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I’m happy to announce that today is the first day to enter the MoreThanDodgeball.com 3,000th post contest!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you’re entered to win! This is post #2,971 and the winner will be announced as the post #3,000 here on the blog. As an added bonus, I’ve got some exclusive coupon codes for some websites I think you’ll like, too.

SackChairs.com has donated a classic 6ft. Sack Chair to one lucky person who leaves a comment to this post. Free shipping to the contiguent US is included. And for a limited time, use the promo code JOSH to get 20% off any order from SackChair.com until post #3,000. Have you checked out Sack Chairs yet? How fun would a couple of these be in the youth room? As seen at the Group National Youth Ministry Conference.

Invite teenagers into an epic adventure with Jesus. Check out Pierced: The New Testament today!

will receive $100 in downloadable Simply Youth Ministry resources. And for a limited time, use the promo code BLOG3000 for 20% off your entire order (expires on post #3,000). Click here to shop for great youth ministry resources now – don’t forget to use the coupon code. And go ahead spread the word about it, it’ll work for anyone for these couple of weeks!

10 not-quite-as-lucky winners will be sent a MoreThanDodgeball.com T-Shirt, hot off the press from their recent reprinting. Be the talk of the town sporting your new and somewhat rare MTDB gear.

Thanks for celebrating post #3,000 here on MoreThanDodgeBall.com!


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  • Hey, I’m from germany! Just would like to win something ; ) – sammy

  • John Hinton says:

    DUDE! I want a sack chair!! 🙂 Sayin’ hi from Visalia, CA–for all your agriculture needs! 🙂

  • dylan says:

    LOve the blog Josh. Would love it more if I won a prize. 😉

  • Tim says:

    Wasup, Josh? Thanks for all you and the gang do out west.
    Hope you come to the EAST SIDE sometime.

  • Dave Miers says:

    this is an incredible blog and an equally incredible competition…

  • Sara says:

    Wow! Great prizes!!

  • Jim Clark says:

    Dude… by looking at some of those pictures, it looks like you were bringing sexy back… nice look… and the contest is nice too… good deal.

  • Ryan Smith says:

    Great Blog!!! Always enjoy reading and congrats on the job Josh!!!

  • Cool prizes! How long did it take you to get to 3000?

  • Jeremy says:

    Casting my lot. Wait, is that allowed?

  • hmmmmmm. Will the contest winner be a random selection? Or will it go to an original posting? After 3000 posts, is it time for a name change??? Suggestions:
    . . . More than Purpose-Driven Dodgeball.
    . . . Youth Ministry on Tatooine.
    . . . Griff’s Gratuitous Grumblings
    Hello, Sack Chair, you will be mine, Oh, yes, you will be mine. (stolen from Wayne’s World)

  • Josh M says:

    I wouldn’t mind a sack chair, or anything free for that matter. well that’s all i have to say about that. ok bye.

  • Marc says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! I would love a sack chair for my office! We bought one for our house at the conference and it is great. As cool as it would be to win the sack chair and the $100 of SYM, what I really want is a MTDB T-shirt! 3XL please (will settle for 2XL).

  • Pastor J says:

    Thanks for the blog. It’s a great place to learn, laugh and just hang out. I have to check it everyday. I know it’s a sickness. 🙂

  • tom says:

    hey jg…wondering if you realize that the shirt from killball is a little on the small size? thanks for leading from your good heart. you confirm the fun that can be had by all when you go where you’re led. blessings!

  • JD says:

    hmmm…experienced blogger you are…and your ally is the sack chair, and a powerful ally it is. foam creates it, makes it grow. It’s pillowey softness surrounds you, and binds you….

  • Dan says:

    My wife has been dying to get a sack chair. Free downloads aren’t a bad thing either. Count me in.

  • Joe says:

    Um…I think I’m lost…I was looking for the ministry to gout patience page…I don’t think this is it

  • just joshua says:

    I would love a prize. 🙂

  • Sack chairs and Morethandodgeball.com are a great combo. Kind of like me and the podcast.

  • Mommy says:

    Hard to pass up a chance at a freebie! Congrats on your 3000th post (just assuming you’ll make it).

  • Will the runner up prize have your face on it Josh so I can pimp it at our next “We’re not girls but we’re playing PowerPuff Football Today” match? Ha!

  • Rob Spahr says:

    Sounds like a great contest! Fun way to celebrate an awesome blog.

  • Brad says:

    Great idea! I enjoyed the post on salaries also….makes me feel like i’m not alone. I guess Paul suffered one way, and today we suffer financially!

  • […] Youth Ministry April 28, 2008 — Matthew McNutt I just saw over on Josh Griffin’s blog (he’s the high school pastor at Saddleback, Rick Warren’s church) that in honor of […]

  • Adam says:

    I’ll join the contest too! I am a regular reader of your blog and like it a whole lot.

