Draw closer to God and nurture your soul with a Jesus-centered focus on what matters most. SYMC is a ministry to the whole youth worker—professionally, personally, and spiritually—and it’s a safe place to be supported by people who understand and care about you.

Take time to pursue God:

Reconnect with Him with genuine worship. Reflect on His Word with daily Bible studies and devotionals. Talk to Him alone, or pray with others in the Prayer Room. Experience restoration by His grace. Be reminded of Christ’s loving sacrifice as we celebrate Him together. Let go—and be embraced by the One who called you first.

Refresh your spirit in a soulcare workshop:

Come a day early for a pre-conference spiritual retreat, or take time out from your training schedule for renewal with a SoulCare workshop.

Receive peer support with “Ministry in the Valley:”

Need a listening ear and practical advice or encouragement? Sign up for a free 1-on-1 conversation with a seasoned mentor who understands what you’re going through.

Seek free counseling & pastoral care:

Our team of conference pastors, spiritual directors, counselors, and mentors can meet with you privately. Our qualified team members will be leading confidential sessions throughout SYMC…so if you have something you’d like to talk through, qualified professionals are readily available to listen.

Invest in your marriage and bring your spouse:

Experience a pre-conference couples retreat on marriage & ministry or workshops on raising a family in ministry. Special programming just for spouses includes workshops, peer panels, and affinity groups.