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Here’s the title slide for an upcoming series in HSM – we’re calling it Dear God. I think it really works!

Invite teenagers into an epic adventure with Jesus. Check out Pierced: The New Testament today!

The concept is that students can write their questions to God down on a postcard we print, then drop it in the mail and we cover the topics and begin to answer their questions during the crowd program on the weekend. Can’t wait for this one!


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  • .justin says:

    i like the design of the postcard.

    [in addition to the concept of the series. check here for another church’s practice and use of text messaging to be incorporated in the series… we’ve tried this angle several times, but haven’t gotten great results. we’ve primarily used a “drop box” method of questioning. maybe we’ll try this version out… NICE!]

    back to the postcard:
    i know a little of photoshop, but not a lot.
    i’ve been trying to get an element of one image to become an element in another image for sometime, but haven’t been able to pull it off well.

    i’m referring to the birds on a wire and the trees. those obviously came from another image and were placed into this PR material, then made black.

    my question is: HOW?

    i know that you, josh, aren’t the guy that does this, but maybe you could pass this along to the person who has, and they can write up a guest how-to post for your blog?
    that’s good resourcing for youth workers that also have to double as graphic designers!

    thanks man.

  • Josh says:

    From Alanna:

    It works best with an image that has very little background. I find almost all my stock photos from http://www.sxc.hu …its free!

    Change the image you want to place in the artwork to black and white. Then change the contrast. You want to get it to where it’s pretty much black and white…and very little gray area. You might have to play with the brightness and the contrast a while until it looks right. When it’s highly contrasted use a selection tool (if you’ve done a good job changing the contrast the best tool is the “color selector”) Then select what you want to be pasted into the artwork. You can either select the background (which should be white) and then inverse the selection. Or if the black area is pretty uniform you can just select the black object you want. Then just copy and paste it into the artwork.

    This is all just dependent on the image you are working with. Try to find clean images with little background and high contrast to start with. You will most likely have to do some clean up with the eraser tool and others.

    Another tip is to play with the effects that are on the bottom right of the screen. In the top of the layers section…there’s a drop down menu that defaults to “normal”. Play with the different ways that the image affects the other images. The one that usually works the best for this time of image is “darken” or “multiply”. It helps to only show the dark parts of the image and gives the effect you are looking for. Sometimes you can bypass the whole “selection” process and just use that tool. That tool is also super key when you are trying to add textrue to your backgrounds.

    I really hope this helps. The best way to figure out how to do things is to just explore and take some risks. Just find out what each tool does and how it affects your overall image.

  • .justin says:

    i will try this.
    i think my problem was not turning the image to B&W [desaturate] and tweaking on the contrast first.
    this made my selections less that desirable.
    and yes, sxc.hu is an AMAZING resource!
    thanks for the tips.

  • Dean says:

    I am a full-time youth pastor, and substitute teacher at local junior high. I have started writing an advice column for teens called: Dear Dean. I would like to put it on a website, but am not skilled on opening a website. Do you have any recommendations? Maybe I should just post it on Dear Jesus, or you tube so more teens could respond. I would like your input. My yahwehyouth@yahoo is easy for youth to remember. Thanks for any input.

  • Josh says:

    Just start a blog – go to blogger.com and start a new site. Super easy, and a very good idea! JG

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