  • Ben Wiggins says:

    Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day so winning something would be great. I would love to have one of those exclusive MTDB shirts.

  • Steve says:

    Free stuff! I’m in!

  • Jeff says:

    I love free things! (What youth minster doesn’t?)

  • Since finding morethandodgeball.com I don’t even find it necessary to attend church. There is more than enough spiritual insight to fill a polygamous compound on this one site!

  • Skip Crust says:

    Sweet Josh…looking forward to that SackChair in my living room. At least they weren’t called a “Love S###” like they were in Cinci.

  • Kyle says:

    Josh, you’re a champ for doing this…and your half shirt picture from the other post is priceless.

  • Joel says:

    I am in for great prizes. Thanks Josh. BTW . . . I saw McNutt has two comments # 9 and # 25 – does that mean he gets more chances to win? Just Kidding.

  • Ben says:

    SWEEET!!! The boss lady has been on me ever since nymc to get a sack chair!!!! And hey, wouldnt mind some downloads either, you know what, Id be happy with a t-shirt. But would really get some brownie points for the sack.

  • -Josh- says:

    Honorable mentions get the SAME shirt that you wore to the sex series?

  • Ryan says:

    I’m a new reader to the blog but have used several ideas already. Keep up the awesome job. May the force be with you.

  • Erik says:

    Sack chair goodness.

  • Brandon says:

    sackchair! Im in.

  • Joel says:

    Count me in…I’ve got to have a “More than Dodgeball” T-shirt!! Hook me up!
    Great blog! Check it everyday.

  • love the ideas, laughs and challenges… def. keeps me coming back!

  • Matt Burek says:

    Hey I love the blog and the possibility of free stuff even more

  • Amberly says:

    Quite interesting. Got me to leave a comment though! Enjoy your posts – keep them coming:)

  • Cal says:

    What’s up Josh? Congrats on the HSM gig and the 3000th post! Keep em coming!

  • chris says:

    Josh – I would so love to win. Heck winning anything is awesome. And yes I have been following your blog since the early days.

  • Alex says:

    Have you seen this “Steve Jobs/ Youth Ministry” video? I think youll like it!



  • Alex says:

    Hey have you seen this “Steve Jobs/Youth Ministry” video. it is great, you ll love it.



  • Tyler V says:

    1) Had our program last night, and I was cleaning up this morning, and I thought something like some bean bags (or a sack chair) may be nice for the students who don’t want to sit in our chairs and sit on our cold hard floor.

    2) love the blog.

    3). i want to win.

  • Chuck says:

    I have to win the sack chair—–my students would love it!!!!

  • Alex says:

    1. i want to win

    2. check my blog, you will enjoy the Steve Jobs Youth Ministry video

  • Bob Slie says:

    thanks for all the laughs and great posts. Great prizes too!

  • Zach says:

    Josh, great blog! I appreciate your your quality while keeping it short and sweet. Your blog is “Way Better Than Much Better Than More Than Dodge Ball.com” (WBTMBTMTDB.com) haha

  • Chris says:

    I’m entry number 51!! That’s awesome in its own right……..not really sure why though…

  • Chris says:

    Rats! Correction: *52 & 53.

  • Mark McClanahan says:

    Sign me up!

  • Jacob says:

    totally awesome blog, and wow 3000 posts …maybe I can get there one day …and maybe I can win the chair

  • Travis Williams says:

    Ummm, I like winning stuff, so pick me.

  • Matt Evans says:

    It’sa race! A RACE!

  • Chris Burke says:

    a sack chair would go perfectly in my office

  • Jake Manne says:

    Hey Josh,

    SIgn me up.

  • Chris says:

    Count me in for a chance at free stuff. Thanks for the great blog Josh!

  • Chris says:

    Hey Josh,
    Thanks for all you are doing for God’s kingdom at Saddleback and beyond. Love the podcast! Just recently got into it.
    Anyway, like any other good youth minister, would love to win something free.
    Either way, appreciate the blog.

  • Russ says:

    Hey Josh, I love your Blog its my daily dose of simplicity to bring back to reality!

  • Jeremy says:

    I want to win stuff! Love the site Josh!

  • Jesse says:

    Free stuff brings out all us lurkers, huh?

  • Karl Fisher says:

    if anyone needs a lov..i mean sack chair, it’s this guy.

  • Tammy Heinrich says:

    First of all, I cannot believe how many posts you write every day.

    OK, compliments over. Enter me! I’m feeling lucky. TKH

  • Tisa says:

    Count me in! ~ 🙂 Love the site.

  • kyle says:

    I’m always in for free stuff….and I enjoy the blog!

  • Shane Becton says:

    Dude, I love the site. Keep up the good work!

