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Where do you get all of your creative ideas for your youth group? Easy! Buy, borrow, beg, or steal. Here’s what we mean.


If you’re looking for creative ideas for your next sermon series, find one of the many resource providers online that have a good track record of resources that work in your context. The best resources are ones you don’t have to edit too much and are close to ready-to-go right out of the box. Over time, as you purchase a few resources, you’ll discover ones that are written more in “your voice” than others, too. For TONS of great resources go to www.simplyyouthministry.com.

1341 Youth Ministry Ideas


Use your local youth pastor network to get a hold of some great ideas or resources. Challenge everyone to email around their latest series or start a shared Dropbox of goodies for everyone to borrow from regularly. Don’t be afraid to borrow a great event idea from someone else, or use a resource that seems outside of the normal for your group – you might just stumble on something that really works well!

This is really just an extension of “borrow.” Have you noticed that some folks just aren’t as generous with their ideas and ministry tips as others? If your first attempt at borrowing isn’t met with the enthusiasm you hope for…crank it up a notch! When somebody has information you know your ministry needs, be like the persistent widow and beg until you get what you need!

1341 Youth Ministry Ideas


Don’t shoplift … but use other people’s ideas without their permission! We love seeing a student ministry take a series or event idea we did in the past. We love seeing someone leave a comment on a blog post saying, “stealing this idea” because that is one of the key reasons why blogs exist—to give you stuff to steal. (But make sure you’re just stealing general ideas and making them your own…)

Where do you get your best ideas and creativity?


  • carrie says:

    I like to think that I adapt ideas from other sources – art, nature, business, psychology etc. I read a lot & then look at how a spiritual parallel can be made. This also keeps my mind fresh & it reaches many different kinds of kids if I can draw examples from many different parts of life – movies ( Les MIS is my current fave as I have 9 kids in theater). Medicine, sports are other great places to draw inspiration. Then just using the current events to round it all out. I really get irritated when a cultural reference is 5 years old or older for the kids. Needless to say I am cruising the internet-you tube-facebook-pinterest a whole lot. I probably go overboard with some of this – but if I am not excited about what I am doing & saying – how can i expect the kids to be excited? Oh yes & literature is also a great place to get stuff – expecially when you know what they are reading in school. The teachers won’t point out a Christ-like figure – but I can.
    I also use whatever is huge in their lives at the moment to teach – cellphones, current sports season that they are playing, parents, friends…
    I really like putting the stuff together.

  • christian says:

    I recently started as website to share lessons: youthbiblelessons.org

    Those who want can check it out to see if the lessons would be helpful for their ministry.

    And those who want can also submit their lessons or lesson ideas.

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