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Andy once again has found himself sliding across the ground at high speeds thanks to his love of riding his bike (we think he may need training wheels). We know this isn’t the first time, but maybe it should be the last. We need your help to come up with some new hobby ideas for him. Leave your ideas in the comments and you might win 10 copies of the Emergency Response Handbook for Youth Ministry for your staff (That’s a $150 value).

(All entries must be posted by Oct 5, 2009 to be considered.)

Help us, Help him.

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  • Matthew McNutt says:

    Middle school ministry!!!

  • Matthew McNutt says:

    Some of the kids in my old town used to play paintball while riding their ATV’s … that would be a great hobby to get hurt at!

  • Joshua Johnson says:

    I have a hobby that Andy would love. He could spend plenty outdoors by Geocaching! http://www.geocaching.com

  • being in CO, Andy needs to start one of three things:

    whitewater rafting
    mountain climbing
    paintball hunting (a funny, yet harmless alternative to killing dem dare varmits!)

  • Grant byrd says:

    Geocaching! Me and my kids are having some fun with it. Like treasure hunting!

  • Ben Emerson says:

    I hear Saddleback has an opening in the Student Ministry.

  • Larry Darnell says:

    I think Andy needs to try out for DudePerfect and see if he has the basketball skillz needed. dudeperfect.com

  • youthguymatt says:

    I think a good nose demon collection might help occupy him. (booger collection)

  • Michael Elkins says:

    Photography on the run…a little safer than biking at high speeds, but still exercise and you capture your run along the way….you cant stop to take pictures though…they have to be taken while running….watch Yes Man if you want to see how to do it.

  • Jimmy says:

    too easy: EXTREME IRONING! it just leads itself to great pics!


  • Bryon Graun says:

    Climb all 53 of Colorado’s 14ers.

  • Ryan Arnold says:

    Not that biking isn’t manly, but nothing says macho like playing Grizzly Bear Tag. My record is 5 Grizzlies tagged. beat that Andy!

  • Tim Wheeless says:

    I think he should take up noodling for catfish. You know, where you put on a pair of cutoff jeans, walk into a muddy lake, and feel your way up under logs, rocks, and holes in the bank hoping to pull out a huge catfish without getting snake bit or losing a finger to a snapping turtle or arm to a beaver.

  • Margie Maierle says:


  • Charlotte Millican says:

    He should learn to scrapbook. He may get a papercut or two but having him color, use glitter, and pretty paper patterns would be really entertaining……..

  • Ben Johnson says:

    Extreme hair styling……o wait nvm

  • Jon Kelly says:

    Mountainboarding, or maybe starting a national ministry where Andy travels around setting up and running all-nighters for middle school guys. Either way, there’s going to be some pain involved. Maybe called Sleepless for the Spirit?

  • Todd Fife says:

    Virtual skateboarding…

  • Mark Smith says:

    Helicopter skiing – why not go big?

  • Ben RIddle says:

    Xtreme Tiddlywinks…that or No-Holds-Barred, Prison Rules, Winner Take All…Chubby Bunny…ya know I hear a kid died doing that…thats extreme!

  • Jacob Schwegel says:


  • Adam Sieff says:


  • Chris Jackson says:

    My first thought – cordless bungie jumping… but since I don’t want Andy to die only get hurt… I will go with bullriding!

  • john says:

    Snake Charmer

  • Blane Young says:

    Competitive Eating! Hot Dog Eating Contest on Friday, On to an 18 lb. Pizza on Saturday!

  • Jason Forsman says:


  • Chris Wheeler says:

    How about scuba diving in a tuna-flavored wet suit?

  • Weldon Davis says:

    If he is scared of heights then try rock climbing! It makes great pics/videos to watch someone climb who is scared of heights. If he is not scared of heights then still try rock climbing. He will try something past his abilities and end up falling several feet or more which again makes great pics.

  • Jon Shell says:

    How about Rugby or Cricket 🙂 Bring something from another part of the world!