  • Steve says:

    I’m in for a sack chair or just about anything else that is free. Josh, thanks for keeping up a great blog.

  • Jason says:

    Hey Josh, I’m in!

  • Mike says:

    I want the chair…if i don’t win i’ll never read your blog again! (kidding) great stuff here.

  • Ashlee says:

    I love sackchairs.com!

  • thespiderman says:

    Free Stuff!!!!! Sign me up.

  • Josh says:

    Lots of entries so far – fun! Here’s some clarity:

    a) winners will be chosen at random!
    b) duplicate entries will be factored out!
    c) any comment will do!
    d) if you leave a blog/website link, it’ll be easier to contact you, but remember post #3,000 will list all of the winners so you can just watch for that, too!


  • sack chair, sack chair, sack chair!!

  • kirk says:

    i was at the conference and i love the sack chairs. I WANT ONE.

  • Andy Woods says:

    I’m not from Germany, but I would like to win something.

  • Brian McKee says:

    Wow a SACK chair??? SWEET!!! As long as it can hold my 300 lbs. rear-end! Great contest Josh! Thanks

  • David Conlee says:

    Pick me! Ooh! Oooh! (Hand raised impatiently) Pick me!


  • Jon Martinez says:

    I’m always ready to who stuff. I just recently got into reading your blog, my pastor introduced it to of and it rocks. keep it comin man!

  • Ray says:

    Does anyone know if Janice, aka Janet, aka Jane, aka Jana delivered yet?

  • andy barnette says:

    i need a sack chair. it makes it that much easier to take naps while at work!

  • Luke Mundy says:

    Oooo… count me in!

  • wes says:

    interesting contest. i like it.


  • My husband made me leave a comment to be entered for a sack chair!

  • Mitch says:

    After seeing how comfortable you looked at the first live podcast I would love a sack chair too!

  • Jeff Hawkins says:

    Love your blog and your humor. Keep up the good work.

  • wow.. i think i lost.. haha

  • rooster says:

    To be honest,

    I should win.

  • Nick says:

    This is my Comment.

  • Michael L says:

    Mine, mine, mine, mine (from Nemo) I would love the chair to sit in for the envy of the JH boys in my groups! Mwahahaha!!

    Josh, great blog and I love the SYM podcast. I am not a youth pastor, but lead a small group of 7-8th grade boys and love the “insight” of both! 🙂

  • David says:

    I’d love the 6ft sack chair… so luxurious.

  • Josh says:

    love the blog!

    only 2 months until blog # 6,000 – can’t wait!

  • Dusty says:

    Love the blog! Thanks!

  • Jeremy says:

    Comment! SOOOOO fantastic!!!
    Thanks for blogging…it gives me something uniquely interesting to read that challenges, inspires, renews and refreshes!

  • PJJ says:

    Sweet contest. All I have to do is comment. I’m in. Oh, and I want a sack chair. They are the best.

  • Gary Curry says:

    Josh – Yoda says ” Hmm. The Force is strong in you, Josh-a-wan. Sack chair to Gary must go. The dark side to stop, you must.”

  • markeades says:

    Ok – I’ll be number 101 on this post. Gratz Josh on getting to 3000 may the next 3000 be even ummm….. better

  • dan slagle says:

    So want the Sack Chair.

  • Josh Byers says:

    Hmmm, think of something witty to say…think of something witty…


  • Josh C. says:

    HA, this post must have the most comments ever!

  • Mike Dobes says:

    Hey, Josh

    Thank you so much for this blog! It brings great humor, ideas and encouragement all in one place. You even have me now on Twitter as of last week. I would love to win a sack chair, so here’s hoping!!

  • brandi says:

    Sweet! We are renovating an old house for our youth house, it is just begging for that chair!

  • david says:

    #106 hopin’ the sack chair fits!

  • david says:

    or someone posted before me…oh well…

  • Glen Johnson says:

    IM fixing up my youth room right now, PICK ME

  • Glen Johnson says:

    Im fixing up my youth room, I need some new furniture PICK ME

  • Dave Winner says:

    Josh, I am in. 3000 – wow, i am approaching 150 blog posts and it has taken me almost a year. You are a blogging machine

  • Ryan says:

    Sack Chair, huh? Sounds good. lets do this thing!

  • Josh Geary says:

    Wow, look at all the people begging for free stuff… me included!

  • Nic Williams says:

    I heart sack chairs. Send one my way!!!

  • Davis says:

    Thanks for doing this Josh…you are awesome!

  • VictoryA says:

    Thank you and best wishes.

  • Matt McKee says:

    So I really need a new sack chair to go in my new man cave at the house I own but am still waiting to get into (Stupid 30 day clause)…that man cave will officially be the teen place to hang on more than one occasion, but HOPING to have some own time in the cave as well. PS my wife shrunk my morethandodgeball shirt so I now look well, lets just say its not a pretty sight!

