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The gang over at 9 Square in the Air has given me a full game of 9 Square to giveaway! Looks like is would be super fun at your next retreat, event or summer camp.

Want to enter? Leave a comment – post your name and where or when you would play the game in your youth ministry setting. The winner will be announced on Friday – check out their site if you want to know more – or check them out in person at the Nashville Youth Specialties Convention!


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  • Jerry Varner says:

    SWEEET!!! This would be perfect for our upcoming VA District Winter Retreat (usually 500-600 teens attend every January). Besides that, I’d bust this thing out at our monthly “Come’N’See” events that help our small groups stay connected as well as invite new friends! This is Jerry Varner in Richmond, VA over and out.

  • Mathias says:

    That looks like a sweet game!

  • Jason Harris says:

    This looks like a sweet game! I would bust it out in two weeks at our High School Fall Retreat! Were in Bmore Maryland

  • David Wanat says:

    That looks pretty cool. not too athletic, just my speed.

  • Jeff James says:

    Looks awesome! I’d set it up in our gym and allow the students who arrive early to youth Bible study to play before we get started.

  • Jonathan Couch says:

    Our church is getting ready to relocate to our new property and we have a gym for the first time and we’ll definitely be utilizing that space for youth ministry (killball, anyone?). I can totally see using this for our retreats, summer camp, Sunday night rec time after church, and for multi-church events we do with area churches.

  • Travis Walker says:

    This has deacon and trustee meeting written all over it. You throw nine senior citizens in the middle of that and you have a crazy party. I’ll make sure they sign a waiver form. I guess the middle school can use it too, when the deacons aren’t using it.

  • Big Mike Lewis says:

    I would take this out to our annual summer camp…we’re in need of some new games and this looks addictive!

  • Jon Greenhill says:

    I have a DNOW in 3 weeks that could use some 9-square goodness. Although I have to agree with Travis on the Deacons meeting. I’d toss out a business meeting, because someone has to throw something fun in there!

  • David says:

    We host a camp for about 10 area Asian American youth groups and I’ve been trying to up the bar on the quality of our games. King Elephant just doesn’t cut it anymore 😉 9-square looks like a fun possibility for the gang 🙂

  • Adam Reed says:

    This looks like it would be a lot of fun for our middle school students! We would use this all the time for students to play when they first arrive on Wednesday nights, and for lots of other special events! I’m sure our children’s ministry would be using this a lot too!

  • Joshua Riffle says:

    I would use it on our Wednesday nights (crowd level program) because I want to make sure that our games and everything about that night are welcoming and involve everyone! And this seems like the perfect game!

  • Bob Slie says:

    I’d use this thing all the time for Wednesday night tournaments, and at our upcoming winter retreat. This looks like tons of fun.

  • David says:

    We would play it every youth group night… well not every night, but it would at least change the pace from dodgeball and toilet bowl brush hockey!

  • Jason says:

    Doesn’t look that fun… i can’t see my kids enjoying this… Where’s the violence? Where’s the grossness? We work with Teenagers not senior citizens? LOL…

  • Justin Lefto says:

    Summer Camp!!!

  • Greg Steele says:

    When would I not use this…we have Rec Nights once a month, so any of those nights would be great. Camp, retreats, etc would also benefit.

  • Rick Nier says:

    Where wouldn’t I play this game with youth? Oh wait, Greg Steele already used that thought…sorry…I got nothing else. This game would be awesome to have.

  • Joe Dore says:

    This would be perfect for our pre-service hang out time that we have. On Wednesdays and Sundays, there is about an hour that is set aside just for hanging out and playing games.

  • Chris Jackson says:

    I would use this at our upcoming Winter Beach Retreat. I can just see it as a lot of fun on the beach.

  • Eric says:

    wow! Great idea and concept! Am visualizing this in use at our next high school Winter Retreat, but also with our Jr. High group, and on our upcoming spring/summer events and activities!

  • Jesse says:

    When would you not be using it? Staff meetings? Use it. Parents meeting? Use it. Senior Center services? Use it.

  • Jeremy S says:

    Looks like a fun game. I could see us using that on a regular basis at youth group and outreach events. Thanks for the post!

