our core values

We believe in authenticity.

You’re invited to come as you are and be “seen” for who you are—rediscover that ministry is about “being,” not just “doing.”


We believe in a Jesus-centered focus.

You’re invited to be transformed as you deepen your intimacy with Christ and re-engage with His love for you.


We believe in the power of in-depth learning.

Surface learning never “sticks.” So we plunge you into an environment that maximizes and redeems your time—with more topics, more teachers, more time, more “practice,” and more discussion so you leave with more solutions for your ministry.


We believe relationships are essential.

Faith is a relationship, not a “study” or a “practice” or an academic exercise. You’re invited to be known, be heard, and be valued in a caring environment built for connecting with others.


We believe passion drives innovation.

You’re invited to experience what happens when we challenge the way things have always been done, and try things that have never been done.


We believe in you.

We’re committed to ministry that lives into these core values. We think who you are and what you do are incredible, and we want to be a partner with you.