  • JR says:

    not trying to be a ringer or anything, but winning this would help make my week a little better. I’m in the hospital right now with my 5 week old son, he’s got RSV and is on a ventilator. I have been reading this daily trying to keep my mind off of all that is going on.

  • Mike Hammer says:

    Dude, I so need some free stuff. My whole team knows me as the “freebie hawk” because I’m always on the lookout for free stuff. I am a youth pastor, of course.

    Much love for you Josh!

  • Shan S says:

    Love to win. Looks like a great place to rest after a trip to a Kentucky Wafflehouse or Skyline Chilli. Keep twittering and Blogging JG.

  • Erik w/a "k" says:

    sackchairs!!! I was born in Germany and speak the language. I also speak Norwegian fluently. Det ville vare virkelig hyggelig hvis jeg kunne vinne en av de stolene. Du er den beste Josh!

  • Eric Putman says:

    Dear Jesus,
    Bless me with a SackChair!!!

  • If I had a sackchair, I would be a bit closer to being just like Josh – a lifelong dream of mine.

  • John Snyder says:

    Wow, the 126th comment. I would feel a lot better if there were only like 6 comments.

  • Matthew Oaks says:

    Love the blog. And the podcast. Pick ME!

  • Greg R says:

    I’m in. This blog is clearly much better than muchbetterthanmorethandodgeball.com! Josh, you rock!

  • Ryan Crozier says:

    Hey Josh! Keep up the blog! I love it!

  • Josh Peters says:

    well, shoo. i like free stuff too.

  • Sarah Vaughn says:

    Had to come and check it out cuz my husband loves it so much!

  • Martha Jane says:

    Josh..I hope i am the 3,000th post…I am a YM spouse and we are in desperate need of some free stuff!!
    Thanks for all you do for the Lord…it doesn’t go un-noticed!

  • Chris says:

    Hey Josh, I really enjoy reading ur daily thoughts!

  • Ryan says:

    Ooooo . . . I want to win.

  • Kenny says:

    I love all the reasoning people give for free stuff…All these people should post comments more often, it would make for a great online community!


  • Jon says:

    GRIFF, Hey man that pic of you at the dodgeball game is classic. Love the blog and the podcast, may the force be with you!!

  • Bryan Bliss says:

    I actually don’t like free stuff. I just post on here for posterity.


  • Brett Ayers says:

    Sack chairs rock! I want to replace my “boring” and conventional furniture with them. Not sure my wife will go for it though. We’re praying about it.

  • Josh, I’ll be in San Diego for ComiCon doing a panel there, if you’re headed there, let me know. Now, pick my name to win.

  • matt says:

    i won’t win a thing
    (hopefully Murphy’s law of jinxing will make me win)

  • Jeff Gray says:

    So reasons I should win…

    1. I am number 144 on the comments – add those numbers up and get #9 – for Tony Romo for the Cowboys…That deserves it right there.

    2. if you continue to average 4 posts a day then #3000 might come on my wife’s b-day. so, I should at least win a shirt (maybe her too…2xl for me, M for her)

    3. I won’t play the i don’t win anything ever card (even though I don’t) becasue it makes me sound desperate to win (which i am) and whiney (ok, ok, so I am this too) and undeserving (which I don’t think I am)

    4. maybe you should have everyone shoot a more than dodgeball video commercial to introduce your blog…then they win. I would be glad to help with this.

  • josh says:

    i love you. seriously. i do.

  • corydeanwest says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Lyndale says:

    I’ll trade you the chair for some really cool Return of the Jedi Glasses I just found while cleaning out my shed. I got them when I was 11 at a Burger King promotion I think…

    Actually, even if I don’t win the chair I may send them anyway. Along with a free Bayou Students shirt.

  • Jeff Smith says:

    Sign me up, put me down, enter me in, hook me up! Love the blog – would really love the chair.
    Has your wife seen the 1/2 shirt pic? You did tell her that wasn’t you, right? Great idea, love it with Doug’s pic on it. Awesome.

    Ok – send me the chair.

    Rock on

  • Dan says:

    Odds aren’t looking too good….

  • db says:

    free stuff…im in

  • David says:

    pardon me everyone. i believe that i’m the winner. i think. i hope.

  • brian ferry says:

    Oh…dude…lucky # 152. Come on!

  • phil says:

    come on free sackchair!

  • Ray says:


  • Brett says:

    I’m having a crappy week and it’s only Monday. A prize will make me feel better!


  • Nathan says:

    I’ll do anything for a free t-shirt!

  • Alex Gorrod says:

    well, I am relative newcomer to more than dodgeball but have come in daily for the last few months. I really enjoy it. I was connected to it through your shameless advertising on the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast.