  • Peter Anderson says:

    I would use it as a team builder before mission trips and whenever I am bored and have 8 of my closest friends with me on a Saturday afternoon.

  • Kyle Mellander says:

    I would love to play this at our weekly events. Our kids would love this!

  • Brian LaRue says:

    We’d play it at weekly events, take it on retreats possibly, maybe even on mexico mission trip looks like it pack up and travel nicely…Thanks for the opportunity and the good stuff on your blog…

  • John says:

    we’d use it at special events, and sometimes on a Wednesday evening to “spice things up”!

  • Billy Porter says:

    This would be awesome for our lockins in retreats. we have an aging, taped-out four square spot in our gym…this would open the game up to lots more and give more people a chance to play…that is if the youth workers don’t take over

  • Chris Davidson says:

    We play 4 Square at pretty much every event we have. We generally play in the parking lot using the spaces as boxes, and we always talk about filling a whole row of parking spaces with people and playing 6 or 8 or 24 square. Our group would love this variation.

  • Darryl Nelson says:

    I think the better question is when would i NOT play this game!!! I’m thinking Youth Group, Camp, Fusion Alaska: Alaska’s Statewide Youth Conference…the possibilities are endless!!!

  • brandon says:

    I would really like to win that!

  • Pete Sutton says:

    We’ve got three extension campuses and a half dozen community ministry partners that could really use a shot of excitement and fun that this game would bring. We’re always trying to create reasons to return to our ministries. CCC: St. Charles, IL

  • Aaron Landis says:

    I am a youth pastor, but also a board member of a youth retreat center. 5 years ago we started running a National Polish Ping Pong Tournament, check it out at http://theloftministries.org/id21.html . We had 100’s of students come to the tournaments and at the same time be introduced to the love of Jesus. I could see this being the next big tournament.

  • Jon Snyder says:

    Looks like an amazingly fun, portable game to be used anywhere. I would love to do it as a long break on a major trip (a couple hour lunch break on our 12 hour drive to Vancouver). Also, good game to play on the school campus over summer since it’s so big and seeable @jerry #1.

  • Jeff Stapleton says:

    The Lord is blessing my church, and I’m at the stage where 4 squares simply aren’t enough. Our kids enjoy crazy games (human fooseball, 4 square, dodgeball), and this would make an AWESOME addition to our Wednesday night program as well as our big party-like events.

  • Drew says:

    This would be an amazing game to play at one of our monthly events! It would be fantastic at an event with Blacklights we’re planning!

  • Ryan Johnson says:

    4Square to my students is like Crack… their addicted to it! They’ve created every version of the game I could think of… ninja 9square being one of my favorite. I keep getting in trouble by the janitor because the tape gets left on the carpet so long there is a permanent 4 square court for wedding receptions… nothing says wedding party like 4square right? I’ve never seen 9square in the air though! That would be really cool to have and might even keep me out of trouble with the janitor!

  • K-Rig says:

    This would work great at our Student Ministry Team Workshops. Also our monthly Lounge night when students come to hang out and play games!

  • Kristina says:

    This is amazing! Definately would use this at our events or summer camp! I would love to see this game with multiple balls going! What is the set up like?

  • brandon says:

    I forgot to say how I would use it. It would rock as part of our “ultimate overnite.” 300 kids playing this game at 3am, would just be too cool

  • William Jacques says:

    I’m William and I serve in Charlotte, NC. I’d love to use this game as part of our “rec time” on Sunday nights before small groups. I think our kids would love it. I am always trying to find new games and stuff.

  • Jerred says:

    This would be a great summer camp game!

  • Josh Hough says:

    I would use it at all of our big events, but I would add twists. Water balloons instead of balls. Cow tongues instead of water balloons. 6th graders instead of Water Balloons. The possibilities are endless!!

  • Jordan says:

    I help run and plan an event called Superbowl where we have over 1000 students every year. Part of the event is an “open gym.” It would be great to have a new game to play instead of just basketball, volleyball, etc.

  • Matt says:

    Would love one of these! We have a four square setup just like this one but man it is old school and always falling apart and breaking. The brackets on this 9 sqaure look awesome. Nothing like pvc pipe taking out a couple of middle school kids so would love to upgrade!