  • Steve Geurds says:

    Washing Cats for his friends. My son still has scars on his back from the last time he tried it

  • Anita Fink says:

    Skydiving with a skate board attached to his feet.

  • Kelley says:

    ice hockey!

  • Mark Cox says:

    Frisbee Golf

  • Dan Colwin says:

    Consider breakfast in bed, Michael Scott style. Just leave a George Forman grill plugged in next to your bed. When you wake up, simply put several pieces of fresh fat back bacon on it and go back to sleep. When the bacon is done, the smell and sound of bacon cooking will be a delightful way to wake up. If you however forget the bacon is cooking, you can, as Michael did, step on the grill and burn your foot. Dangerous, but delightful.

  • Bryan Bulmer says:

    Face down repelling letting the youth set up the roles:) You have to learn to trust your youth.

  • Shana castleberry says:

    baptistry scuba diving

  • Trey Bledsoe says:

    Definitely helicopter fishing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ly0DTSEDD0

  • Skip Faulkner says:

    prayer skydiving…don’t pull the cord ’till the prayer is done.

  • chris harkins says:

    Hair Club for Men spokes model

  • Joel Cyr says:

    He should try Jai-alai! This sport is crazy, known as the “fastest ball sport in the world.” The balls travel at 180 miles an hour! It is pretty funny to watch any of the videos on youtube.

  • Billy Bellott says:

    Biking is in his blood in fact you can see it all over his pants. Lets dont send the guy to rehab by taking away the one thing he loves. Instead let move him to a new level of his hobby. tricycle drifting This hobby you dont wear your underwear . You put on more protection like blue jeans or leather. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjNzcjFgV6s

  • Claire Rich says:

    XTreme Prayer Shawl Ministry — knitting prayer shawls while skydiving, hang-gliding, bungee jumping or something lovely like that.

  • Joe Brown says:

    Andy should take up snipe hunting

  • Drew Waggoner says:

    Dude, Andy, it’s got to be Parkour or “free running” if you will. You’ve seen it, I’m sure. If not, youtube it. Incredibly exhilarating stuff!

  • Tyler Volkers says:

    UFC Fighting!

  • Nolan Jones says:

    xpogo – extreme pogo is a newer extreme sport that should definitely be considered. If he starts practicing now he could be ready for pogopalooza 7 next year.

  • Keith dee says:

    Bus Spotting

  • Ken Rawson says:

    Blue flaming (oh, he’s already mastered that….hmmmmmmm)

  • Dusty says:

    If he really wants to live on the edge he can just show up anywhere here in Texas with that cycling outfit on. His life would get adventurous in a hurry.

  • Tyler says:

    Become a professional Flug Tag(er)!!!

  • Dusty says:

    He should be the next turtleman check out the clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn8EQ0azXpQ

  • Justin says:

    Maybe Andy should pick up Ghosting. It the crazy new sport in Australia.

  • Katie Jackson says:

    Drag racing!

  • Ben Raine says:

    Andy, I like your sense of style and adventure– therefore I suggest that you create a new ballet company where Rhino’s and Liger’s are your back up dancers. It might sound a bit extreme but Im confident that you got it cased. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you could also take up Zorbing

  • Chris Skoglund says:

    I think Andy should consider taking up scrapbooking!!! That way he could be inside and there should not be a lot of danger except for paper cuts!! Plus, think of all the great memories that could be caught around Simply Youth Ministry that could be recorded by Andy!!!

  • Tyner Brooks says:

    I think he should become a fashion designer!

  • Brett Nelson says:

    One word, PARKOUR! Who doesn’t want to be in the same hobby as Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and the Nard Dog?

  • Jay says:

    Dude…4 square…that’s where it’s at. And once you’ve TRULY mastered the 4 Square skills necessary you could contemplate venturing into the realm of 9 Square. All underhand hits…no hit-backs!