  • Marc C says:

    Not bad. I’m number 159.

  • Marc C says:

    Oops, someone got in before me. 160 and 161???

  • The Danno says:

    Oh nice, I totally want your beeeenie chair

  • Eric Lowe says:

    I’d love a sack chair!!! please!!!

  • Nicole says:

    My youth would think I was the COOLEST if I won a sack chair.

  • Todd Porter says:

    Josh, this is my first comment on your blog and you know that you want to give a prize to a fellow Michigander. 🙂

  • Eli Ruggles says:

    Howdy! Often lurker, seldom commenter. Sweet Chair!

  • Thad White says:

    I just scrolled down for like the last 20 min. just to leave this comment… Love the blog, hoping for the t-shirt(XL)… MTDB RULES!!!! ohhhh and I’m from AK so you know you want some one up here wearing your gear.

  • Joe Foltz says:

    What could be better than a free t-shirt from the Master of the Free T-shirt?

  • Rich Jones says:

    Josh…I used to live in Michigan, too, but like you, I left the frozen tundra to settle in the balmy beach weather of Western Pennsylvania. I’d like to win the chair because I’m weatherly challenged. Whaddayasay???

  • Jon Teague says:

    Send that sack to Tennessee!

  • Lisa says:

    my girls are the ’06 dodgeball champs of dallas. bring it on.

  • charles says:

    such gimmicks…but the sack rocksssssssssssss

  • Shawn MS says:

    More Than Dodgeball T’s!?!?!?! Sweeeeet!

  • jim clark says:

    do more comments get you more entries??? I don’t know… But I guess I’ll find out…

  • My life has more than improved since more than dodgeball has been visited more than once a day. I’d be more than excited if I were to be a winner!

  • Marty says:

    I would like the sack chair! sent to my house in Massachusetts!!!

  • Jon says:

    3,000 posts, thats amazing. i struggle to remeber to post on my blog. Awesome stuff here Josh.

  • Jon E says:

    Count me in! I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more sack chair! I need more sack chair!

  • Ben Wheeler says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m just here for the t-shirt!

  • Courtney says:

    If I did this on my blog….I don’t think I could get all 3 people who read it to comment. Impressive my friend. You ARE a big deal.

  • Albert says:

    ill leave a comment… but not a witty one.

  • Rob C says:

    i’m such a slacker blogger. i’m like a 25% employee blogger. you know, the kind you really wanna fire but has been around far too long and is way too comfortable? that’s the kinda blogger i am.

    but not josh. he’s a bonafide 118.37% blogger.

  • Sara says:

    wait, I want a shirt too!!

  • Andy says:

    Would like a prize myself!

  • Patrick says:

    Wow, 3000 thoughts from Josh….will we make it to 4000? just kidding great blog and great insight to YM. heres to many more blogs to come ….war dodgeball!!!!


  • Jeff Smtyh says:

    now that’s a bunch of finger licking prizes. wahoo!

  • Scott says:

    I just printed out the post, layed on it and gave a quick prayer. I’m feeling good about my potential winning. Okay maybe I didn’t actually do that. But I’m still feeling good about my chances

    Scott 🙂

  • Ryan says:

    thanks for blogging, keeps me from doing important things in my day.

  • Jeremy S says:

    Free stuff? Umm… yeah! Sign me up!

  • Josh says:


    The person to post the #200 comment on this post will get a MoreThanDodgeball.com T-shirt.


  • Jeff says:

    Betsy Ross was not the only person who was made into a PEZ dispenser. The person who lied about that at the NYWC in Cincy should be ashamed.

  • Jeff says:


  • Jeff says:

    shirt 😉

  • Geoff Snook says:

    Here’s my competition entry form!

    Love the blog Josh. It’s practical, helpful and inspirational from a ministry point of view but it’s also light hearted and fun during a hectic, intense day!


  • Dave McPeek says:

    commenting for some shwag…

  • cameron says:

    I LOVE SACK CHAIRS!! (Almost as much as I love MTDB)….

  • Mike says:

    I am in like Flynn!

    This really is an amazing amount of comments! Thanks for the great blog Josh, you are a daily source of encouragement to me and my staff.

  • Jeff says:

    Wow. Everybody wants to win. I guess I am no different.

  • Joshua says:

    All I have to do is comment on a blog I already regularly read? Well, of course I’ll do that!

  • foosh says:

    Yo…I’m always down for free shtuff. Holla back.

  • Jessica R says:

    3,000, we cant wait!!!

  • I’m not against winning free stuff.

  • Dude I am late for this…hope I can win something.

  • liz simmonds says:

    would love to win any of the prizes…
    i would even share it with troy…maybe!

