneurship.”  Although we understand where Chang is coming from, we believe there’s another word that gives far more hope to teenagers:  JESUS.

I challenge you to read these stories of business start-ups, internet websites, and limousine services.  If these dozen or so youth can make this much of an impact in the financial sector, imagine what youth, with hearts ablaze for Jesus and filled with the Spirit of God, can make in the Kingdom!

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What should our response be?

Youth pastors all across the world: There are students sitting in your youth groups that have the same potential, possibly even greater potential than those featured in the article.  Have they ever heard from you that God wants to awaken and use that potential for His Kingdom and His glory?

Pastors, and Elders:  Is youth ministry in your church an after-thought?  Do high schoolers really matter in your church?  Does the youth ministry budget reflect your response to that previous question?  Are youth given space to serve, innovate and make a difference in the church?

Parents:  It’s never too late to speak a blessing over the lives of your children.  Let them know their worth.  Have you ever told your children that they have the potential to change the world?  Have they heard from you how they are a “loser” or how they are “going to end up in jail some day?”  In saying these things – they are as good as done.  Are you speaking blessings or curses?

Youth:  Is there a dream that God has put on your heart?  Has He given you unique gifts, talents and abilities – things that just seem to come natural to you?  Are you willing to surrender all you have to God and ask Him to use you to make His Name great?

Psalm 46:10 is a familiar verse to Christians:  “Be still and know that I am God.”  But the second part of that verse often goes un-quoted:  “I will be exalted in the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth.” We believe that God has a very specific anointing on this generation – skills, talents and abilities, dreams and visions, and it’s all to make His Name great in all the earth.  Do you agree?

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  • DianeLewis says:

    I’m a 69 year old grandmother, but God has given me a passion for youth. Partially because of my own experience of having questions that I was not getting answers for, (the favorite answer was, “You have to take it on faith.”)and partially because I started following “the world, the flesh, and the devil,” I walked away from the church I was raised in and away from God for nearly 20 years. Thankfully God brought me to my knees primarily through the pain of bulimia.
    I don’t want that for our youth today. The answers ARE in the Bible and in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Sadly, I was not taught that. My deepest desire is to “be Jesus” to those youth, starting with my own grandchildren and the Middle and High School students I teach as a Sub Teacher. God has given me a passion for His Word, the Bible. I’m delighted to be connected to people who also have a passion for youth!

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