  • Jonathan Brantley says:

    He should take up professional DDR. 🙂 Ha though I would have to say Middle School Ministry is a close second followed by Ski Trip Chaperone.

  • Derek says:

    He should zip line into a kids pool the landing being a belly smacker

  • Jeff Stilwell says:

    Andy needs a MOTORCYCLE!!!

  • Jesse Criss says:

    Professional hamster trainer, he could run a hamster circus and everyone would want to come

  • Jonathan Van Maanen says:

    Wild Buffalo Tattoo Artist – those buffalo are becoming more and more rebellious and want to let the world know by getting inked by Andy

  • Troy says:

    Now that he’s living in Colorado, I’m going to go with deep sea fishing…

  • john hagge says:

    he could hang glide off of mountains!

  • Andy Disher says:

    Shark Taming, Bomb defusing, Working with Chef Ramsey, Land Mine Searcher Person (LMSP), Quality Control Specialist for the President of the United States (aka, Taste Tester).

  • Jason says:

    paper mache artist for Shriners

  • Still think paintball hunting would rock….definitely dangerous if you decide to paint a bear!

  • Jackie L. says:

    Elevator surfing. moving around on top of elevators and jumping between them whenever possible. Plus I think the spandex he has for biking will work well while jumping around elevator shafts.

  • Corey Greaves says:

    i think he should start a new hobby of coming to our reservation (yakama rez), standing in the middle of one of our housing projects, and yell at the top of his lungs, “i’m a white man! I’m a white man!”….and then get on his bike and peddle as fast as he can! but he has to wear those spandex! lol!

  • matt pudas says:

    land luge. like in the winter olympics( one man sled) but down a mountain road( think steep with lots of curves). plenty of photo ops.

  • Erik w/a "k" says:

    There is no doubt that this is the next thing Andy needs to do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDnlKzR4CjU

  • Dan Mershon says:

    Downhill skiing in nothing but speedos, not that I want to see that, but that it’d be hilarious.

  • Drew Achong says:

    He could be one of the Survival Course speakers at our middle school gathering in November. The theme is Disaster Relief! 😀

  • Sam says:

    Heya Andy, How about making pillows? First you sew up the cases (although you could glue them to reduce the danger factor to nil, those needles are sharp!) and then you you stuff them with totally safe, harmless, fluffy stuffing! There, a completely danger free new hobby! No skinned knees, bruises or even sweating!

  • Kent "PK" Kessler says:

    Try watching a recording of the Tour deFrance on a big scrreen or video projector while riding your in home stationary bike each day. Much safer…

  • Chris Ondrovich says:

    Base jumping, Taking his bike off the side of a mountain and parchuting down.

  • Dan McGar says:

    Street Luging….closer to the pavement, faster than a bike, a unitard, and a higher probability of bodily injury. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNJrjoyZI5E

  • Uncle Sean says:

    eXtreme Croquet (check it out on Facebook)

  • Jeremy says:

    Underwater basket weaving!!!

  • Aaron Reynolds says:

    Try a game of Sharks and minnows with a real shark.

  • Tim Shaw says:

    I have to say parkour what’s a easier hobby than running around. You don’t need and equipment well except some shoes. Just find walls or anything you can jump off of or on to hand rails, fences, the roof or a second story building add flips. Then you can sit back and enjoy the carnage.

  • liz simmonds says:

    BASE jumping. the thrill of the perilous adventure + the possibility of being arrested!

  • Jon says:

    Two words for you: Home Brew.

  • Andrew Ledbetter says:

    How bout underwater swordfish fighting……or even better….pro wrestling…Andy’s just what the WWE needs!!

  • Aaron Carpenter says:

    how about street louge in only a banana hammock, helmet and shoes!

  • Big Mike Lewis says:

    Ice melting using heavy breathing.
    Stamp licking
    Competing with Josh’s XBox Gamer scores
    Shoulder touching.