  • jeff W says:

    Josh, appreciate all that you and the gang do. Now that you are the High School Pastor at Saddleback, can I have your old job at PDYM??? If not, I will settle for the grand prize!

  • jeff W says:

    also, if you need to contact me about my prize, or if anyone wants to drop me an email you can do so at heyjeff@hotmail.com THANKS!

  • Dave says:

    I’m a faithful follower but have never commented before. The prospects of a sack chair pulled me from the shadows.

  • David R says:

    Yo Josh ! this is David, student pastor in Cincinnati! Lovin the 2 red couches you hooked us up with Bro! we even got us some sackchairs to go with em!

  • love the blog. you rock!

  • Matt Adams says:

    Thanks for doing what you do. I have a significant impact in many ways that you are probably unaware of. I recently got into blogging (mainly as a means to communicated, encourage and lead our parents to good resources). I have to say I learned from you. I studied how you blogged and what you blogged because I personally think you do a great job. I asked you to take a look at my blog and give me feedback and to my surprise you actually found the time to do it and you gave me a few helpful nuggets. Thanks dude.

  • Erik says:

    congrats on closing in on #3,000… who would have thought from such humble “simplyjosh” beginnings to a dodgeball3000…

  • Ryan says:

    I want that sack chair!

  • Cameron H says:

    Bring on the sack chair to OZ! Suprised you aren’t putting up some of the plentiful shirts you get as a prize!

  • Josh says:

    love the podcast!

  • Ryan Nielsen says:


    Dude!!! This is awesome!! I sure could use that Sack Chair. Look for me for the Grand Prize, cool?? 🙂


  • Matt Doan says:

    Forget the chair, I want a t-shirt!

  • Scott Bloyer says:

    It’s all about the t-shirt

  • JonRobinson7707 says:

    When I got Dougs Twitter with your pic from dodgeball attached, it was the highlights of my day, so funny!!! Thanks Josh for the great info, interesting posts, helpful blogings, great videos, geek entrys, and all the other things you contribute to this community, keep it up, thanks for all the help!!!

  • Ben Mills says:

    I think this is awesome!!! Plus I want one of those chairs 🙂

  • brian says:

    nice picture is that you laid out?

  • Pastor Kevin says:

    So… what’s this I hear? Free Stuff??? must be some youth pastors hangin around…

  • Theresa Rae Gay says:

    This entire blog is CRACKING me up! Us youth pastors are such a bunch of lovers of free stuff! God is good…all the time. Especially when He gives us free stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Theresa Rae Gay says:

    I thought those chairs were called Love Sacks. That’s what we called them when we flipped off the stage onto them at the NYMC!

  • Andy says:

    SACK CHAIRS!! I saw those at NYMC!! and absolutely! Loved! Them! .. I often saw people “praying”.. “soaking in the spirit”.. .. (ahem.. sleeping) on them.. !! LOL! Very nice.
    — Josh.. don’t forget about your Canadian brothers up here!! We would love to have those!
    Keep up the great work!

  • Matt says:

    long live the sack chair !

  • Matt Funk says:

    Consider the dice rolled. Is this anything like the lottery, because if it is, I’m pretty sure senior pastors everywhere would have a fit. For shame. And for free stuff!

  • Jon Andews says:

    Sack chair, sack chair, I would like a sack chair, Please!

  • john dobbs says:

    How neat! I read your posts in my reader daily and pass many along to our youth minister.

  • eddie says:

    did i win? i sure hope so

  • Josh says:

    Would love to say something nice this time, but I really just want the chair.

  • Dave says:

    I don’t really care about the chair, I just want to tell people that I got free stuff from Josh.

  • Matthew says:

    I would like to win the Sack chair.

  • Chris says:

    love the blog! love the chair! would love it more if it were in my youth room or office!

  • Lee Roberts says:

    Not saying anything new here that hasn’t been said in the 240+ comments ahead of mine, but thanks Josh for the fun, yet committed approach you have towards youth and ministry. Your words have breathed life into my heart many times. Thanks, and on a totally unrelated note……I hope I win.

  • sarah bill says:

    thanks Josh for the blog, my day isnt the same without reading it. as a female and a volunteer youth worker, in dublin ireland it is great to see the wider picture and be encouraged to continue on the battle that is youth work. You bring a humour and a down-to-earth is that is had to find… Thanks for thinking outside the box, and its a mighty BIG box!

  • Jason says:

    comment. I would love the shirt.

  • oh man! a sack chair would be sweet in our new youth room!

  • Stephen says:

    free stuff? heck yes, I’ll sign up for that…

  • Joey Sparks says:

    Count me in…great prize(s)…

  • Josh says:

    Talked to Sack Chairs yesterday … seeing the response, they’ve got a few other ideas after this contest runs its course, too. How awesome!