  • Jim Clark says:

    Man!!! I would totally use this at my overnighter/lock-in coming up on December 29th. Don’t we always need a new game or event to make those things go by a bit faster!!! Hook me up Josh!!!

  • Jim Perry says:

    This would be awesome. Always looking for a great game on the beach.

  • Patrick Cooper says:

    This game looks major fun it would be perfect for my Lockin Outreach coming up at the end of the month.

  • Zach Younkin says:

    I would use this game at our summer camp we do each year in Delaware, Ohio, Operation Everything. Thanks guy

  • Thomas Paukovitz says:

    That is Awesome! I would use it for a Lock-In we are planning for February. How awesome would it be to have that as a promotion for the Lock-In! It would be so much fun!!

  • Eric says:

    This is amazing! I would use it for lock-ins, regular youth, and for the senior adults!

  • Ken Hering says:

    Awesome game. Nine places we would play 9 Square – (1) After church fellowships (2) Lock-ins (3) Senior Pastors office (4) a Deacons front yard (4) retreats (5) on a boat in a moat (6) Summer time fellowship days (7) 5th Quarters (8) on top of a blimp with a chimp (9) in the choir room with the choir robes on.

  • Levi says:

    Well, seeing as how bad Doug butchered my name a few podcast ago (Lev-eeee, seriously?), I think my youth group and I are owed this one. 8)

  • David G says:

    dude. that looks amazing! my youth down here in sweet home Alabama would love it! Josh you are an encourgement!

  • Amy Hesterman says:

    Our kids would love this in Canal Winchester, OH. We have property that it would fit nicely on when we play it outside. We could really use this for youth ministry as we have an itty-bitty budget. Am I tugging at your heart strings yet? 🙂

  • Michael Marchand says:

    So awesome! The teens have been trying to get us to build a sand volleyball court, but we don’t have the space on our property. This would be even COOLER! They’d love it. We’re right next door to the public high school, so we’d set it up in our parking lot so the teens could bring over their friends and play right after school. What an easy, non-threatening way to invite friends to church!

  • Jeremy Pinson says:

    We would play at our Summer camp (I think i would add a water element). Awesome!

  • Andy Cockrell says:

    The youth of Kenly Missionary Baptist Church in Kenly, NC would “beast” at 9-square after our weekly Wednesday night meetings, as part of our monthly Friday fun nights, and we would pack that baby up and use it on our mission trips and outreaches.

  • Andrew Brashaw says:

    Instead of using a ball, our youth ministry would use a small child plucked from the nursery.

  • Chelsea says:

    I would use this outside in our skate park/basketball area. This would also be great to take on the road on our fall and spring retreats but also I can see this being utilized into some sort of human tic tac toe with water balloons.

  • Chris C says:

    Looking at the video there are so many places to use this game…we could take it to camp, use it with our elementary, jr high and high schools. We could even set it up for block parties, outreach events and take it with us to youth conferences so that we can interact with other youth groups.

  • Chris Standridge says:

    Oh man, this game would be so awesome at our upcoming winter retreat in January. Our kids in this area don’t have enough money to afford a ski/snowboard retreat but we’re going to take them on a retreat anyways. This game looks like it could provide hours of entertainment for a small group of students stranded at a secluded cabin in the mountains of Colorado!

  • Cindy Namanny says:

    What fun! We play 4 square often, and it would be fun to share this with my group! I am always looking for something energetic to do. I know that it would also be fun at the MS,LA,AL junior youth retreat! Would love to share this with our kids Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Josh Guy says:

    I’d use this game on Wednesday night’s, camps, youth retreats…Basically anywhere I can school Junior Highers to impress my wife.

  • Josh McFadden says:

    We just launched an environment this fall that meets one Sunday night a month called Revolution. The purpose of the environment is to be a place where students feel comfortable to invite their friend for the first time to come to church. We advertise to our group the “this service isn’t designed for you….it’s for your unchurched friend. I think this game would be something we could add to the evening that would help students invite their friends.

