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One of the biggest problems with on-campus Christian clubs is that most don’t attempt to fulfill God’s purposes for the church. It seems as though each meeting is the same. Meet in a room at lunch. Eat together. Listen to someone talk. Leave.

While that meeting model is totally awesome, it shouldn’t be the only thing that the club does. We have been pushing our clubs this year to branch out and organize different activities and events to not just mix things up, but to better serve the school and students on their campus as well. Here are 3 easy and practical activities that our students have done that worked.

Trash Pick-Up: Have the students meet at the beginning of lunch to eat together. Have a student speak briefly about the purpose of serving and what it means to be servant-hearted in our everyday life. Then pass out a trash bag to every student in the room and have them spread out over the campus to pick-up any trash that they see. It is super cool to see the conversations that come out of this. I have heard awesome things about students coming to the club and even coming to church due to the conversations they had with students picking up trash. If you are looking to save a little money, tell the school what you plan on doing and they might even provide some trash bags for you! Tip: Gloves and/or hand sanitizer is always a good idea!

Letter Writing: Have the students come together to write letters of appreciation to different people groups at their school. I’ve seen students write to everyone from the custodial staff to the office administration. Don’t be afraid to get specific! It is a great way to address specific events and issues at the individual schools. If it is homecoming week, it might be a good idea for the club to write to ASB thanking them and encouraging them. If a teacher is having health issues, encourage the club to write letters of love and support. I love this because it is such a simple way for students to love their school. I think it helps them come to understand what it means to be a light at their school.

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Worship Session: Have the students spend their lunch worshiping God as the body of Christ at their school. Gather together a group of students that have a passion for leading worship and help them put together a worship session. Encourage them to really think through their program. Don’t have them pick 3 random songs, have them pick a theme to run with (surrender, etc.). I’ve even seen students picking out a passage of scripture for their club to reflect on during the worship. Besides helping students connect with the Lord during the middle of their day, worship sessions really help grow the community within the club as well! Tip: Try to print out the lyrics or even project them on the wall.

What are the Christian clubs at your schools doing to mix things up?

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  • Travis Deans says:

    Hey Josh,

    We encourage Christian Clubs in our area to do creative outreaches in their schools. Here are a few that clubs in our area have done…

    – Spaghetti dinner for the football team
    – Pizza party for the soccer team
    – Wrap party for the musical
    – Give gatorades to the Basketball Team
    – Movie outreaches for the entire school
    – ?Christmas party for the language clubs
    – Teacher Appreciation outreach
    – Party for the swim team/tennis team/tennis team
    – After- concert party for the band/choir
    – Ice cream bar for the volleyball team

    All of these outreaches involve serving their fellow students and sharing God’s love with them in some way (giving out Gospels of John, student sharing a testimony, or having a guest speaker). We post stories of what clubs are doing on our facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/9monthmissiontrip

    We try to help students look at school as a mission field and see themselves as missionaries.

  • Anonymous says:

    We’ve actually been doing some of these things

  • Rebeca Canche says:

    Im the president of a high school Christian club called “On Campus Ministry.” Some of the activities we do are the Samaritans Purse’s Operation Christmas Child who send gifts to orphans an needy kids in third world countries. Its an amazing project to do. Another thing we do is have prayer days where we pray for random students as a group and even give something to them for witnessing such as a chocolate with a verse, fortune cookie with bible verses, or something simple like a candy. Our club members really enjoy outreaching.

  • Joshua says:

    I really like these ideas. I started Knights 4 Christ at my high School and Have a worship session once a month, but the trash clean up and letter writing are great ideas that I will use on our outreach days! Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Julie says:

    I’m Vice President for my school’s Christian Club and we’re called Youth Unchained. We do worship sessions, guest speakers, people share their testimony. This year I’ve been really wanting to evangelize as a club. I did it with my friends last year and it was awesome so I want everyone in my club to get out there and not even talking about Jesus but just sitting with someone that’s sitting alone and just talk to them! It’s a great experience. I love all the stuff you guys are doing so I might just try it with my club!

  • Cassandra says:

    I am currently the founder and President of my high school’s Christian Fellowship Club. I was inspired to use some of your activities in my club. This is my first time ever running a club and if anyone sees this, please pray! I need help, guidance and courage to lead people, but also to be lead.

    Anyways, my club has just posted up signs to advertise our club. I am thinking of having worship sessions before our weekly Bible studies, but everyone in my club is shy. I would love to sing and praise God but I am afraid that my voice isn’t the best to be singing with.

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