  • Dad says:

    I am a senior pastor, so if I win, I will donate the prize to the youth group of my son’s church. My OTHER son, not you, Josh . . .

  • Will Brock says:

    I am from New Orleans and i just love your blog

  • Sam says:

    Hey, I love sackchairs. It would be great to have one in my youth room. What am I talking about, it’d be even greater to have one in my house (after all, this is my post, right?). Anyway, glad to have morethandodgeball.com to come to daily regardless!

  • Greg says:

    I need a stack chair for when McNutt come over!!!

  • jeremy says:

    Im in, love the blog, love winning stuff even more. winning combo.

  • Jeff W says:

    Josh, BLOG3000 is not working on the SYM website.

  • Ron Plumb says:

    All I have to do to win is post???? Even I can do that. Too cool.

  • Ben Taylor says:

    comment 255 wins….an entry just like everyone else…

  • Tyner Brooks says:

    Sign me up for a sack

  • J. Bakes says:

    Can I just have a free shirt?

  • Phillip Mathis says:

    who wouldn’t want a sack?! I’m game!

  • Zach Zink says:

    Hey I just looked at the sack chair website and those things are awesome. I would love to have one.

  • Big Al says:

    Is the actual chair Josh sat in at the conference? Could we get it autographed?

  • Jason Paris says:

    Dude, I hate McGill!!! I wrote in a question on Podcast Ep. 76, he ripped it out of Doug’s hands and threw it on the ground. I would use the sack chair to beat him down. Long live Josh, king of the Podcast.

  • Philly G says:


  • Tim S. says:

    alright! these are pretty good odds…

    rock on with the podcast, and props for the most aptly named youth ministry blog on the web…

  • Janel says:

    Thanks for the cool blog that makes me smile during my work day.
    Congratulations on 3000…almost!
    while muchbetterthanmorethandodgball.com is probably more applicable to work I think that this is WAY BETTER than muchbetterthanmorethandodgeball.com 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work! God bless!

  • Michael says:

    I hope I’m not to late…

  • Chris says:

    Dude!!!! 3000!!……you need a real job

  • Geoff says:

    Sack Chairs… I could use one of those…

  • Phil says:

    Anything for a free prize!

  • Scott says:

    I’m a fat guy. I NEED this sack chair!!!

  • steven moore says:

    going two for two ….up yup

  • Rob Hartman says:

    My beautiful 2 year old daughter just let out a huge burp that sounded like “saaack chaaair” wish I captured it on video for ya. From the Californian who pastor’s students in Regina Saskatchewan Canada.

  • Ange says:

    okay, so I won’t “technically” enter the contest…but I have to say…271 comments is pretty impressive.

  • Hannah Green says:

    Im in on the sack chair

  • Tim Lynch says:

    I love the blog and would love the gifts. You got the best blog Josh. Peace

  • Ben Markham says:

    I enjoy the blog Josh. First heard about it at the National Youth Ministry Conference. I’ve kept reading it since. I love free stuff bro! Hope I win.

  • Mark Martin says:

    Love the blog….now pick me!

  • Matt Troyer says:

    those sack chairs are amazing. I believe heaven will have many of them lining the streets of gold. If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, then there has got to be some amazin’ places to kick up one’s feet and take a break.

  • Sean Meade says:

    LOL! I totally thought it said 27 comments…nope, it was 277! Wow…that’s amazing!

  • Danny says:

    Hey Josh. Here is my lame attempt to win something.

  • Jimmy says:

    Josh, you have to hook a fellow Michigander up!

  • Matt says:

    I’ve got a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year old that would love that. Count me in.

  • Jon says:

    I’m in. I want a shirt!!! I think they should be the grand prize!

  • Brandon says:

    Great contest idea! We got a sack chair for the youth room; it easily beats the foosball table and XBox as the most poplar thing there! Even more popular than me!

  • If I win this, I’ll stop bugging you about the Africa shirt you never sent my wife!!! 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    I want that sack chair. Please, please give me that sack chair.

  • Kyle Gunderson says:

    Hey love free stuff and a free sack chair how great!!!!!!!!!!! Could really use this as a place to relax

  • Scott Tinman says:

    Wow…almost the 300th one entered…is Andy betting a steak on you getting 1,000 comments?

  • Chuck says:

    Been a fine of the blog for a long time…life should be lived in a sack chair.

  • Jon Smalling says:


    A friend told me about this blog- LOVE IT! Keep up the good work!
    I just started working at a new church and my sack chair just popped- SAD DAY!

  • Jon Shell says:

    You are the man….keep it up. Mcgill’s got nothin!

  • Brandon says:

    I want that chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Traci says:

    The sack chair will be a bit of goodness when I return from a mission trip to Kenya in July……I really hope I win!!!

