the shelter

The Shelter at SYMC is an oasis for youth workers to find the support and encouragement they need when ministry becomes challenging. At The Shelter you’ll find someone who has experience walking through issues like: staffing conflicts, volunteer recruitment, changing corporate cultures, being fired, depression, addiction, divorce, and many other life and ministry struggles. We know that ministry can be hard and we want you to know that you are not alone.

At The Shelter you will be able to schedule one-on-one appointments with ministry coaches, architects, and advocates (peer counseling) who will spend time with you sorting out the unique challenges you are facing. You can also just drop in for prayer and encouragement or simply to say hello. You will find the following partners at SYMC14: Simply Soul Care, Simply Fit, Lead222, Ministry Architects, and National Network of Youth Ministries.

Simply Fit

You spend your life giving to young people, and sometimes your physical health can take a backseat to your “more spiritual” pursuits.

The truth is, the two should not be separated.

It’s hard to give your best to young people if you’re not your best. The heart of SimplyFit is to help youth workers move from wherever they are towards the balance point of a healthy physical life.

At SYMC, SimplyFit will provide an hour of exercise, community, conversation, and encouragement for wherever you are in your journey of physical health. We will also be available as part of The Shelter to listen, encourage, plan, and pray about what the next steps might be for you to move towards that balance point. You’re welcome just as you are.



Care and encouragement by youth workers, for youth workers
Psalm 61:4 – I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.

Everyone experiences highs and lows in life and ministry, and sometimes it can feel like there is no “safe place” to turn when things get tough. But you’re not alone. Simply SoulCare is a ministry outreach from Group/Simply Youth Ministry that offers youth workers free, confidential pastoral support when you need it. It’s like “urgent care” for a youth worker’s heart and soul! This ministry first began onsite as “The Shelter” at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, and we’ve realized the need extends outside the conference walls all year long.

If you need to connect with someone, simply fill out the information below and a brief description of your situation. Our on-staff “Pastor to Youth Pastors” will get you connected with someone from our SoulCare Advocate Team within 24 hours. Our incredible SoulCare Advocate Team is composed of pastors and veteran youth workers who’ve volunteered their time to listen to your situation and offer advice and encouragement and prayer. If you need additional support they can also help connect you with professional counselors or mentors, or help connect you with the appropriate local support you need.

Do you need SoulCare? Let us know.

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Disclaimer of confidentiality/release of liability:

I understand that Simply Soul Care is not professional counseling, and have voluntarily sought advice, encouragement, and prayer on my own initiative. I am under no obligation to accept or reject any of the advice I may receive from the Soul Care Advocate Team or staff from Group Publishing/Simply Youth Ministry.

With the intent to bind my heirs, relatives, legal representatives, and assigns, I expressly release and hold harmless Simply Soul Care/Group Publishing, Inc., employees and all other persons working with them on their behalf from liability, loss damage, claims, actions, or judgment of any kind which may arise in connection with the advice received.

All services and information obtained are kept confidential and cannot be released without your permission. You need to know, however, there are special situations under which confidential information could legally be revealed such as:

1. In the case of emergency where you are a danger to yourself or someone else

2. If an unreported felony has occurred

3. In special circumstances where a court may subpoena your records and order a Soul Care Advocate to give testimony in a court hearing.

By checking the box I agree that I have read this disclaimer and release of liability and understand I have executed it as my free and voluntary act.

 I have read the disclaimer of confidentiality/release of liability.