  • Cory Hunneyman says:

    awesome looking game! we’d use it every other Thursday night when we open our youth room and gym for teens to come and simply hang out at the church in a non-threatening environment…. and we’d set it up in a park this summer on random days and text to the teens to come join us!

  • Chuck Aden says:

    This would be an awesome game for students to play at our upcoming Spring Retreat or even at our weekly hang out nights at our house.

  • Austin Mccann says:

    I would def. use this before our services start and when we do retreats so the students can have something fun to do and blow some time of before the next service or meal.

  • e. sutter says:

    Un-stinking-real! Come on, where would we use it? EVERYWHERE! The first two things that come to mind are of course our weekly programming, and secondly, the ALIVE Music Festival every summer! Imagine it, thousands of people waiting for their opportunity at glory! Our kids would love it!

  • Brett says:

    WE WOULD USE THIS EVERY WEEK!!!!! (we’d also bring it to our yearly summer camp for 400+ students)You have no idea how psyched about this our kids would be . . . we are THE 4-square youth ministry, and this totally brings 4-square to the next/3-dimensional level! We did a series a few years ago called Easter 101, and did a bunch of school-yard-based games . . . one of which was 4-square. We played before the program for the 4 week series and didn’t have it set up the week the series ended. You should have heard the complaints! We’ve done it every week since–for the past 4+ years!!!! It’s totally embedded in the culture of our ministries, and this would be the next logical step!

  • Scott says:

    My kids love to play for square…I can only imagine that 9 squares is insane!!! The you put them in the air WTFun! We will play this all the time in our student room and it will easily go to camps and retreats with us. As a matter of fact we have one next week…wanna do a rush shipping?

  • Rick Barry says:

    AWESOME! My students would love that! 4 square is good, 6 square is alright… but man 9 square in the air I think would be a major hit with my kids! We’d use that at our outreach events, retreats, and camps! It’d be a total win for our group… hands down!

  • Mark Kaminski says:

    We would use it regularly, and definitely at our Winter Retreat this year!

  • Michael says:

    I would use it to promote the ministry. We’re kind of a small group, so I would use it to say, “Hey! We need more people to play this game! Bring your friends!”

  • Lisa says:

    This looks very cool! We would use it any chance we could, from special events to weekly gatherings. Great time would be had by all 🙂

  • tom roepke says:

    this would be a lot of fun…right now as we wrap up a series on being Happy! 4 square is still popular in our neck of the woods…9 square has to be just that much more. so our midweek connection would take on a whole new feel. cool.

  • Brandon says:

    I would use this for our outreach events, like 5th Quarter and Winter lock-ins.

  • Lucas McGarity says:

    This game is wicked cool, if I don’t win I think I will build it. We could use this at our winter retreat (6th-12th) coming up with a few other churches, Kid’s Camp (4th-6th), my friend also does Wyldlife in town and would love to use it, we have lockins. I think this could become the staple youth group game that kids beg for.

  • Justin says:

    The game looks pretty sweet. Really would love to use it at my next high school retreat, which is..umm…well, next weekend (hint, hint).

  • Chris Thomas says:

    That is awesome! It would be sweet to have set up for our kids who arrive early on Wednesday nights!

  • Jennifer C says:

    We would love to use this game at our monthly youth nights!!

  • Terry Fitzsimmons says:

    Our students are addicted to 4-Square, so this would easily take over. I can see this being an almost permanent fixture in the corner of our gym.

  • Patrick says:

    Looks great! We would put the 9-square game in the middle of our parking lot. it would be a great outreach for our neighbors. It would also be a great encourager for our church to build a building to put it in.

  • Kevin says:

    Not only would I use it, but I would share it with a couple of other area ministries. I would gladly buy one, but the budget is busted and free is the perfect price. I know you have an appreciation for “free.”

  • sean rheaume says:

    I would love this but with my budget I couldn’t even get 4 square approved. So help out a man doing ministry in the sticks in Moncks Corner SC.

  • Tim says:

    We have been doing a joint church youth winter conference for Boston area immigrant Chinese churches. Recently we’ve exceeded the space limit of our site, so we’ve had to split our conference to 6th-8th and 9th-12 this February. We’re a little unsure about it, because it’s new territory for us to do this, and some of the middle school students are a little bummed about being separated from the high school group. This is something that would be great to psych them up, that would be a special thing for them to have at their conference! Afterward, maybe we’d try to pass it around the area churches every few months?