  • Stephen Gray says:

    This is a cool idea, Josh!

  • I Just found this site and I’m Lovin’ it! 🙂

  • Lane Renfro says:

    sack chair=cool
    free sack chair=extremely cool

  • I just thought that I would throw my name into the fishbowl to win some free stuff! Love the blog by the way!

  • Joshua Riffle says:

    just wanted to jump on the blog train in hopes that I can kick it in my sack chair.

  • Doug says:

    Thanks for being awesome!

  • matt says:

    hey love what you guys do

  • Sue says:

    What a fun contest. Congratulations on your upcoming 3,000th post!

  • Hansel Duarte says:

    Count me in! This is pretty awesome!

  • Sam says:

    Wow 310. Getting in on the tail end. PRIZES!!! Said while rubbing hands together! They work on us fake, always playing, never vacationing types too, not just our feeble minded youth group kids. Count me in please!

  • Jeff Tilden says:

    Mr. 3000, congratulations! Thank you for the information that is definitely more pertinent than dodgeball. After all, what do we learn playing dodgeball? If we’re in a business meeting….based on what we’ve learned in dodgeball…..we will throw round ball at fat guy.

  • Chris Groover says:

    Please let me win!!!

  • Matt Boone says:

    Great stuff. How can beat fun contests. I’m still a kid at heart.

  • Doug says:

    I like free stuff

  • Sackchairs look comfy! Count me in

  • Stavro says:

    Word to your mother.

  • bryan8580 says:


    we spoke a few years ago, off and on. i am friends with brazelton. in fact, when i was at NYWC (in Nashville in 2004 i believe) you should me some pics of ROTS that was coming out (i guess its ok to post it now that the movie has come out).

    anyways, i asked you a while back about selling some of my star wars collectibles, specifically a film reel of the Star Wars Special Edition (from like 1992) movie trailer. It is the actual film reel that was used in the local movie theater….

    how much do you think its worth?

  • JonRobinson7707 says:

    Such an amazing contest!!! Never knew a blog could be such a joy. Wish you could post a pic of the Tree/Jesus shirt. Thanks for all the help and for all the interesting info

  • Jsnyder says:

    Enjoy the site, thanks for all the useful information

  • Ryan Houts says:

    Of Course I’d like a chance to win Josh’s sack.

  • Mark says:

    In honor of your blog I played three straight hours of dodgeball with teenagers this weekend. Seriously. My body aches, but a beanbag chair would make it all worth it.

  • michelle says:

    Free stuff!! Who doesnt want to play? Thanks for all your youth ministry inspirations!

  • Jeremy says:

    Great site Josh. Sack Chairs are great and and a free would be even better!!

  • Brad R. says:

    Great posts Josh. Almost as good as Matt’s but hey your’s is consistent! lol Enjoy the PDYM podcast; it gets me through the week!

  • Bill says:

    Thanks for the (potential) freebees. You da’ man!!!

  • Carmen says:

    Good Luck to me. Good Luck to me. The couches in our youth room are in seriously icky shape. Good Luck to me. I promise I won’t use the SackChair in my home. Good Luck to me.

  • sweet i love those things!

  • Lindsey says:

    “If it’s free, it’s for me!”

    I saw my coworker on here. Courtney, I want the sack chair!!!

    Really, I’ll take anything. =)

  • jeff W says:

    I had a room mate named josh in college, so I think I deserve to win.

  • Sara says:


  • Jeff W says:

    If i win I will think about naming my first born son Josh.

  • Jon Shell says:

    Is this still going? Wahoo

  • Would love to win a sack chair for my BRAND NEW YOUTH HOUSE here in Ocean Springs, MS!!!!!

  • Brad says:

    Great time at Drive, never came up and said hi, but it was good to see how you interact with your staff — hope you had a great day at the braves game — I mean padres game

  • jeff W says:

    Come on man, how much longer are you going to keep me waiting for my sack chair?

  • Catherine Guenther says:

    Anxiously awaiting number 3,000…….C’mon Josh……

    Sign me up for the contest.

  • Fact: Chubby guys make better youth pastors.

  • jeff W says:

    Jim: Question: what kind of bear is best?
    Dwight: That’s a ridiculous question…
    Jim: False. Black bear.
    Dwight: Well that’s debatable. There are basically two schools of thought…
    Jim: Fact: Bears eat beets.
    Dwight: I–
    Jim: Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
    Dwight: Bears do not… What is going on? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

  • […] from April 2008. Thanks for reading the blog – tell a friend to join in on the conversation (and the contest, while it […]

  • Eric Uptonq says:

    Why am I awake at 3:00am local time in KY while at the SYM conference? To win something cool from morethandodgeball.com of course.

  • Chris says:

    Those were the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in.
    I can haz chair?

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