  • John Woods says:

    Andy should try frisbee golf…. he would still get exercise but maybe a friend would play a round with him in case he gets hurt….

  • Josh Allen says:

    Under water basket weaving is safe! But make sure your air hose is free from obstructions. It is also a very calming environment but works a lot of the main muscle groups!

  • Robyn I. says:

    Pogo Sticking on a skateboard, Man!! Now that takes some talent–and alot of painful practices!!

  • Steve White says:

    You should start a student ministry fantasy league… you get points for different student issues dealt with each week, text messages received from students and leaders, negative points for “drama” issues… you make up the point system! Have fun!! Heal up quickly!

  • Elias says:

    Disc Golf.! It is a great sport and somewhat safe as long as you don’t get hit with a disc. It is cheap and good exercise. I bet there are many courses near where he lives.

  • Ryan Shields says:

    I vote Spelunking or Noodling. Honorable Mention PARKOUR! but if this happens I demand he film it in a professional setting ala The Office.

  • Tim Hoff says:

    Watching re-runs of “Watching Paint Dry” on UKTV Style. Yes, it was an actual tv show!

  • Tammy says:

    what about building skateboard ramps for local teens to have some fun on.

  • Jay Kruckenberg says:

    Amateur (Ham) Radio is a great hobby. It can be really rewarding to talk to people all over the world and even witness to them, all via the airwaves. It is safe too, unless you stick your finger in the electrical socket.

  • Jay Kruckenberg says:

    Amateur (Ham) Radio is a really neat hobby. It can be real rewarding talking to people all over the world. There are many areas to get in to, all worth while.

  • Dianne says:

    Driving an ice cream truck thru a Weight Watchers conference

  • Scott Elliott says:

    Parkour- This is the perfect sport for a young agile guy with cat like reflexes. If Andy on “the office” was not enough inspiration cmon on. They share a name why not share a sport.

  • Scott Cohoon says:

    I just want to look out for Andy’s well-being. So, I suggest becoming a McDonald’s Monopoly professional. Besides, who doesn’t love those fries!!

  • Neil Young says:

    I think Andy with all his experience of tasting asphalt should become a road tester. He can slide along the roads “brazelton stylie” and judge whether or not the road is the correct consistency!

  • Mark Dombkowski says:

    Andy could be a white water instructor where he could keep cool by getting wet and scraping rocks, he could also take up sky diving I hear that is great for adrenalin junkies, or he could start a race team in NASCAR, F1, or Indy car the benefit with that simple youth ministry or group could advertise and get more users.

  • Jason Snyder says:

    I would suggest Andy take up Midnight-Naked Base Jumping, i hear it is all the rage in Europe.

  • Jeff Sellers says:

    Bird watching! It is relatively safe, involves the outdoors, it’s good exercise, and depending upon the species you’re searching for, can have a high degree of difficulty (for those adrenaline junkies). If Andy chooses to take up the “sport” I suggest he uses break-away binocular straps to help prevent whiplash an possible stranglulation.

  • Jason says:

    Stationary biking while watching National Geographic or the Travel Chanel!

  • Kirby says:

    Ultimate Frisbee!!!

  • Scott Riley says:

    Let’s see… Andy has tried youth ministry, computers, spectator sports, parenting and riding bike… I’m thinking he should go with working. It’s all the rage! Actually, I vote for comic book collecting. It might be exciting (super hero battles) and placid (sitting at a table reading), but knowing Andy, he’d get paper-cuts!

  • Joseph Gormong says:

    LOVE Racquetball, you get hit in the back or the back of the leg, it will leave MAJOR marks/welts/round blue purple marks…

  • MM Flood says:


  • jeff matthias says:


  • Matt Dunaway says:

    Base jumping… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHlOvhlKPvs I bet this will solve never having road rash again.

  • Chuck Denton says:

    Stunt wars on motorcycles!

  • Great ideas. But I can whole-heartedly support the geocaching suggestion!

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