  • Gary says:

    Would definitely bust this out at our Summit 2011 Winter Retreat in Eatonville, WA this coming February. Got multiple churches coming together to do camp. Partnering with other local churches rocks.

  • Joe Gormong says:

    AWESOME! We have 8th hour (an after school program) every Wednesday from 3:15 – 6:30 pm and we have FNL [{Friday Night Live} (a first Friday of the month game night ) it would add to our games that we play!

  • Jon says:

    I work at an urban Atlanta Church with zero youth budget, yes that is right not ever a dollar. Everything we do comes out of my paycheck from my 2nd job. The only time the youth get to run around on grass is when we play games on Wed/Sunday Nights, everywhere else it is just cement. (Sounds almost unbelievable to me, I grew up in the county) Our church is on a major road in Atlanta and most youth visit the first time based on the games we are playing on the field. A game like this would require someone to stop and come over and see what we are doing. Most visitors to our Church have never been to Church and only know of Jesus as a guy in a story, not as the vital, life changing, and living part of our lives. This game would do wonders for the ministry for Atlanta. Also the game system can be used as a base for making a fort for our guys camping trip this spring!

  • Danielle says:

    Awesome! We’ve been trying to save up for this for our youth group here in Aurora, IL. My husband and I work in a hispanic church with no youth budget at all. It’s hard for us to do a lot with our group because everything has to come out of pocket for us & with only one job & a 10month old baby it’s hard to come up with the funds.
    Our teens are very active & excited about reaching others in the community & this game would be soooooo helpful for them to invite new friends to youth group on Friday’s and use it as a great outreach tool and well as fun! 😀

  • Jo Ann Pinnell says:

    What a great game that involves lots of youth at one time! And very mobile!!! Use it everywhere–camp, retreats, staff meetings, youth nights, football parties, birthday parties, reunions, picnics,…The possibilities are endless with a great game like 9-square.

  • Bobby says:

    This would be a great game for Mid week meetings or even a camp/retreat setting. I can visualize using “teams” as well. Way cool!

  • Bethanie says:

    The question isn’t really where *would* we play this; it is where *wouldn’t* we play it? It looks like amazing fun! It could make an appearance at Sunday night events, weekend retreats like the one we just finished, regional summer camp @ the beach, maybe even @ FCA at our feeder schools. Such fun!

  • Justin Pardee says:

    Our church just moved into a brand new building of our own, the first permanent space we’ve ever had. This is great, except that our student space is nothing but a big empty warehouse with some speakers on poles… it would be rad to take advantage of the space with something like this to make the space a lot more fun!

  • Josh Griffin Josh says:

    Winner was JUST PICKED! Announced first thing (Tuesday) morning. Yeah! JG

  • […] the $450 9-Square setup from the gang over at the game’s official 9squareintheair.com site. Thanks to everyone who entered with all of those creative ideas for it – and especially Greg who walked away with the big prize. […]

  • Tim says:

    Awesome looking game! This could be used pre-service and during special get togethers such as 5th quarters after the football games.

  • Pastor Doug Larson says:

    Our Junior High Mission Trip kids played this in Duluth in June. They found it totally captivating! We would use the game for Release Time from the school when we have Grades 1-2, Grades 3-6, Grades 7-8 at the church. Also we would use it on Wednesday evenings as activity before supper and lessons. It would involve kids even more than volleyball or kickball. I know that when we get our game, there will be high demand for kids to come to our events.
    Pastor Doug Larson, Mora

  • Susan says:

    This game looks great! I can see the youth and the adults too enjoying this. We have a gym/fellowship hall that is needing some action. Being a small church, our funds are tight for things like recreation and the kids NEED something fun to do.

  • WOW! we would love a 9 square game for our youth ministry! I am sure they would play it every Wednesday night after youth group! I was introduced to the game at my parent’s church. We used it for a family reunion. Our family are from age 7 to 75 and we enjoyed it together!!! so I am sure we would use it at our family fun nights too!

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